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Found 12 results

  1. Psyland VA – Chapter 1 Get your Digital Copy at: https://psyland.bandcamp.com/album/psyland-v-a-chapter-1 description "After one year of successful operation, we are excited to announce our first VA release “Psyland VA – Chapter 1”! A powerful 10 track compilation is spreading our Psyland vibes into the psychedelic scene! As a newborn radio we came on to many challenges through this year, giving our best to provide our audience with the best experience. Your support is what gives us the excitement and inspiration to continue growing and evolving into the psychedelic scene. We would like to thank you all for this support! Stay tuned. Stay Psychedelic!" credits released October 31, 2022 Compiled by Psyland Team Mastering by Atrus Artwork by Psycoreclinic 01. Atomas – G Berries 02. Seraburayka & Kacid – Feeling Of Freedom 03. TERRATECH & CLAW – Dopamine 04. Atrus – Manifest Your Dreams 05. Chypno – Swirling Thoughts 06. Dimmitrion – The Killer Boss 07. Balliou – Quantum Reality 08. Living Frequencies & Paganorium – Vibrations 09. Paul Karma – Right Or Wrong 10. Kakir & Re-Surge – NN
  2. Officiel Release https://dreamcrewrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-4-year-anniversary 23/04/18 On https://dreamcrewrecords.bandcamp.com/ Description : "4 Year Anniversary " is the 5th VA of Dream Crew Records, A release made with love, passion and dedication, Compiled By Achille Sehne, Art Work By Kalamour And mastered by DigitalX. This VA will feature some Groove And Night Sound Frequencies On An Forestic Theme ! Dream Crew Records [DCR] is happy to unleash 4 year Of Psychedelic Roots. We also Want To Thanks All Peoples Who Support Us In This World ! We Dream Together Not Alone Informations : VA 4 Year Anniversary Official Release date : 15/04/2018 Ref : VADCR05 Label : Dream Crew Records Compiled by : AchilleSehne ArtWork : Kalamour Country : Morocco Master : DigitalX Tracklist : 1/ Kalamour - Marrakech Summer [145] 2/ Dopamine - KnobHead [148] 3/ Bari - Whats Behind The Door [148] 4/ Psy-Mr. Vs Caveman - Subtitled Heads [150] 5/ Absolem & Atomental - Scientists [150] 6/ AchilleSehne - Road To Bananna Rock [150] 7/ Atrus & Légolize - Unclear Humanoid [152] 8/ Nirub - Seeing In The Dark [152] Have a look on our music collection here ! https://dreamcrewrecords.bandcamp.com/ Boom Boom (www.dreamcrewrecords.org)
  3. Mamomam Records is searching for psychill tracks for new VA Compilation. We are looking for tracks in bpm range from about 80 bpm till maximum 115. If you would like to release your music, please contact us - mamomam.records@gmail.com Link for our first psychill compilation VA Star Paths : BANDCAMP https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-star-paths Tracklist : 1. Chillaoz with SkyzoDub - Multiverse Connection (110 bpm) 2. Nibana - Among Thoughts (85 bpm) 3. Space Element - Reflection (110 bpm) 4. JaraLuca - One Day In Cosmos (105 bpm) 5. Miraceti - Meditative States Of Mind (111 bpm) 6. JIS - Random Energy (112 bpm) 7. Red Sun Rising - The Battle in Ancient Galaxy (114 bpm) 8. Zopmanika - Celestial Eye (115 bpm ) 9. Moondancer - Messy Thoughts at The Top of The Backbone (75 bpm)
  4. Yes. We finally did it. We got all (almost , but really a lot of!) the oldies. And they are unmixed! You will find in this massive compilation all the songs from that album including the very well sought after Astral Plains remix. Eternal Life and Lunar Stains are included + many others. We're not releasing the Sugar Rush remix because we all know the original and the remix is not much different so we decided to leave that one. Unfortunately as you would expect most of the songs came from mp3 files. And yes they did. We mastered some , some others we didn't do anything except levelling them up because they already had seem to be maximized and mastered in a way by Filipe when the songs were made and mastering on top of already mastered songs it really would make things worse believe us. So , what do we think? We think the songs are in acceptable good quality but most of Filipe's old work just simply sounds old and muddy but not because of it came from an mp3 file but because it was produced that way and no mastering can fix that. Yoga , Psyramid and Mental Maze were previously released by us and you can find them in these releases : Yoga (original mp3 sourced) and Mental Maze (original wav sourced) : https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/three-moons-and-one-shrine Psyramid (original wav sourced) : https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/emotions-from-a-beija-flor Apart from the old Buddha tracks , there is also another old unreleased Pandemonium song also coming from mp3 and we thought it would be worth a release aswel. There were a few others but nothing special really. We also tried to grab hold of the Amithaba Buddha - Solaris song but seems the file was corrupted by other previously used hard drives so it's just impossible to bring that one up. If Filipe finds it in a cdr we will release it but we really don't have hopes for that one and we apologise to the fans of that song. Lost in a Crystal Sphere unfortunately also couldn't be released because it seems to only exist in a mixed version and you can find that in the Phototropic Records release. https://www.discogs.com/Lost-Buddha-Untold-Stories/release/2776040 Denaris , Beast 303 , Drunk Pharaoh and Chemic Lab are originally Wav files. We know some people really were after these really old songs for years and we apologise for the originally sourced mp3 files but this is the best we could honestly do. Hope these songs will bring you much enjoyment and make many people happy once more. Kind regards , Good Dance Recordings. Total time : 2hours and 51minutes https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-sunshine-5
