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Track that made you smile


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!! > 11 > one one >> eleven >> onethousandonehundredeleven > etc. ad infinitum.



.. > !! > 11 > oneone > eleven > onethousandhundredeleven > onemilliononethousandonehundredeleven > onezilliononemilliononethousandonehundredeleven > ad infinitum



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Solar Fields - Air Song

Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers (track) just made me smile when the melody kicked in :wub:

Funny ... I could not laugh to that kind of stuff ... Air Song I don't laugh to, it's just a very nice warm song. And World Of Sleepers I can't laugh to, rather I have tears in my eyes to that song...

I actually don't laugh to ambient. Laugh I associate with activity, increased heartbeat. Interesting thing. I don't laugh to music when I'm calm or relaxed. I only faintly smile when I'm like that. Probably this has to do with me associating happiness with activity of the body - I am like that. When I'm really active, heart beating, sweat dripping, then I'm always in some happily-driven, accelerated state of mind. And in these states of mind I only listen to upbeat electronic music, if anything. Oh well, except on humppa metal concerts :lol:...


Banco De Gaia - Drunk As A Monk ... in the later part. That can make me laugh. I know that, because I listen to it right now, haha :D

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There was this Cosmosis track on the Dance, Trance & Magic Plants compilation called "Atom Bom!" and I don't know what it was exactly but everytime I played that track my mate and I looked at each other and we were laughing ourselves to tears, no chance to stop it, it was almost an hysterical laughter. We still remember that track about 10 years after when we meet sometimes and talk about the old times. "You remeber that track? You know, that ONE track?" "Fuck yes of course, how can I ever forget it?" ^_^

Till that day we are not able to tell what it was that always made us laugh so hard...


**feels nostalgia crawling up**

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The Rip-Off Artist - What Kind of Blue


This is my kind of humor... totally - but brilliantly - fucked up version of this old blues track.


Ch-ch-check this out! Very funny, if you ask me.


Anything by the Rip-Off Artist (funny name too) is funny to me, actually.

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