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Found 12 results

  1. Yes, after a decade of peace & quiet, 'Erta Alé' will be back: a psychedelic eruption is near, to celebrate its 10 year birthday!!! As the banner below implies, we are happy to accept your promo's & demo's, and listen what you've got to offer us
  2. This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome Polish Goa trance producers Artha and Devi Divine who will be spinning your minds with their psychedelic goodness. Enjoy! Listen to the show: ARTHA [Cronomi Recs] PL Artha's project is led by Michał "Timer" Bączek, born on October 27, 1979, a talented inhabitant of Malbork. He derives his roots from the Goa current, which can be heard clearly especially in his first productions. He came into contact with electronic music as a child, listening to artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis. Through electronics, techno and trance he made his way to psychedelic trance listening to Hallucinogen's album "Twisted". This was his start in psychedelic sounds: Hallucinogen, S.U.N. Project, Space Tribe, Pleiadians. Artha has been making music for a good twenty or so years, his productions date back to 1996. He started writing Psytrance as soon as he came across this genre, because he was always into trance. However, He prefers the Goa trance genre, loves melodies, according to him it is the part that is significant and capable of falling into the listener's memory, therefore he places more emphasis on this part. Some of his works were inspired by the works of Hallucinogen, who inspires Artha to this day. Artha debuted in May 2005. It was then that, thanks to Dark Life Records, the Polish compilation entitled "Theory of Madness" was released, featuring Artha's track "Virus". Label | Soundcloud | Ektoplazm | Discogs | Info DEVI DIVINE [1.2 Trip Recs] PL Magdalena Kurdziel a'ka Devi Divine - a young producer from south of Poland. She started dealing with music in 2018 and released the first EP two years later with 12 Trip Records, titled "Astral Plane". On her account she also has two compilations with Time Warp Records "The Call of Goa vol."4 "and on the compilation" Polska Scena vol 1 "from the Be Psychedelic group. She has already performed in her country several times. Her work is energetic and dynamic. The songs are very melodic to fully express the artistic message. The music she creates is a mix of old school classical Goa trance style with a completely new and fresh energy. Track List Played 01. Devi Divine - The Turth Of Life (Unreleased) 02. Devi Divine - Samsara (Unreleased) 03. Devi Divine - Wenus (Unreleased) 04. Devi Divine - The Power Of Shakti (Unreleased) 05. Devi Divine - Hallucinations (1.2. Trip Recs) 06. Infected Mushroom - Psycho (Devi Divine Rmx) 07. Devi Divine - Spiritual Experience (Unreleased) 08. Devi Divine - Hidden Dimension (Unreleased) 09. Devi Divine - Spiral Path (Timewarp Recs) 10. Devi Divine - Astral Plane (1.2. Trip Recs) Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud Thanks for listening... Spread the LoVe ENJOY!
  3. The time has come... Dear fans, it is with great pleasure we @ cronomi present to you the enhanced edition of Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond) by UX / Ultimate Xperience!! Get it here: Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond) Enjoy the music, let us know what you think and keep it psychedelic! The next text explains why you should get this gem Written by 'Grodon' (dj Clone - Cronomi - Canada). Few names in the psychedelic genre remain synonymous with the original purpose of the movement the way that UX has—to continually break new ground and push the boundaries of our perception to experience music in new and fascinating ways. A pioneer of the industrial-influenced psychedelic sound, UX brings to mind powerfully dark and immersive, psyber gothic and mechanical soundscapes which never fail to sanctify and free the temple of the mind. Cronomi records is honoured with the opportunity to bring you Aud‡ssey (Live & Beyond), UX’s magnum opus—a brilliant selection of 8 storming classics, expertly revisited and performed live as you have never heard them before. The original songs include collaborations between Kris Kylven (Odds, Syb Unity Nettwerk Experience, Element Over Nature, EON Project, Cyberkrist, The Dark Prince), Pete Martin (Slide), and Chris Conklin (Stripper, Lumen). As the only remaining member of UX, Kris Kylven revisited each song, remixing and updating them with expert precision and cinematic quality. Each powerful piece recorded during performances in Finland, Ukraine, Greece, Slovenia, and Israel has also been mastered with startling clarity and depth by none other than Tim Schuldt. For this release it is only fitting that it be accompanied by stunningly executed graphics and imagery from those live performances—a perfect piece of goa trance history (or future?) for any collector! Play it loud, move your feet and lose yourself in the Ultimate Xperience.
