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Found 20 results

  1. Nervasystem - Quantum Audio Laboratory - E.P. Out now on Matsuri. 3 super deep psychedelic tracks. Hints of Goa, hints of future, hints of other......... Detailed sounds and stories for the connoisseurs. Check it out now. Thanks to Tsuyoshi and Hiroko @Matsuri Digital Mastered by Stooodio Mastering. Original Artwork by Oliver Barnett. Written and Produced by Nervasystem. 2022. https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/album/quantum-audio-laboratory The first Nervasystem release on Matsuri for 25 years ! More to come.....
  2. Full quality download: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/31305798/Pyc_-_Modulated_Modulation_(deep_prog_trance_mix)_[4k_48fps] Preview: Deep Prog Trance mix by Pyc. Broadcasted 20/Mar/2019 on Torrentech radio. Quality: 4K / 48 fps Download: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/31305798/Pyc_-_Modulated_Modulation_(deep_prog_trance_mix)_[4k_48fps] Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/xphorm/modulated-modulation/ Download: http://techno.vizio.biz/sessions/pyc_-_torrentech.org_session_142_deep_prog_trance.zip My tracks: http://www.soundcloud.com/pyc Netlabel: http://netlabel.torrentech.org Electronic music tracker: http://www.torrentech.org Essential Electronic Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHa85-1mizP4bDd7cZOkn6Q Visuals by Pyc. Enable subtitles if you want to see the track names. 01. Beatfarmer - Gone Beyond (Johny Pablo Remix) 02. Overdream - Radical Utopian 03. In'R'Voice - Polarity Wars (2018 Original Mix) 04. In'R'Voice - Shamanic Visions (2018 Original Mix) 05. Digby & Oliver - Human 06. Sensient - Immersion 07. Ryanosaurus - Afterglow 08. Sourone - Questions 09. Kliment - Breath Control 10. Mental Attack - Souls Stone 11. Melt - Zombie Shanty (Remix) 12. Kliment - Mental Storm 13. Zeamoon - Lemmelectro 14. Tystix - Volcanic Ash 15. Minimal Criminal - Reborn 16. Mental Attack - Beyond Mind 17. Radioactive.Cake - Neuroethics 18. Derzug - Nanoptere 19. Hypogeo - The Lamb Of Dog (The Greys Remix) 20. Flynt - Vikings In Japan 21. Magnetrixx - Flusensieb
  3. Lampé - Between The Worlds EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds059 Format: EP Released: January 2019 Master Lampé has come a long way, been traveling Between The Worlds, releasing on Soupherb and Phobos amongst other labels. His productions have hijacked many festival PAs last months, like Boom, Lost Theory or Wonderland and received massive support and feedback from DJs and dancers. So we at Digital Diamonds are very pleased to present you 2nd EP by Lampé on our label: Three progressive techno crackers that proof his sophisticated sound design and cinematic production skills. The cherry on the top is a crunching and stomping Joseph Disco remix of Crystal Cave, which is Joseph’s debut track on Digital Diamonds at the same time. All in all a dope EP - Listen and repeat! Get it: http://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds059
  4. Nicorus - Dust To Dust EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds054 Format: EP Released: April 2018 Four tracks, four artists: Nicorus and Sawatzki debut with a deep and hypnotic release on our imprint Digital Diamonds, including groovy remixes by Unique Repeat and Dexima. PREVIEWS & DOWNLOADS
