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  1. Ah soon it's time Heva: Porridge, thats nice *drools* Haha See you all there.
  2. This will be good, phobie getting more and more "försvenskad" haha
  3. Mad Lane and Intellect, the bass and agressivessness in Mad Lane sure are Psychaos to me
  4. Have you ever been outside your door? ffs Cinos. Ok, now i dont know if you're ironic or what. Of course there are parties, i was at one last friday and maybe going there the 25th aswell, and if you mean that there isnt any party at the specific time, thats another thing. But there are alot of parties in Göteborg. /Cheers
  5. But Stratosfear has one of Koxbox best tracks evargh! "Fuel On"! Damn, thats good I'd take both Stratosfear and Too Pure E.P.'s
  6. Definitly the Too Pure E.P.
  7. Oh, it's not something stuck, it's just good lager cheese
  8. Well, personally i'm not that impressed by this remix, i think he needs to get his act together and start thinking about the future instead of the past. Cheese.
  9. Haha, you've become a dwarf man *kidding* Yepps, the same, you seem nice when you're not that destroyed by lack of sleep and smokingmachines lol Hmm, what kind of orgy? He sure is very talented, we are very fortunate to have him living here in Malmoe, and me personally knowing him and be able to see all his art it's just amazingly beautiful You should Anyways, next time you come to Malmoe, contact me a while before and i will digg out something to do here, afterall this is my hometown and has been for all my life Thats just a bummer Cant you get the flight company to pay it as Tatsu said? It's not more than fair i think. Well, let's say that Nos is between 25-35
  10. Yeps, some day we will definitly have one, and soon i hope Hmm, i'm 180cm, it's not "tall as fuck" but i think we are about the same hight. Ah, nice, yet another that says i look young lol
  11. Yes, of course it's personal taste, but some tracks hit's harder for example in Copenhagen than they do in Athens and so on. And i'm with you all the way about Elysium's early works aswell, but for me he's always made great music, we can say that he was one of the first artists i really liked and still like
  12. Well, maybe not in Greece, thou you perhaps should like the Malaka Dance Hehe. But i tell you here it was massive hits, tracks like Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade (Psychaos mix), Christof & DJ Mael-KLM, Transwave Malaka Dance, Astral Projection&Dado - Zero, Slide Saturnalia, and Oforia - Why not on mars?, all of them were big ones. And the rest on the list was not unknown. But i guess that goes different depending on where you live perhaps.
  13. 1.-Sure sounds like one crazy girl i say haha! 2.-Sounds like a whole lot of fun, partying at möllan before getting to the party, standardprocedeur, but man it's fun! 3.-I was really surprised about your music, Kristian had told me that you did hardhouse or something It was very nice and reminded me of the old days a bit. Some mixup between the progressive from 1999-2002 with some nice goa init, damn nice, and yes the crowd really liked it, and so did i! 4.-Well, good music thou, even if you wasnt satisfied with the mixes you played nice music 5.-You look like a real Viking haha 6.-Mate, i fully understand that, and yes the smokingmachines suck, i dont like them. Hope to see you to soon, maybe on a Loopfreaks party ey Hmm, different, how do you meen? Taller, shorter, fatter? What? Haha ps. It was nice to see Sekas aswell, it was a long time ago Cheers Nemo.
  14. Hmm, i thought we talked about tracks that didnt get enough attention? Most of theese got a fair deal of attention, and some were massive hits.
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