  4. Tracklist: 01 - A Way To Regret 02 - Monkeys (Extended Remix) 03 - Theory Of The Ghost 04 - El.Es.Di 05 - Mahabaratha (Live Version) 06 - Dream Telepathy 07 - Secret Trip 08 - Flutes The long awaited new Artha album – Dream Telepathy is almost here (at least I can enjoy it before it’s officialy released by Cronomi Records since I recieved the FLAC files thanks to Ward and kind folks at Cronomi Records, so I feel obligated to throw out few honest words about this one. It’s not a secret I’ve been a huge fan of this kind of Goa trance music for a while and Artha is one of the artists that I always play and enjoy. Even the promotion has been a little bit obscure (especially because we’re dealing here with one of the most creative and innovative Goa trance producers in last decade), all true Goa-heads who are into this so-called new breed Goa-wormhole for more than few years, are familiar with the fact that Michał Bączek is making his second full-lenght album, especially after highly respected and acclaimed back-to-back releases – Fluori Dorby and Influencing Dreams (both released on his mother-label Cronomi Records). When it comes to Artha music and sound in general, there is no universal consensus, most of the time, people who are stuck into dreamy (or how I like to call it ‘Astral Projection-influenced‘ Goa, tend to bash or more politley criticise his sound, production or mastering, but still they somehow admire the unique approach and creative input, even it’s not full-blown melodic Goa trance chaos. In simple words, it’s Artha, or to be daringly honest if I may – a totally new level of Hallucinogen, just made in wrong times where the new level of Goa generation tends to forget how much Simon contributed with his solo project. Yes, it’ might be wrong to compare such heavyweight with Artha, but as a reviewer I have to point out that music on Dream Telepathy still sounds innovative, creative and technically almost flawless (and let’s not forget the six year-long gap between this and his last album. That being said, new album ‘Dream Telepathy’ comes with 8 new tracks (excluding the reworked version of legendary Maharabathara track) and over 70 music of trippy, but very likable Goa trance music. On the first listen, sound geeks might notice that audio-image of this album is slightly different than it’s processor, with more accent on the tiny details, passages in arrangement and FX moments which Dream Telepathy has a lot to offer. A family member of Cronomi crew, Mario, or to some of you better known as M-Run put a lot of effort to make this album sound more organic and less raw / kick-friendly. Still, it has to be previewed on bigger and better PA to understand this improvement a little bit better, but it’s just one of thoose details every fan of good sounding Goa music will know how to appriciate and in my humble opinion Mario did a great job here (but, it’s also a matter of taste and I’m sure many of you will prefer the Colin‘s mastering from the first album). So, the music? It sounds like Artha, perhaps a little bit more minimal with more focus on arrangement/technical parts, but still it doesn’t suffer of being chessy in terms of melody or, God forbid ‘trying so hard’ to sound too Goa with cheap oriental melodies. I’ll tell you a secret – it’s not how Michał or Cronomi roll. However, I feel that at some point, this release feels a bit rushed out, even it has it’s moments of brilliance and uniqueness and tracks such ‘El Es Di’ or ‘Secret Trip’ are proper gems and one of the reasons why this release might end up in all major ‘best of’ selections at the end of the year – when it comes to Goa trance music in 2016. Of course, you can’t except that whole album sounds unique from start to finish, but thoose tiny (as I called it ‘rushed out’) moments won’t spoil your enjoyment and I’m sure many of you are not nit-picking as much as I do. Personally, it’s hard for me to review each track, since all of them got a lot to offer – for example the opening track A Way To Target is already much more interesting than Dubber Nubber from his previous album, the revisited Maharabathara version will make you dance and my personal highlights such as El Es Di (duh, it’s LSD), and Secret Trip will probably please your aural sensors. Also, don’t miss relaxed Flutes (with some nice native Slavic themes appearing there for a breif moment) and technoid Theory Of The Ghost, perfect for all early 2000’s Goa astronauts – thoose tracks will become a true classics in the near future, I’m