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  1. Dropland Recordings is proud to present: RELEASE DATE 2011-12-28 LABEL Dropland Recordings CATALOG # DROP023 Our growing artist Smashed strikes back, this time to starting our black label series which will focus on the strong side of Psytrance. Smashed is well-known as a famous 3D Vision artist, which releases have reached top positions on the Beatport & Juno Download Charts (with his last 2 tracks co-produced with Ex-Gen). This 3 track digital package includes some of the most respected and demanded artists on the Psytrance scene such as Concept ( France), Sinful Reactions (Portugal), & Z3ro (Mexico). To come soon, Parts 02 & 03 with more amazing remixes.. Tracklist: 1 - Smashed - Damage ( Concept Remix) 2 - Smashed - Physical Matters ( Sinful Reactions Remix) 3 - Smashed - You Go Banzai (Z3ro Remix) Click on the next link to listen and buy: http://www.beatport....-part-01/843296 (15 days Beatport Exclusive. Will be available in more shops soon) Thank you!!
  2. Dropland is proud to present: MALFUNKTION PART 02 INFO ////////////// Artist: V.A. Release name: Malfunktion Part 02 Selected by Smashed Cat No: DROP018 Release date: 12 March 2011 Genre: Hitech//Psytrance Format: Digital (MP3, WAV) Tracklist 1 Ex-Gen - Bankai (2k11 live edit) 2 Poizon - From Ashes 3 A-Mush - Psyco Slut Mastered by Domi Pastor at Silence Fields Studio @ Sta.Gertrudis (Ibiza, Spain) Cover and graphics by Senbonzakura Graphic Studio (Tarragona, Spain) 15 DAYS EXCLUSIVE JUNO DOWNLOAD Dropland Recordings is proud to present Malfunktion part 2.The second volume of a three part digital compilation, featuring a powerful selection made by the growing Ibiza duo Smashed. Malfunktion represents a wide range of high-quality Hitech and twilight trance provided by the best artists from all over the Trance world: ExGen (Spain) - Earworm (USA) - Khopat (Portugal) - A-Mush (Portugal) - Terraformers (France) - Poizon (Portugal) - Z3ro (Mexico) - Magneto (Israel) - Smashed (France & Spain) - The Dark Face (Spain). They bring us the most powerful electronic short-circuits to create the malfunction, carefully selected to brake, destroy and blast everybody´s dancefloor this spring/summer season. Part 2:Smashed selects 3 tracks from: /// (Ex-gen//Spain) New live 2011 edit from the famous track Bankai. A stronger and updated edit made specially for this compilation, A powerful trip thru the best hi-quality "Hi Tech" trance. /// (Poizon//Portugal)One of the most respected artists of the portuguese scene,bringing us the heavy track full of obscure noises and deep melodies. Eargasmic for all dancefloors. /// (A-Mush//Portugal) Upgrowing Portuguese duo offer us wise produced track with fast breaks and energetic leads. A great tune to finish this part of this compilation Part 01 is on all main digital shops./// Part 03 expected before summer 2011 Hear the samples and buy it soon here: http://www.junodownload.com/products/1712291-02.htm?ref=label_droplandrecordings Label links and more info: www.dropland.net www.myspace.com/dropland www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=39993370851 Artist Info: www.myspace.com/hyptnounit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Smashed/122231881121061
  3. Dropland presents: CREACTIVE AND AUM PROJECT - LOAD SIGNAL Cat.No: DROP017 Release date: 14/01/2011 (15 days Junodownload exclusive) Genre:Psytrance / Fullon Format: Digital (MP3/WAV) Relase Info: Dropland Recordings is proud to present "Load Signal". A double E.P. produced by two of the best full on psytrance projects in Spain: Aum Project and Creactive. Aum Project aka German Martinez is one of the veteran spanish artists from Barcelona. Creactive aka Dario Castiello is considered the best newcomer artist from Ibiza. They have joined forces to bring us some incredible and high quality tracks with a smart and purified production. For this new fusion experience, they have focused on emotive melodies, blasting basslines and groovy beats mixed up with fresh and cutting edge signals extracted from technological machines and high end quality sources. "Load Signal" represents the starting point of a full trip of psychedelic frequencies, uplifted leads and a whole spectrum of emotions that will be continued on the second part "Reload Signal". Click here to listen: http://www.junodownload.com/products/load-signal-ep/1683892-02/ Thanks!!