  5. GRAB THIS ALBUM via Bandcamp: https://oceanstarempire.bandcamp.com/album/plasma-manifold The Portuguese-American-Israeli band return with a third full album continuing the story about the incredible journey across the stars of the generational starship convoy from the long forgotten Ocean Star Empire. Strange stories of a melancholic crossing of vast open space carefully crafted and balanced between a dance floor oriented experience and a deep narrative.The astral voyage continues amidst collapsing stars and rising nebulae, onward towards the furthest stars, along cosmic highways to unknown destinations. Touching on goa, techno, chillout, psytrance and progressive vibes this album has something for everyone into underground electronic music. Touch the past, reach the future! All tracks written and produced by Fernando Abreu (Message To Earth), Kyle Ramos (Bacchanalian Bass, Nuno Muacho (Nomad Moon), and Yaron and Oss Eshkar (Faxi Nadu). Track 7 remixed by Andre Edelslund (Alien Energy) and Yaron Eshkar. Track 9 remixed by Fernando Abreu. Mastering by: Ocean Star Empire Cover art by: Fernando Abreu Digital distribution at: Pure Chords
  6. Hello everyone! I present you my new psytrance track "Tribal Ceremony" It's focused on organic sounds and beautiful melodies while still being energetic. You can also download it for free! Tell me what do you think. https://youtu.be/iU39CK3mypc
  7. Hey guys, thought I'd share my first release "Nonlocality" with all you psy fans! Enjoy the vibes! https://ichomancer.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/ichomancer/sets/nonlocality https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL131QEaElzensntofTnvNMUkudvYgfmYF
  8. forest/ darkpsy mix -few forest tracks, but mainly deeper dark psychedelic set -inspired by life, psychedelic research and past lifes memories .-) -painting by myself, works as a tripreport :-) "Toward the end of their existence, the Atlanteans became greedier for more power, the operation of the Crystal was taken over by those of less spiritual fortitude, and the energies of the Great Crystal were tuned to higher and more destructive frequencies. Finally, the Crystal was tuned too high, activating volcanoes and melting mountains, ultimately causing the submergence of Atlantis, and perhaps even the axis shift of the Earth itself. Even as their home islands of Atlantis were sinking beneath the waves, the sons of Belial were still trying to use every means necessary to conquer and enslave the world. The innocuous sounding "electrical and mechanical appliances" actually indicates an extremely sinister agenda on the part of the sons of Belial: to turn everyone on earth into remote-controlled slaves, even from birth." - Edgar Cayce the "sleeping prophet" 148 154 BPM 320 kbps 77 min tracklist: 01 - BloodClot Multiverse 02 - Arjuna - Chemical Jungle 03 - Witch Freak - What's In The Pot 04 - Magic Seeds - Bubble and Squeek 05 - Cthulhu - Junkie Monkey 06- Cthulhu - Deep Submiter 07 - Parasect & Witch Freak - PriPROquo (Parasect Remix) 08 - Psychederic - Birds Of Paradise 09 - Parus Spiral Level 10 Khaos Sektor Hellworld 11 - Whrikk - Frying Saucer 12 - Distorted Forest - Deep Creep 13 - Altius - Organized Chaos 14 - Nazrael - Mayan Prophecy
  9. *FRESH*-> last tune up! Faxi Nadu - Perfectly Flawed ( Sun Station Records​ ) 9 The Dangling Thread Remix So happy to have our partner in Ocean Star Empire​ the one and only Mr. Nuno Muacho aka Nomad Moon​ on this album with this special collab remix to The Dangling Thread. Deep and melodic psychedelic techno. Drift with us far off into the eternal matrix of space-time... from our hearts withlove, see you on the next album!
  10. Hello! It has been very long time since I have posted anything in this forum... Sorry, have been idle about making music. Here's a fresh tune I have just made. Some minor changes coming to this one when I have time to make music again. Peace!!!