sure. Conclusion: In the end, Dream Telepathy gives enough of time to rejoice and deep within yourself invoke the feeling that Goa trance music is still alive indeed, without being scared of yet another 2 or 3 years period with mostly ultra melodic Goa music. If it makes sense, Cronomi knows very well how to distract the monopoly of melodic releases on this scene by offering enough of melody on their releases but without taking the fluffy-road. Dream Telepathy will require a lot of listens and patience since it's one of thoose albums where you have to devote a lot of time, but when it sinks in, you will be grateful. Being in the making for last 6 years, Artha and Cronomi will deliver proper Artha sound with couple of new moments of excitment and joy, but make sure to avoid hype, especially after reading this review because sometimes it becomes natural and easy to feel dissapointment with some minor things, even complete picture (or in this case this release) looks and feels good. If you enjoyed the previous Artha music, I'm sure this one will become your 2016 favorite. After this release, we have to give kudos to Michał and growing Polish Goa scene (with PsySutra and JaraLuca already released a bunch of material) Poland is becoming a nice incubator for talented and creative artists with healthy Goa-trance scene. Dream Telepathy also comes with wonderful Psara's artwork desing that once again cleverly avoids Goa clichés and offers interesting visuals and M-Run's gently, but very respectable mastering. Music & idea - 93% Sound & production - 83% Artwork & visuals - 81% Overall Score - 86% For more informations about this release, please visit official Cronomi Records website. Written by Richpa. Review and poll can be found here: http://www.neogoa.net/dream-telepathy-review/
  5. Artist: M-Run Title: Some Run Just For Fun Label: Cronomi Records Date: October, 2012 1. Return To Yourself 2. Ethereal Resonator 3. Cognitive Disorder 4. Custodian 5. Galactic Hunt Part II 6. Abduction Phenomena 7. Alien Brain Train 8. Twin Sister Some run just for fun. Whatever. Those people are crazy. Even in my twenties when I was a sprinter it wasn't cause it was fun. It was because I wanted to beat you. Because I wanted you to think you had a shot at beating me only to watch your face fall when I kicked in that extra gear. Or because in my thirties I wanted to make the crowd do a double take because there was no way that I should've been able to reach that long frisbee throw. Dickish I know. I don't have to be the fastest Robin. Just faster than you. But for fun? Nope. Don't get it. You know who gets it? Cronomi. This label while not as prolific as Suntrip has released some absolute crackers in the genre. The Portal by Portamento and the Erta Ale compilation were outstanding. So here they go again with a limited release by M-Run ( Mario Matakovich) who only released two tracks (Goat Man and Kapala) and that was on Erta Ale. Obviously from the less is more school, he understands you give the public a taste so that they will keep coming back for more. Got news for you. You make music like this I will be at your doorstep. Return To Yourself- "These are the victims of psychotic behavior." That kick makes me want to hit the heavy bag. Not you ma'am. Ok, you. It's got some funky disco swagger that is infectious. What I really like is that the melodies are not the usual twisting spirals, but something wholly original. Take the chopped up bit...genius. There are plenty of twists to keep things fresher than cucumbers in my crisper. Even the cuckoo sample brings the tribal funk. How the f*ck did you work that in there? Outstanding. And that was just a taste. Ethereal Resonator- Now you may be asking yourself how do you follow that up and the answer is with more funky rhythms and ripping leads. Attitude heavy goa trance with continued evolution that never seems to break stride. It's like the master of disguise up in here. Funky, melodic, and not afraid to challenge you in the slightest. Cognitive Disorder- Crazy motherf*cker. Has he even broken 140 bpm's yet? More funkadelia rolls over you in waves and I'm sitting here with my mouth wide open. The sample is annoying, but only because it's so long otherwise it worked for me. Do you think he knew because he came out of it swinging like a black chick after you called her a bitch. "Holy sh*t, white people hide! The hulk is loose!" Custodian- It's outer space goa with a bouncy vibe and a wicked lead melody. Face meet huge sh*t eating grin. Edgy