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  1. Check out Delia Derbyshire's experimental dance track... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7512072.stm
  2. Nothing is meaningless or everything is. Or something else. Some not so random link: http://www.creativitypost.com/create/twelve_things_you_were_not_taught_in_school_about_creative_thinking
  3. There is nothing wrong. It's just that there is about 1% of good stuff and 99% of mediocre try outs. Truism #XXX is / are ?
  4. An error occurred You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day
  5. ...nononothing? This is not Oph to bik.
  6. I'm not sure, but I think it was something else than Pusher. Some "little" movie.
  7. 0phtopick... w0w... and I was also dreaming about going to New Zealand. Wasn't we supposed to go there together, Heva?
  8. Hello (long time no seen ), There was a movie (maybe danish) some (ok, meny) years ago that included a scene in a club and there was playing Koxbox - Midnight At The End. Anyone knows the movie?
  9. All I Want sounds a bit like Pink Floyd imo.. and I like it! Also noticed that the girl sings in finnish at the end of the sample.
  10. LoL... though I have lot of sympathy for Radi I must say this was the best pun so far in 2007! :lol:
  11. Wendy Carlos (for example Sonic Seasonings album and Clockwork Orange soundtrack).
  12. Nervasystem and Aether!!!!! I don't know how I've missed the album Nervasystem and Aether - The Mama Matrix Most Mysterious (1999?) but I just discovered it and all I can say that it is the best psytrance/experimental/idm/chill/whatever release since 1999... without no doubt! IMO. Soooo psychedelic... And they have bunch of tunes on singles/eps/compilations that are rarely mentioned here... for example one which I have always loved is Liquid Lifeform... really juicy and acidic analogue piece of work! edit2: Oh... and since this was a topic about single tracks I want to mention two other tunes that are on the same compilation as the Nerva System - Liquid Lifeform... they are Solaris - Can White and Morphem - Montage... damn good tunes! Oh2... now playing Kaaya - Brain Dance... another one which I haven't seen talked here so often. Little detail... listen to hihats... not just the typical Boom-Thsii-Boom-Thsii-Boom-Thsii Ad nauseam.........
  13. And even if it is a chord SH-101 can play them as an arpeggio (up, down or up & down).
  14. Anybody know about Process... is he making a new album any time soon? Any news about him?
  15. shpongled

    I HATE

    Didn't vote. But... I really really don't like 96% (rough estimation) of goa/psytrance... but I do love some of it. Ale makes entertaining posts... stirs the shit up nicely. Hah.
  16. Wow... I listened the whole Anamnesis album on your site and love it (this track here is also great)... really damn good work and like Symphoid said you have 'a good amount of musicianship' !! Hehe.. some of the tracks actually reminds me of old Hallucinogen! More, more, more..... !!!
  17. Spiral Active Project - Subshaker
  18. Psykovsky - Lastbus Madrus
  19. It's been long time since I listened GHE so I can't remember how commercial it sounds but I do remember when it came out people were complaining similar stuff like now. note to self: listen to GHE tomorrow
  20. Hmm.. well... the last two tracks are pretty unique.. nothing to do with full-on... actually the last track (the gathering) is damn good imo.. and the third is pretty good too. Maybe the first two tracks are for some compilations... and do you peeps remeber Green House Effect? Because you could have said the same thing years ago (commercial). At least I'll be waiting... go Izik, go!
  21. It's blasphemy that this track is called Dead Can Dance... http://ip23.dyn181.pacific.net.hk/play/mp3/Y/YABCD002-4.mp3 http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5805
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