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Found 1 result

  1. Information : Artist : Various Title : Goa Trance Revolution Label : Goa-Trance.com Date : 08 May 2013 Genre : Goa trance Tracklist : 1. Afgin - Goa Ahead 2. Goasia - Sundance 3. Indoor - Bom Shankar 4. Radical Distortion - Asinar 5. S.U.N. Project - Out of my brain (Old school mix) 6. Liquid Flow - Subconscious Minds 7. Laughing Skull - The Shine Side 8. Omnivox - Corona 9. Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Classical Mix) Review : And here we go ! Goa-trance.com, which is at start just a facebook group, decided to contact some artist to release a compilaton of Goa trance song. So what you will find on this compilation will mostly be Newschool Goa trance song. One more thing to add : it's a limited edition (500 CD only). Afgin - Goa head : Compilation begins with this track from Afgin and I've to say I've seen better work from him. However, this ain't a bad track : a loud kick, some nice melody all along the song, by exemple at 4:41. Well, not an awesome track but not a bad track neither ! Goasia - Sundance : Sundance ! Ahh ! I don't know about you, but the sound wich start the song make me think of a desert, at midday, where the sun is so strong that nothing else resist to him ! Then, the song continue with a nice melody (Ok, some of you will say it's a bit cheesy, cmon guys that doesn't sound bad !) and an energizing rythmic ! Then it continue with other melodies ! The melodies are very oriental-like tunes, and for this compilation, it just fit perfectly ! Not necessery to say more about this track, that's a good one from Goasia ! Indoor - Bom Shankar : This is the kind of track, you only need to hear the kick, the bass and the intro to know it's gonna be an amazing release ! And that's it ! Bom Shankar, from Indoor, start with a nice and strong kick, accompanied with nice bassline. There's a kind of goa tune in background, and then comme the main melody : WAOUV ! A very nice melody, which one give a "dark" aspect to this track (Nothing to do with dark psytrance...). Then you got another melody, Im not going to give you the entire description of the song, just to say you, the melodies are very nice, fits very well with the kick & bass, the song got a nice structure, the intro is nice, the tune are also awesome....I personnaly think it's the best track of this compilation ! Radical Distortion - Asinar : A short intro and a powerfull kick for this track ! And it fast comes with melodies ! What to say about this song ? Well, there's some nice Melodies (haha you're going to tell me I've said it for every track but damn isn't that true ?!), and I like how some break are made. For example, at 4:14. Oh and I forgot about the bassline, wich is quite nice ! That's it, not an amazing but a good track ! S.U.N. Project - Out of my brain (Old school mix) : As this is an Old school Mix, I decided to listen to the original mix before review this one. So let's be honest : the original one is a nice psy-trance track (altought I consider it has a goa kick, the melody are more psytrance than goa). I've heard a lot of old school goa song remixed in psy-trance or progressive psy-trance, but i've rarely (to be honest never) heard the opposite. And that's what we got with this old school mix. So, it start with a nice kick and pretty simple but nice bassline. Than come the main tune, this guitar melody, which is very nice and change of the oriental-like melody used in the other song, but not very different of the original mix. Where it does change, it's how the melody is re-used in the other part of the song, it's very well used, the structure make it more goa-trance like, a nice work so. Only little thing : the damned melody starting at 4:36 !!! Guys, im Sorry to have to say that, but it sound like butchering an ostrich Except that, it's a good overall track, with good guitar tune. Liquid Flow - Subconscious Minds : A good track, with dynamic melody and strong kick. You know it sound a bit like those nitzhonot tune : it goes a bit "everywhere", but in this goa trance song, the melody are well compacted, I means they do fit with the structure of the track.To be honest, one of the reason why I bought the compil', is that I heard a preview of every track and the preview of this one just amazed me ! Laughing Skull - The Shine Side : A nice song, with deep and powerfull melodies ! The one starting at 3:46 is just amazing, the best of the entire album for me ! You can also hear a very short voice sample at end of the track, if I state it it's because there's very very few voice sample in this compilation ! There's a nice outro. A nice song overall, the second best one of the compilation for me ! Omnivox - Corona : I am a bit disappointed of this song. I find the first melody cheesy, however the other one are ok, it's just this first one, who come back several time in the song which doesn't sound great to me. There's a nice break in the middle/end of the track, then it slowly grow up and when you're at the top, here come a damned melody...Yes, this cheesy melody ! That's seriously the "black point" of this track, except that, it's an okey track ! At the end of the track this cheesy melody is even being better ! Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Classical Mix) : Here we go with last track of this compil' ! First of all, I like the introduction, slowly growing, but slowly being strong, with nice tune ! Well, this is a Classical Mix, I don't know what the "classical" stand for, I just saw that the original Mix was longer than this one, and had a different mastering, a longer intro...(To be honest I didn't listen to the entire original mix, I know this is a classic for goa trance, but excuse me there's so much to listen in the psychedelic trance!). So, to make it short, it's a very nice track, very soft, with those piano melodies, this pretty nice kick and this soft atmosphere ! It make me think a bit about "Jaia - Mai Mai", but in a different way ! As mai mai, it's very soft and relaxing, but there's no voice sample. So, a pretty nice track, which fit well for a compilation ending. Overall : Goa trance Revolution is a very good newschool goa trance compilation ! If you like newschool goa trance, I strongly recommend it, it has nice melodies ! If you're more an oldschool goa trance fan, I still recommend it, because you know, there's not much newschool goa trance compilation and this one is the perfect example of what newschool goa trance is ! To buy it : Bandcamp Discogs Suntrip
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