  11. Alright then! OUT! Ocean Star Empire - Stasis Yoga EP + PRODUCER EDITION with track stems! https://oceanstarempire.bandcamp.com/album/stasis-yoga-ep A deep meditative spiritual journey through a dramaticaly hypnotic landscape. The Stasis Yoga Experience contains four versions of the track. The original chillout mix, a grungy live trance mix, a polished studio trance mix and a deep drone ambient mix. In deep space, it is a daily struggle just to maintain sanity. Yoga and meditation play an important part in providing a clean and clear mind. #fresh #hypnotic #trance All tracks written and produced by Nuno Muacho (Nomad Moon) , Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband (Faxi Nadu) Illustration by: Yael Eshkar Graphic Design by: Fernando Abreu - Hood Art Tracks 1-2 mastered by Lee Owen-Taylor - AudioAddictz Records Tracks 3-4 mastered by Ocean Star Empire
  12. finally got to the point where we share this file! mixed album set of the new Ocean Star Empire when you grab this album on Bandcamp you get this set as an added downloadale bonus! tune in to this psychedelic space story https://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-ocean-star-empires-dots-on-maps-mixed-album-set-2015 grab the album: https://oceanstarempire.bandcamp.com/
  13. This is my favorite Ocean Star Empire and to me the best track I took part in! Featuring perfect mastering from Makus Overdream and also Manny Zagri with just the perfect dose of guitar goodness and tones, this monster track will take you on an epic space journey through a magical progression weeving the scenes. Available on our new album Dots On Maps! Show the looooove and grab your copy!! Grab the album here: https://oceanstarempire.bandcamp.com/
  14. OUT NOW: Ben Rama - School Of Hard Knocks EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds038 | Format: EP | Released: November 2014 Tracklist: A1 Emergent A2 Binary Iteration B1 Simulation B2 The Way Out Pads, distorted basslines, smart melodies and an extra deep atmosphere are the ingredients for this blasting EP by Ben Rama. Ben, already known for his EP "The Invisible Kingdom on Ektoplazm / Drumlore, went the school of hard knocks and the result is extraordinary! DOWNLOAD (WAV/MP3) ALSO AVAILABLE AND STILL FRESH: Daäna - Little Animals EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds037 Format: EP Released: October 2014 DOWNLOAD (WAV/MP3) Alic - Sliders EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds036 Format: EP Released: July 2014 DOWNLOAD (WAV/MP3) The full release catalogue is available here.
  15. FRESH straight from the oven - running track from daw to video, "The Dangling Thread". Ambitious attempt at harmonic-hypnotic trance by starting out from the very start with a 256 bar loop and then developing that.
  16. FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/turlitava-2 Since the first highly acclaimed Turlitava compilation was released in September 2011, Darko Kolevski, aka Anub1s, has worked very hard to create a worthy sequel. Now in 2013, Neogoa and Anub1s are again pushing the boundaries to give you a unique journey into the spheres of ambient and psychedelic chillout music. Turlitava 2 as a whole presents a diversity of styles that will guide you through different soundscapes and moods, and each track rewards the listener with clear and vivid storytelling. Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios, with artwork by iPsy at Neogoa Design. TRACK ONE: Small Mountain Written and produced by DIAMAT (GREECE) TRACK TWO: Lake Travel Written and produced by PATRICK ABOS and YOANNA NICOLA (FRANCE) TRACK THREE: Nymphaea Alba Written and produced by BJORN ALPHA (GREECE) Guitars by Panagiotis Mavrakis, Djembe by Charalampos Simianakis TRACK FOUR: Arising And Passing Away Written and produced by ALBERT SULTANOV (RUSSIA) TRACK FIVE: Beyond The Illusion Of Life Written and produced by JP ILLUSION and SONIC CRIME (GREECE) Co-produced with YECHIDAH (PORTUGAL) TRACK SIX: Tibetian Prayer Written and produced by ANTONIO SIMONOVSKI (MACEDONIA) TRACK SEVEN: Life Is Only A Dream Written and produced by KRISTIJAN PETKOVSKI (MACEDONIA) TRACK EIGHT: Cutscape Written and produced by IVAN UZDYAEV (RUSSIA) TRACK NINE Signals To Paradise (Chill Out Mix) Written and produced by ALEX LYTVYN (CANADA) TRACK TEN: If The Sky Written and produced by SVEN FOLKERTS (NETHERLANDS)
  17. Illume -Illusive Pusle 01 - Another Verse (135 BPM) 02 - Madness (136 BPM) 03 - Illusive Pulse (132 BPM) Check out this awesome release from one of australia's most promising new artists! http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/illume-illusive-pulse
