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Goa Gil


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I would definately go see him any chance i get!!!

If you are a fan of the more darker twisted sinister psychedelic trance you should get a perfect dose...

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he even plays Dark music at Sunrise?


sunrise, sunset, afternoon, midnight....its all the same thing to him.


If I had a chance - I'd go. Don't waste yours.


The guy is a legend, no matter what people say. He sux, he rocks, doesn't matter, see him, listen to him and u'll know what he is.


I suggest not. Considering what you (vancbc) want to hear, you will only come back disapointed and will lose whatever respect, if any, you have for the old man. If his partner, Ariane, is going to be playing, Id suggest you check her stuff out! I wish the organisers would let her play for half the time that Gil gets...her sets are beautiful, tribal, semi-uplifting and are good for both, chilling as well as dancing - whatever your mood.


I saw them both recently and I was by faaaaaaaaar more impressed with her set!

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