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If something sucks and blows, it's good. (at least if it's a... no, corny joke, not saying more)


But yeah, blows means sucks. Means is bad. Er.



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Puff Dragon Sazanami

1. Sazanami

2. Qi Gong

3. Chinese Radio (Beijing Taxi Version)

4. Marine Drive

5. Spacefunk

6. Skin as Soft (soft as silk remix)

7. Lava

8. Shimmer (Liquid lounge version)


Qi Gong is a very nice track and a stand out on the album but credit must also be given to Skin as Soft and Lava which are also just beautiful. The whole albums lovely and flows together nicely but these three pieces stand out like a standing ovation. Top stuff Puff Dragon.

Ps the New Makyo Album is even better. Check out the last 3 tracks at least if yu like Dakini's style.

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