sounds with layers that seem too good to be true and I'm only 4 minutes in! Oh...can I get a little soul clap? This is another awesome piece of music that throws multiple punch combinations. Over here being a custodian, while honest hard work, isn't the most glamorous mode d'emploi. But if it were like this... Galactic Hunt Part II- Where was the first part? This is 9 and a half minutes of pure madness. The middle is the calmest portion of this CD and I guess the break, but it still doesn't stop. He lets it run to allow you to get caught up. When he finally gets to the break it's alien and liquid at the same time. Part Syb Unity Nettwerk and part Merr0w. Abduction Phenomena- 1o minutes. 10 minutes of joy. He lays down a rhythm and syncs the bass with rapid fire melodies and eerie effects. It has some old school feel as well as some slight nitzho appeal. There are just so many changes that it's impossible to get bored with this. Alien Brain Train- Love the way he offers numerous melodic "snippets" in layers with this one. There is a lot going on and it's full of motion. Maybe this is what it's like running through space like that guy in the funny underpants on the cover. The undercurrent of...unease is palpable and at the same time it's very twirl friendly. What a journey! Yeah that happened when I hit play... Twin Sister- With an industrial opening and some more heavy percussive bass it doesn't even feel like goa trance until he slides those melodies in you like a suede condom. Alien vocalizations and cauldrons a bubbling make me hug the blanket a little tighter and the little melody at 4 minutes brings it all together. Power, atmosphere...this is music to soothe the savage beast. Wait...soothing is not the right word. Poking with a sharp stick, yeah that's it. "Hey! Hey Frosted Flakes! Quit making fun of the Asians! Hate that tiger." I wanna have sex with this CD. Straight up sweaty monkey love with all the dirty talk. Is that wrong? Do I now have to register as a sex offender. Worth it. (Psssttt...no it's not.) For me this is so mind blowingly different than anything else out there. Huge beats remind you that it's cool to dance and melodies that just don't scramble up and down the scale. It can be rough like Sky Input and it's always in your face. He takes goa to a place it hasn't gone exploring all the dirty areas goa trance producers are won't to travel. I recently reviewed the stellar Mindsphere Patience For Heaven calling it one of the best new school releases ever. I stand by that. Good thing there is always room for great music at the top. This is right up there but for different reasons. Where PFH was lush and beautiful storytelling on a grand scale this is the most psychedelic goa trance experience I have ever had. Highly evolving originality throughout the whole album. The tracks are long and chock full of everything you could want in goa trance. M-Run, Mindsphere, E-Mantra, Artifact303, Portamento, Crossing Mind, Artha, Afgin, Sky Technology, Somnesia, Space Elves...it's good to like goa trance these days. Cronomi Web Shop Mdk
  6. Psysutra - Gamma Phoenicis Cronomi Records, 2014 1. Planet Of Illusions 2. Acid Rush 3. Air Trance Corporation 4. United States Of Mind 5. Lost Universe 6. JetMan - Female Animals (Psysutra's Male Perspective Mix) 7. Postcard From Goa We Poles are not lucky when it comes to the political class and many other things, but we cannot be denied an exceptionally strong and individualized group of psy-artists. In contrast to many other countries (let's stick to the obvious example of Israel and its large group of disposable musical clones) we can boast of a team of people, where each and every one of them developed his own easily recognizable style. Thus I will smell Artha's tracks from a mile, then there is this specific vibe of TLG etc. Things are no different with Psysutrą, one of the new wave of young artists who, along with his music, is also an autonomous being on our psychedelic map. After many hardships Łukasz finally lived to see the release of his debut album under the Cronomi Records banner, a label that focuses on new talents in the field of goa trance. The label definitely stands out from the crowd, which in this case is only an advantage. In the end, why repeat the theme of sweet, ultra-melodic goa over and over again, when this music has so many faces? Psysutra thought the same, providing a record full of different shades of old school and strongly acidic psytrance under the goa banner. After listening to all