  5. Spring came, and then after it there comes summer, and together they descend open-airs & festivals season! And yet the snow and ice melts and just begins to boil life and wake up in the vast expanses of our planet, our Ukrainian label awakens in this new life cycle after almost two years of silence, so, we proud to introduce You our new creation - an original cd, created out of 10 previously unreleased tracks, entitled "10 Wonder Drops", collected in the key of night twisted psychedelic trance. Our 3rd Compilation includes the tracks from the well known artists from around the world, such as: Dissociactive, Shotu, Electric Mirror, Organic Hybrid, Module Virus, Smoke Ship, Whiptongue, MoLe, Pantomiman, Peace-Ka, RED. And we hope that many of their fans will find among these 10 drops its "right one", which will forever be remembered and will change our beloved musical world for the better state. ClockTail Records highly respect every producer, psy freak, dj & closure friend who make support by promoting this and our previous releases. And want to speak warmest thankfull words to Slava Dissociactive for qualitive mastering, all label artists for their support & incredible music, which will be playin’ forever and change psychedelic scene in better way. This time we are decided to print very limited edition, only 300 copies, for the true fans of the genre, so hurry up to get yours. We hope that you'll enjoy the results of our common work. Music is our everything! Artist: Various Artists Title: 10 Wonder Drops Label : ClockTail Records https://www.facebook.com/clocktailrecordsofficial Media Format: CD, digipack Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number : CLOCKCD003 Distribution : Beatspace Release date: 06.02.2015 Compiled by MindWarp Cover design by Ant Ti Mastered by Dissociactive Tracklist : 01-Dissociactive - Polzuushie Puziri [144] 02-Shotu - Looney Loop [145] 03-Electric Mirror - Gods Waiting Room [146] 04-Module Virus - Neurodrastik [146] 05-Smoke Ship Vs Whiptongue - Galactic Pilots [147] 06-MoLe - Squirt Addicted [148] 07-Organic Hybrid - The God Particle [148] 08-Pantomiman - Superloco [147] 09-Peace-Ka Vs Module Virus - Welcome To The Dark Palace [150] 10-RED - Laiman Beta [147] you can find digipack & demos here: http://www.beatspace.com/6913/Clocktail+Records/Various/10+Wonder+Drops/detail.aspx http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/clo/clo1cd003.html http://www.goastore.com/compilation-10-wonder-drops.html
  6. Information : Artist : Various Title : Goa Trance Revolution Label : Goa-Trance.com Date : 08 May 2013 Genre : Goa trance Tracklist : 1. Afgin - Goa Ahead 2. Goasia - Sundance 3. Indoor - Bom Shankar 4. Radical Distortion - Asinar 5. S.U.N. Project - Out of my brain (Old school mix) 6. Liquid Flow - Subconscious Minds 7. Laughing Skull - The Shine Side 8. Omnivox - Corona 9. Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Classical Mix) Review : And here we go ! Goa-trance.com, which is at start just a facebook group, decided to contact some artist to release a compilaton of Goa trance song. So what you will find on this compilation will mostly be Newschool Goa trance song. One more thing to add : it's a limited edition (500 CD only). Afgin - Goa head : Compilation begins with this track from Afgin and I've to say I've seen better work from him. However, this ain't a bad track : a loud kick, some nice melody all along the song, by exemple at 4:41. Well, not an awesome track but not a bad track neither ! Goasia - Sundance : Sundance ! Ahh ! I don't know about you, but the sound wich start the song make me think of a desert, at midday, where the sun is so strong that nothing else resist to him ! Then, the song continue with a nice melody (Ok, some of you will say it's a bit cheesy, cmon guys that doesn't sound bad !) and an energizing rythmic ! Then it continue with other melodies ! The melodies are very oriental-like tunes, and for this compilation, it just fit perfectly ! Not necessery to say more about this track, that's a good one from Goasia ! Indoor - Bom Shankar : This is the kind of track, you only need to hear the kick, the bass and the intro to know it's gonna be an amazing release ! And that's it ! Bom Shankar, from Indoor, start with a nice and strong kick, accompanied with nice bassline. There's a kind of goa tune in background, and then comme the main melody : WAOUV ! A very nice melody, which one