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  1. Cant find a good sound for your kick and bass? There you go, a small sample pack with 3 different Kicks, Bass for every note (including pitch bend effect) and a "Bass Massive Preset"! (Including FXs)! Preview Link: https://soundcloud.com/alternativepsy/alternatives-bassline-tool
  2. Wow, the search is over 10 jears old... ^^ Do you mean "Björn Wilke - are you ready Ralph" Hablando Records in 2004??? You will find it on YouTube! I think there is another Track uses this samples by "Prince of Denmark" but the other one sounds more like the one you are searching for. I remember there was a realy good Remix on my Harddrive...
  3. clunk


    Perhaps a bit late but here you go :-) Parasense - Paranoiahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nauk4FfvwHA&list=PL821E91417A30BE9C
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