tracks a lot I found out that actually I have nothing to bitch about. The sonic design of tracks is great. Łukasz easily takes anachronistic ideas and themes of the past and showers them with new layouts, owing to which we end up with seven intense landscapes from the land of goa trance. A land, let us add, that has many names. The tracks are not monotonous and there is always something going on, a thing one cannot say about many other productions of this type. In the field of creativity Psysutra leaves the competition far behind thanks to his lively ideas. Various trance artists of all latitudes flood us with their music, which technically is great, it has the punch, but as far as ideas are concerned it is presented in a bland and flat way. Their main idea is to move the crowds on the dancefloor, as well as to wiggle the playing person's index finger - and that's all. Luke has not forgotten an important element of juicyness, color-play, oldschool audio-corridors and sharp, almost three-dimensional acids in opposition to foreign cookie-cutter, over-produced boredom fest, seasoned here and there with a touch of catchy sound to break the routine. Another advantage of the album is the length of the tracks, specifically four of them: "Planet Of Illusions", "Air Trance Corporation", a remix of "Female Animals" and "Postcard From Goa" all oscillate around an impressive time of 11-12 minutes. Works for me. I've always been of the opinion that with such time at one's disposal one can build and communicate a coherent story. The album starts with the high-octane acid cyberpiece "Planet Of Illusions", which is a proverbial bullseye when it comes to this track being the opening one on this CD. The chameleon-like "Acid Rush" highlights just how far the music of Psysutra is from his milder colleagues from Suntrip Records. The more uplifting and cheerful "Air Trance Corporation" will serve as a proper musical tool for many open air parties during the more oldschool-oriented moments. The banging "United States Of Mind" with its batch of distinctive acids smells of old Transient Records compilations, which is only a good thing. A bit playful and laidback atmosphere is introduces by "Lost Universe", a track aimed at early morning hours of outdoor frolicking. Track number six is Psysutra's take on a tune by my colleague JetMan from Psytrance.pl. This mesmerizing track with Posford-like qualities spread over circa 11 minutes is certainly an interesting tune aimed not only at trancefloor workout, but also suitable for elemental breakdown at home. It is worth looking up the original version at SoundCloud to compare it with the version created by Psysutra. At the end we will not fall asleep with a "let's throw in a chillout lullaby at the end" routine done by so many, because the last track is also psytrance, albeit a bit calmer than its predecessors. This is achieved by a flowing, slightly magical atmosphere illustrated by the sound of the flute, which given an impression as if good ol' grampa Raja Ram is sitting somewhere in the background. It is impossible not to mention about the colorful design adorning the album's cover. I send words of appreciation towards Psara (a Portuguese DJane named Sara Constance), who interestingly underlined the album's musical atmosphere with her butterfly-wings-on-acid graphics. Given that it is the seventh release by Cronomi Records, the CD itself is marked with a cheeky nod to James Bond movies ("My name is Wu, Łukasz Wu. CronomiCD007 Licence to Dance!"). Speaking about the cover, despite a musically and graphically strong album, it fell victim to minor editorial mishaps associated with evident laziness at Cronomi Records. I'm saying here about the typos on the album's back cover. However, looking back at the history of trance releases and cases of this kind, one needs to admit that if this is the only flaw of "Gamma Phoenicis", the album is really good. The father of "Gamma Phoenicis" can be proud of his child. Through its spontaneity and inventiveness the album has a good chance not to get lost in the crowd of goa-productions of modern times, which at the time of them coming to life are prone to anonymity. This album is recommended both for someone who plowed through a whole lot of albums, as well as for those who just put their first baby steps in the psytrance realm. TLG and Space Element: your turn. https://shop.cronomi.com/?page_id=571 http://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/psysutra-gamma-phoenicis http://nobient.pl/index.php?products=product&prod_id=2717
