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  1. after not having listened to psy for ages i found myself suddenly in the mood for this little masterpiece: MFG - New kind of world
  2. i love it - altho i havent listen to it in ages tbh. oh well
  3. already got it from anoebis. great album. prefer it over Fairytale actually. might write a review if i find the time and right words
  4. Good evening ;) I'll be spamming this commentbox tonight! :)

  5. Vitalic - Ok Cowboy album some pretty nice stuff on there, especially Trahison
  6. just use rapidshare or yousendit ?
  7. next week im in vienna, do u have copies lying around and could i purchase one directly from you?
  8. http://www.suntriprecords.com/blog/news.php?id=58 can only be Ra, no? \o/
  9. hmm lol yea you are actually right. interesting... this album looks very promising.
  10. i hate you. im totally out of money and now i have to buy that one cause the samples are awesome.
  11. some new releases since ive last posted in here. the latest is a very beautiful oldschool goa track. be sure to check it out!
  12. those samples are really really beautiful. really refreshing. im rly looking forward to more. gogogo !
  13. /signed x2 Hallucinogen - Alpha Centauri and some more i cant think of right now
  14. Ra - The 9th i want it _NOW_
  15. 10 years after the release (geez has it been that long?) i finally got my hands on a copy. 10/10. 'nuff said!
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