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Another Psychedelic Visual


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It's awesome man!!! really a trippy video... sucks you right into it!

And the song behind the scenes... cool too! Diehard acidbath stuff going around

What is the name of it!?

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hi guys !!!


I am glad that you liked my effort. Now to tell u the story how i started out is that a few years back i had seen Danny Gomez's(All respects to this Psychedelic art man) Flashback (Doc Hoffman) visual and got inspired and thought of doing something on my own, so the first visuals i tried was for the track "The Prayer - Electric Universe" which a lot of ppl liked. I was approached by a new Swedish artist by the name "Xtacid" who were expecting their first release on "Creon Rec" then to make this video for their track "Xtacid - Dancing with mushrooms" which i agreed to do for some amount coz this work has taken me 2 months of work, but after the completion of the video i never got paid, well thats a sad story but i would like ppl to see the efforts i have put in and hear them say about my efforts.





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