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Ambient-trance tracks


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First of all hello everyone as it is my firt post on the forum. :)

I'm looking for some chilly, relaxing ambient-trance tracks ( with 4x4 kickdrum ) Something like Aes Dana - 'Digitalys' , HUVA Network - 'Overload (putput mix)' , Cell - 'White call' or Asura - 'Code eternity' ).

What other tracks/artists would you recommend ?

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Carbon Based Lifeforms


solar fields


and from ultimae as well, Fahrenheit Project Part Four or even better 3


aww almost forget.. Deviant electronics is excelent stuff... (which apparently is not 4/4.. but theres is still a generous amount of drumming )

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Jaia has some very nice downtempo tracks in this vein, try the last track onBlue Energy and assort tracks on the Sky Dancing compilations.



Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences. a classic in this genre.

total eclipse - violent relaxation cd2


(both of the above are quite old but have been recently reprinted)

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Chilling Matenda - Mediteran [Global PhoneHead] (album)

Kick Bong - A Cup Of Tea [ultra Vista] (album)

compilations from Dakini

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Solar Quest (orgisms and Orgships)


Open Canvas (nomadic impressions)


Some Astralasia ones


Some from delerium too.


Global Commnunication


Galactic Anthems (exellent !)


ISHQ !!!


Loop Guru


Tetsu Inoue (try ambient otaku)


Some from Vibraphere


(thought some are bit more ambient than you asked)

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If you are looking for 4/4 kickdrum downtempo melodic trance, i REALLY recommend you :

Ultravoice - Children of Earth (Ambient mix) which is the last of the album art of voice, the track is pretty simple, but this melody is really uplifting!


Otherwise, for other 4/4 kickdrum slow trance, of course you have the first Asura album.






Edit : i just noticed you already mentioned the Asura album in your post.

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