give a "dark" aspect to this track (Nothing to do with dark psytrance...). Then you got another melody, Im not going to give you the entire description of the song, just to say you, the melodies are very nice, fits very well with the kick & bass, the song got a nice structure, the intro is nice, the tune are also awesome....I personnaly think it's the best track of this compilation ! Radical Distortion - Asinar : A short intro and a powerfull kick for this track ! And it fast comes with melodies ! What to say about this song ? Well, there's some nice Melodies (haha you're going to tell me I've said it for every track but damn isn't that true ?!), and I like how some break are made. For example, at 4:14. Oh and I forgot about the bassline, wich is quite nice ! That's it, not an amazing but a good track ! S.U.N. Project - Out of my brain (Old school mix) : As this is an Old school Mix, I decided to listen to the original mix before review this one. So let's be honest : the original one is a nice psy-trance track (altought I consider it has a goa kick, the melody are more psytrance than goa). I've heard a lot of old school goa song remixed in psy-trance or progressive psy-trance, but i've rarely (to be honest never) heard the opposite. And that's what we got with this old school mix. So, it start with a nice kick and pretty simple but nice bassline. Than come the main tune, this guitar melody, which is very nice and change of the oriental-like melody used in the other song, but not very different of the original mix. Where it does change, it's how the melody is re-used in the other part of the song, it's very well used, the structure make it more goa-trance like, a nice work so. Only little thing : the damned melody starting at 4:36 !!! Guys, im Sorry to have to say that, but it sound like butchering an ostrich Except that, it's a good overall track, with good guitar tune. Liquid Flow - Subconscious Minds : A good track, with dynamic melody and strong kick. You know it sound a bit like those nitzhonot tune : it goes a bit "everywhere", but in this goa trance song, the melody are well compacted, I means they do fit with the structure of the track.To be honest, one of the reason why I bought the compil', is that I heard a preview of every track and the preview of this one just amazed me ! Laughing Skull - The Shine Side : A nice song, with deep and powerfull melodies ! The one starting at 3:46 is just amazing, the best of the entire album for me ! You can also hear a very short voice sample at end of the track, if I state it it's because there's very very few voice sample in this compilation ! There's a nice outro. A nice song overall, the second best one of the compilation for me ! Omnivox - Corona : I am a bit disappointed of this song. I find the first melody cheesy, however the other one are ok, it's just this first one, who come back several time in the song which doesn't sound great to me. There's a nice break in the middle/end of the track, then it slowly grow up and when you're at the top, here come a damned melody...Yes, this cheesy melody ! That's seriously the "black point" of this track, except that, it's an okey track ! At the end of the track this cheesy melody is even being better ! Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Classical Mix) : Here we go with last track of this compil' ! First of all, I like the introduction, slowly growing, but slowly being strong, with nice tune ! Well, this is a Classical Mix, I don't know what the "classical" stand for, I just saw that the original Mix was longer than this one, and had a different mastering, a longer intro...(To be honest I didn't listen to the entire original mix, I know this is a classic for goa trance, but excuse me there's so much to listen in the psychedelic trance!). So, to make it short, it's a very nice track, very soft, with those piano melodies, this pretty nice kick and this soft atmosphere ! It make me think a bit about "Jaia - Mai Mai", but in a different way ! As mai mai, it's very soft and relaxing, but there's no voice sample. So, a pretty nice track, which fit well for a compilation ending. Overall : Goa trance Revolution is a very good newschool goa trance compilation ! If you like newschool goa trance, I strongly recommend it, it has nice melodies ! If you're more an oldschool goa trance fan, I still recommend it, because you know, there's not much newschool goa trance compilation and this one is the perfect example of what newschool goa trance is ! To buy it : Bandcamp Discogs Suntrip
  7. Hy! Just want to announce that I'm making new Goa Trance VA for Ovnimoon Records! It will contain pure Goa trance and it will be double CD! A loots of very well known great Goa artist have responded and some of them already send demo! For now CD1 is finished and ready , CD2 is on 20% but it is going fast! Other details soon! novafractal@gmail.com http://www.facebook....?ref=ts&fref=ts
