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  1. Thank you guys for your types, but I already know the projects that you mentioned ;] More suggestions please
  2. Hello everyone Could you please reccomend me some psychedelic dub? I'm looking for stuff (cds or single tracks) similar to these releases : Halucinogen In Dub Ott - Blumenkraft and other Ott remixes VA - Eclipse (tracks from Walter Ego, Nomads of Dub) Liquid Dub Volume 7 Dub trees Celtic cross - Hicksville some tracks by Slackbaba (Long Sunny Daze) some tracks by Entheogenic (Timeless ESP Ott remix from Dialogue of Speakers) I hope you got the idea. Thank you for your recommendiations.
  3. First of all hello everyone as it is my firt post on the forum. I'm looking for some chilly, relaxing ambient-trance tracks ( with 4x4 kickdrum ) Something like Aes Dana - 'Digitalys' , HUVA Network - 'Overload (putput mix)' , Cell - 'White call' or Asura - 'Code eternity' ). What other tracks/artists would you recommend ?
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