  18. https://soundcloud.com/equinoxrecordings/bnk-deeper-into-rlyeh * deeper into the R'lyeh * 02/01/2013 * forest WILDNESS!! * 61:00 * 320 kbps * 139 mb * 2x cdj100, nuo ecler 2.0 * gu, arjuna, atriohm, biosynthesis, petran, encephalopaticys, drury nevil, yara, darkshire, farebi jalebi, terratech, looney * junkiepunkey@gmail.com i've also increase download limit to previous nightime mix, here's the link : http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/64419-bnk-crazy-math-business-summer-2012-funkadelic/ enjoy ! :-))
  19. Graviton is proud to present MECHANICAL LIFEFORM, deep ambient EP made by talented producer Tore Mortensen from Denmark. Tore production skills varies to several ranges, creating mostly positive music with warm feelings, with great groovy and optimistic sounds, he manages to create music with a unique touch, with uplifting moods. But his range follows also more downside paths with reflective and contemplative music. Since the early releases Tore has been faithfull to his unique style, but always pushing new boundaries and experimentations, and the result is the wide spectrum of styles since pure chillout, to more ambient tunes, from psychill passing through chillgressive to even progressive music. Mastering by Igor Ceranic at Deimos Soundlabs with artwork by Ivan Paric at Neogoa Design. Artist: Erot Album: Mechanical Lifeform EP Label: Graviton Records Style: Ambient, Deep Tracklist: 01 - Mechanical Lifeform (05:20) 02 - My Life In A Box (07:42) 03 - Soulsearch (07:12) 04 - Are We Alone? (06:44) MP3/WAW/FLAC: http://neogoa.bandcamp.com/album/mechanical-lifeform-ep CDr's coming during September on Kunaki webshop. SAMPLES: http://soundcloud.co...anical-lifeform For more informations and music, please visit us: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/gravitonrec Website - http://www.gravitonrecords.co.cc Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/graviton-records YouTube - http://www.youtube.c...gravitonrecords Google+ - http://plus.google.c...14112461060602/
  20. Griboz Project - Deep consciousness [LUARCD024] Artist: Griboz Project Release: Deep consciousness Genre: DarkPsy Label: Lua Records Catalog N: LUARCD024 Release Date: 25/04/2012 Format: CD & Download UPC: 932342 999783 About the Artists: Griboz Project real name is Andrey Konkov from Russia. The Griboz project arise in 2004. As a DJ Griboz AKA Andrey, played in many private and free parties. Simultaneously Griboz keep learning the possibilities of programs as, FL Studio and Nuendo. The last 4 years, Griboz have found the dark psy trance and since then, didn't stop to produce this style of music as he has developed amazing musical skills. During the time Griboz has been played in many party's and open air festivals as: Water Wave 2005, Club Evropa-Asia 2007, Estakada Russia, Moscow 2007, Prospect Club 2005-2007, Kerling Club (Ice Planet) 2006, Club Persona Grata 2009, open air DEEP FOREST Moscow'2009 About the Release: Deep consciousness release is full of driving sounds and deep bass lines. Dark and deep with a strong floating feel, the artist show how much his work has evolute and how it is dominating all the aspects of music production. Low beats and strong emotions will be filled with psychedelic sounds to make you dance or only travel inside of your mind... Try it Tracklist: 1) Griboz Project - dance of the fairies 154 bpm 2) Griboz Project - Vargan's trip 150 bpm 3) Griboz Project - magic virus 150 bpm 4) Griboz Project - deep consciousness 148 bpm 5) Griboz Project - purgatory of souls 150 bpm 6) Griboz Project - the time has come 150 bpm 7) Griboz Project - decomposition into parts 150 bpm 8) Griboz Project - UFO invasion in brain 150 bpm 9) Griboz Project - syndrome as sleepwalking 175 bpm Listen samples online: http://www.lua-recor...promo-page.html Booking Artist: griboz.project@gmail.com http://www.myspace.com/gribozproject https://www.facebook...100001942164153 W&P by: Griboz Project AKA Andrey Konkov Graphic Art by: Andrey Konkov Mastered by: Alienature @ LUAR Studio (UK/Portugal) http://www.trancemoon.com http://www.lua-records.com Publish by: Lua Records (UK) http://www.lua-records.com Buy CD: Lua Records Store http://www.lua-records.com/shop-1.html Download: Trance Moon Download Store http://download.tran...ce/4276319.html Other Download Stores: Beatport / Audiojelly / Trackitdown / JunoDownloads / etc...
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