  8. With the arrival of June, the summer has finally begun! To kick it off, we're going celebrate it the best way we can with the release of the first chapter of our seasonal compilation: SUMMER TRIP 2013! A collection of Zombster's finest acts, a series of 3 CD's that will be released 16th, 17th and 18th of June that showcases the music we're into and what we're best at. TODAY-> Vol1-1 Psytrance: 10 brand new tracks from our roster of artists that covers pretty much every variation of the genre, from classical psychedelic to the epic melodic floor-killers and dark, twisted textures. get your copy here ->http://www.beatport.com/release/summer-trip-vol-1-psytrance/110174
  9. Album: Tech Tactics Artist: Various Artists Genre: Psycore Size: 215MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Killawatt - The Joint 02 - Pastor John - HD204958B 03 - Dr. Bops - Machine Music 04 - HighStyle - Alien Alphabet 05 - Telepathy - Trouble 06 - Anubis - Inner Revelation 07 - Paralocks - Tactical Error 08 - Fright Rate - More Power 09 - Neonglo - Mirrored Benches 10 - Organoise - String Theory 11 - Gamba - Mindmatter For various artists albums, I feel it is nessesarry to offer my thoughts on each individual track to give everyone specific attention and feedback. Let’s start with the first creation, “The Joint” and move on throughout the album “Tech Tactics” The Joint Juicy and engulfing, like a typical danceable high-tech song should be. This is a song that can easily be applied on dance floors. The beat in the background changes off and on, keeping the flow going. Robot gargling synth textures chew up and spit out the bass occasionally and glitch things up, offering some interesting qualities that make this track unique. Well mastered, clean, well done. Great theme with the vocals about drugs. HD204958B This has a great buildup and intro, continuing a danceable, high energy mood left from the last track. Again, well chosen voice sampling is used for a great atmosphere. My head and heart cant stop bobbing to this fast paced action scene. There is a lot more percussion elements used here, adding a few extra enjoyable layers of sound. I can definitely hear the well mastered attitude here as well. Props to the clear quality! That is needed for DJs. Machine Music I now realize everyone is using kickass vocals here. I love that, it really adds that super special “this music is awesome” factor. Like the first two tracks, Machine Music is intense and fast paced. It does, however, have the best buildup I have heard in this album, so far. It lets you take a breath right before it says “the correct answer is” and moves right back into heavy technical dance psy. Staying true to the original theme of the album, it pushes things a bit farther and puts a smile on my face. Alien Alphabet “Everyone knows thats what aliens sound like” hahah! Like the other tracks, Alien Alphabet is fast, clean, action packed, vocal injected, and energetic dance music. Any psycore loving club would enjoy this piece, certainly shredding the darkness with glowsticks and approving shrieks. Personally, I find the track to be extremely similar to the others, so there is not much else I can say. However, this is a good thing because if you love the others, you will love this. It seems these artists have come together to create this quick and fast style. Trouble The synth riffs are very well done in this track! The melody is perfect, includes some classic 8-bit instruments, and everything climaxes around the 7 minute marker to plant an exciting body throbbing seed of euphoria in my brain. This is what I expect technical, high energy music to do. Nothing is overdone in this track, its the best one I have heard so far. A very good mix. It moves like a professional dancer, where everyone cant help but keep staring. Inner Revelation I thought the doorbell used was pretty clever. The artist seems to like putting in neat sound effects rather than vocals. I also noticed the use of rising pads in many areas. I really enjoyed how these pads carried the progression. The small sections of melodic harmony were really kickass. The bass keeps the same tone throughout the track, however. It would be nice to switch it up a bit against the constantly changing synths. Overall, this song had an excellent soundest and followed the normal high energy psycore style this album expresses. Tactical Error Many high frequencies rattle my head in this track, but they are mixed well with a few relaxed, slower tempo moments that made areas like 4:10 even better. Masterful progression and mixing. I usually hate all high frequencies, but this track places them all around my head and uses a decently changing bass tempo. It would be nice to see a better mix of frequencies, however. The constant zips and zaps give me a headache at times. Don’t get me wrong, I just would like to see more of a variety in here. More Power This track has more of those lows needed to move the driving high frequency leads. I enjoy this track a bit more than the others simply because it innovates the style rather than repeat it. It builds many different sounds across different climaxes and buildups, surprising me at points. I love to be surprised. I dont want to expect what zippety zap comes next, because that gets boring. This is a very enjoyable track, carefully choosing what hypnotizing synth bombardment to release