  4. Dropland Recordings is proud to present: MALFUNKTION SELECTED BY SMASHED VOL.01 PART 1 Release Info Artist: V.A. Cat.No: DROP015 Release Date: 30-10-2010 - 15 days Junodownload exclusive - Genre: Hitech/Psytrance Format: Digital (MP3, WAV) Mastering: Extreme Genetics Studio (Tarragona, Spain) http://www.myspace.com/exgenmusic Graphic Design: Senbonzakura Studio http://www.myspace.com/senbonzakuraworks Tracklist 1 Earworm - MadWorm Experiment 2 Smashed - Yo Go Banzai (Magneto RMX) 3 Terraformers - Out Of Time Dropland Recordings is proud to present Malfunktion. A three part digital compilation featuring a powerful selection made by the growing Ibiza duo Smashed. Malfunktion represents a wide range of high-quality Hitech and twilight trance provided by the best artists from all over the Trance world: ExGen (Spain) - Earworm (USA) - Khopat (Portugal) - A-Mush (Portugal) - Terraformers (France) - Poizon (Portugal) - Z3ro (Mexico) - Magneto (Israel) - Smashed (France & Spain) - The Dark Face (Spain). They bring us the most powerful electronic short-circuits to create the malfunction, carefully selected to brake, destroy and blast every body´s dancefloor this autumn/winter season. Part 1 - Smashed selects 3 tracks from: -Earworm: (New York, USA) a high energy track with all the power and strength that characterizes this well known artist, who is one of the main artists in the hi tech trance scene. - Smashed -Magneto Rmx (Israel) Remix done by one of the most up growing and fresh artists of the israeli scene. Strong sounds turns up the great smashed track, in a first class choice for every dj set. -Terraformers (France): French psytrance from one of the best bands of the label. They bring us a powerful track that keeps the energy to the highest levels, groovy and danceable. It's the perfect song for ending the 1st part of the compilation.Parts 2 & 3 on the way. The Malfunktion warriors will blast again and again in the next parts of the compilation. You can listen to some demos here: http://www.djtunes.es/various-artists/malfunktion-part-01-selected-by-smashed We'll put more links soon. Thanks!
  5. Dropland is proud to present: THE CLONES - ELEKTRO RUSH Release date: 30-06-2010 Cat.Nr: DROP 013 Format: Digital (MP3, WAV) Style: Psytrance Mastering: Domi Pastor @ Silence Fields Studio (Ibiza, Spain) http://www.myspace.com/silencefields Artwork: Senbonzakura Studio (Tarragona, Spain) http://www.myspace.com/senbonzakuraworks TRACKLIST 1 - Rave Deluxe (Originl Mix) 2 - Level Zero (Original Mix) 3 - Elektro Rush (Original Mix) RELEASE INFO ENGLISH From the fusion of this two sound scientists, Thomas Bivaud (part of Mesmerizer) & Alexander Joly (Jaws Underground) borns The Clones. The new and breaking french duo brings to Dropland Recordings his debut EP. It includes 3 unreleased tracks that represents perfectly the energetic, well made and powerful french sound. This little digital jewels created in their Paris laboratories, are fully oriented to dancefloors and it will be the perfect tool for dj's and music lovers who is hunting for the fresh and dynamism of fullon trance with something more. This, affords to The Clones sound a hitech taste that adds an auditive intensity characteristic of this subgenre. Both Tom and Alex have an extense musical baggage as a dj's and producers releasing in some of the best labels and going over the globe with their respective projects. We are proud to release the debut EP of this two big artists, who define perfectly our label musical concept and become our personal bet to blast the best psytrance parties and festivals this hot summer. CASTELLANO De la fusión de estos científicos del sonido: Thomas Bivaud (miembro de Mesmerizer) y Alexander Joly (Jaws Underground) nace The Clones, el nuevo y rompedor duo francés nos trae a Dropland Recordings su EP de debut. Incluye 3 temas inéditos que representan a la perfección el enérgico, bien producido y poderoso sonido francés. Estas pequeñas joyas digitales creadas en su laboratorio de París, están completamente orientadas a las pistas de baile y es la herramienta perfecta para dj's y amantes de la música que buscan el dinámico y fresco sonido del sonido fullon con algo más. Esto aporta al sonido The Clones un sabor hitech que añade una intensidad auditiva característica de este subgénero. Tanto Tom como Alex gozan de un extenso bagaje musical como dj's y productores editando en algunos de los mejores sellos y recorriendo el globo con sus respectivos proyectos. Estamos orgullosos de poder lanzar este EP de debut de estos dos grandes artistas, que definen perfectamente nuestro concepto musical del sello y se convierte en nuestra apuesta personal para arrasar en las mejores fiestas y festivales psytrance de este caluroso verano. Click and listen to samples here / Escuchalo aquí: (15 days exclusive on Junodownload/ 15 días en exclusiva en Junodownload) http://www.junodownload.com/products/1592418-02.htm Thanks! Gracias!
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