  7. Artist: New Born Title: Nothing But A Title Label: Cronomi Records Date: September, 2015 Disc One 1. Circus Is Open 2. Omen 3. Universal Bus 4. A Sleeper's Guide 5. Playing Games 6. Something With Stuff 7. Sun Worshipper 8. Far From Home 9. Going Somewhere Else 10. Nothing But A Title Disc Two 1. For It's Own Sake 2. Ineffaceable Moments 3. Birds Of Imagination 4. Fish 5. Staring Into The Abyss 6. Touch Nothing 7. Healing Process (Last Of The Star Makers) 8. Gentle Perfection 9. The New World 10. These Yellow Eyes 11. Ancient Piano Melody "I'm gonna do the best I can do and that's gonna have to be good enough for all of you!" Girl you look stressed. I can relate. That's how I feel about reviewing 2 CD albums. On the one hand I'm excited like a kid on Christmas cause the possibility of aural gems doubles with another disc. But...the other hand is a slap in the face cause you gotta find time to digest two discs worth of material. People are depending on me out there, I can't half ass it. So I'm always slow on the double albums. Do you know I have yet....have yet to listen (not review) just listen to Mind Rewind 1 or 2? Can you believe that sh*t? Just sitting in a drawer. Pleaidians? Please, get in f*cking line. So Cronomi is a label that doesn't put out a lot of stuff, but the music they do release is usually pretty good. M-Run, Portamento, and the Erta Ale compilation are wonderful and that's the kind of stuff I expect from them now. No going back, when you set the bar high you don't try and run under it. So their latest is a 2-CD album from obscure producer New Born (Tom Rarin) who has made a few compilation appearances as well as a couple EP's. Not exactly a big footprint so this release is either ambitious or he had a lot of pent up music that needed to get out there. Either way I've spent the entire day listening to this. And I mean entire. Circus Is Open- Who doesn't love the circus? Peta. Peta doesn't love the circus, buncha vegan, tree huggin, humus nazis! Actually my four year old was kinda freaked out when we took him. Elephants and sh*t. This is a nice, bouncy opener in a kind of Principles of Flight does goa. Omen- This felt longer than it was. But not in a Tuesday at the office will lunch ever get here kinda way. Goa trance that was very exploratory in nature with frequent changes Not bad. Universal Bus- The first of a few blistering goa tracks. Eleven and a half minutes of pure power music. I'll get on this f*cking bus. A Sleeper's Guide- Psytrance with a nice guitar crunch until the last bit where it becomes a rollicking good goa track. Made me double take in a good way, like when you see hot teacher. Makes you smile. Playing Games- is most certainly not playing games and is the second scorcher on this album. This guy seems to know what he's doing. He's got a good command of the ebb and flow of a track. Something With Stuff- He keeps it old school with that screeching lead and it is a nimble little thing! It's a constant pumping sound that takes no breaks. Great stuff! Sun Worshipper- Yeah I'll be rocking this one for a while. A long while. Blistering track number three that just piles on. Far From Home- He goes darker with that rumbling bass line and a little less bombastic. I sense a shift. The extended break promises a brighter day. Going Somewhere Else- Yep we're a little happier now as he drew back the curtains and let some light into this dungeon you call an apartment. Geez, would it kill you to use a little Febreeze every now and then? Another track that resides just on the edge of f*ck you up. Nothing But A Title- Last track of this impressive fist disc is a slinky bit of nastiness. Mid tempo and very atmospheric. Pretty pleased with that. Now on to the 2nd disc... For It's Own Sake- Another intro that's nods slightly towards that POF sound. Ineffaceable Moments- I don't think that's a word. This track sounds like a continuation of the intro with its eerie standoffishness. Like wandering through an old, unfamiliar castle. Not goa per se, but more minimal. Birds of Imagination- Still eerie, but he returned to his goa ways. It's not as lush or powerful as the goodies from the first disc yet it's not bad. Fish- Why are they naked? And where the hell are their fingers and opposable thumb? I love fish. They're delicious! And this track is another good one that would seem more at home on the first disc. Staring Into The Abyss- Ambient Interlude. Very science fiction-y Touch Nothing- Annnnnnd we're back to