next. Engulfing and juicy. Well done! Mirrored Benches Another quality piece here. The sounds used in this track remind me of playing Earthbound. That changing baseline is a very nice touch. Organized, to the point, fast buildup, good climaxes, and an overall easily danceable psycore track. I enjoy the melody used at 2:50. It is considerably quirky and interesting. String Theory I find this track to be the best on the album. The starting bass immediately capture my attention. It is low and steady, crystal clear and sinister, and exciting. If I could pick a track that put together all of the ideas and visions expressed in this collaboration, it would be this one. It doesn’t overdo the zaps and whistles. It has a seemingly perfect foundation, including all these great sounds and glitches. It stops and starts at all the right moments, bringing in “wikki wikki”, a downtempo segment, and orgasmic finales. If I would play any of these at a club or save them in my favorites folder, this would be my first pick. Good job! Mindmatter Another similar track with a lot of beat mashing, synth bending, and video game bit sounds layered underneath vocals. Still, it is well mastered, well done, and clear, but it lacks a special innovative, varied touch. It stays with a constant beat, predictable progression, and extraordinarily similar instruments. It is almost as if everyone in the collar is using the same program with the same sounds. Mindmatter is a good track, but I feel the similarities between it and the other tracks makes it boring for me. That isn’t each individual artists fault, its just the simple fact that all of these same ideas are placed together into one long album. Its easy to understand the style after the third song. Then it gets too predictable. OVERALL: Zippety zaps, xippity zoos, zappady waddas, and other collections of electrifying, jolting intensions of hard high end synths lead every song in Tech Tactics. Simply energizing, the 150+ BPM of each track is sure to make anyone want to dance. It can defintley explode crowds, twisting their bodies all over the dance floor. If you like the first track, your going to like the second, and your going to like the third, and fourth, and every other one after that. There isn’t very much variety in here, however each piece is well mastered, powerful, fast-paced, explosive, and intense. The solid bass textures can easily shake you and move you. If you are looking for more variety, then most of this album is not for you. It has picked a series of quality psycore tracks that follow the same attitude with a lot of extremely similar, heart-attack inducing, energetic synth leads. Although, there are a few unique innovations in here that go beyond the typical theme presented. String Theory, being one of them, is my favorite track on here. I strongly recommend each artist take a listen to the album and try to think outside the box… what else can you do to capture the attention of listeners? What methods should be used to add variety? I would suggest slowing down things at points, adding more ambience and unexpected drops to really buildup suspense and then hit it hard with some good ole energetic psycore! Its all about the euphoria. Keep in mind, this is my opinion, but I feel there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of developing your individual styles! Keep up the research and production guys. 8/10 Download here on Ektoplazm (MP3, FLAC, WAV) - Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles) - Special Thank to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.
  10. Freakuency records is the first progressive trance label from the trance paradise,Brazil. provided with the main national artists of progressive trance, Freakuency comes with the idea of uniting even more artists, promoters and listeners a good psychedelic progressive. Visit our links below to learn more about our releases, casting and more.. Live Act: ProtoActive Pakman Subsistence Analog Drink Abstract Sunrise Erotic Dream Echoactive Fehja Natural Notes Soulscape Djs Sets: Gajah Claudio Pessin Narayana http://www.facebook.com/FreakuencyRecords
  11. Dropland Recordings is proud to present: RELEASE DATE 2011-12-28 LABEL Dropland Recordings CATALOG # DROP023 Our growing artist Smashed strikes back, this time to starting our black label series which will focus on the strong side of Psytrance. Smashed is well-known as a famous 3D Vision artist, which releases have reached top positions on the Beatport & Juno Download Charts (with his last 2 tracks co-produced with Ex-Gen). This 3 track digital package includes some of the most respected and demanded artists on the Psytrance scene such as Concept ( France), Sinful Reactions (Portugal), & Z3ro (Mexico). To come soon, Parts 02 & 03 with more amazing remixes.. Tracklist: 1 - Smashed - Damage ( Concept Remix) 2 - Smashed - Physical Matters ( Sinful Reactions Remix) 3 - Smashed - You Go Banzai (Z3ro Remix) Click on the next link to listen and buy: http://www.beatport....-part-01/843296 (15 days Beatport Exclusive. Will be available in more shops soon) Thank you!!
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