the filler psytrance stuff. Healing Process (Last of the Star Makers)- Mild goa trance with some Space Tribe acid washes. Gentle Perfection- There ain't nothing gentle about this bruising monster! It's another that escaped from the first disc and rolls over you in waves. The New World- Pretty good goa. Wasn't crazy about the main lead though. These Yellow Eyes- Creeping me out dude. No, no, you just...ah, you just stay over there. I'm good. Another good goa track that has a gentle beginning before it starts erupting. Ancient Piano Melody- and the outro continues its creepiness. It sounds as if it should be a happy, ambient melody, but something about it...makes me feel as if it is a ruse. First off let me say that this is not a melodic, door busting, bomb where each track attempts to outdo the previous one. So get your expectations right. There are numerous tracks here that will rock you, and that soar with the best of them, but he takes goa trance in a lot of directions. The promo says to approach this with an open mind and that's good advice. In our world of instant gratification this may be difficult for some to swallow. Find the patience and give it the time it deserves and the rewards will be handsome. Second, the music is complex with melodies intertwining and new ideas springing forth within the tracks. The transitions are smooth and interesting and take the road less traveled when it comes to the current sound of today's goa trance. I like the first disc better, but that's just me. The second one seemed less...accessible let me say. It's softer almost a goa trance lite yet still with that sense of wariness. Notwithstanding this should be in your collection. Good job Tom and keep on doing what you do Cronomi. Cronomi Bandcamp
  8. ACTS COLOR BOX (Cronomi Rec. - Denmark) COLOR BOX will play 1st time in 10 years a reünion concert: both brothers "Kenneth" & "René" will play together their project!!! https://www.youtube.com/embed/FvgL3bWUv6k BYPASS UNIT (Cronomi Rec. - Denmark) https://www.youtube.com/embed/uQNqxoaC4T ARTHA (Cronomi Rec. - Poland) https://www.youtube.com/embed/aSPR1kYz9uY FUTURE PROPHECY (Retro set - Israël) https://www.youtube.com/embed/wKNgVVKK8P4 DJ's Inada (Manager Cronomi Rec. - Belgium) https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada Magnetic vs. Bitonx (Cronomi Rec. vs. Hagigoa) Aviel Malol (Retro set) Yoshnoa (Retro set) Uniqe (Retro set) Eran Porat (Retro set) CRONOMI RECORDS site http://www.cronomi.com
  9. Hey guys, Hello everyone! I'm Psara aka Sara Constança, from Cronomi and Suntrip, and this is the first time I write a post in Psynews. I usually don't post my sets in other then Mixcloud and then Facebook, but since this is a very special set with mostly unreleased music, I thought you all would deem this a very interesting share. It's not a good quality one though, the set was uploaded to Mixcloud with lousy MP3 and it's in the low bite rate of 160kpbs. It cannot be shared any other way so please don't ask for download, it's unreleased music! On the 1st of October, 2013, Psara was invited to join Cronomi Records as a label DJ. By then DJ Inada, the Cronomi Records manager, asked Psara to make a set with some Cronomi tracks for the label, but Psara had another thing in mind: the creation of a huge Goa Trance psychedelic story line with only Cronomi music. So it was set in stone that the mix would be recorded at the Old School Gathering, a festival put up by the Goadelic Freaks Movement every year since 2010 in the mountains of central Portugal, and it was going to be a Cronomi Tribute special DJ set. OSG being without a doubt the most significant Goa Trance venue in our country. Eight months later with the help and effort of Cronomi artists, M-Run, Artha, New Born and Psysutra — with full support from Inada — Psara had accumulated enough unreleased music to create a well-built mix for a sunrise morning set. Not only this is just Cronomi music but it also is all unreleased music from Cronomi Records. A very special set to represent both Psara and Cronomi, showcasing some of the best Goa Trance being created today. From 6am still dark passing through the full shine sunrise at about 7am, this morning set ends a bit past 9.30am. Three hours and a half of totally new and awesome unreleased music! | MIxed on CDJs and recorded live with a Tascam DR40 (classic style Goa Trance mixing) | All cover and logo design by Sara Constança aka Psara * All tracks are unreleased except the intro, the first and the third tracks, and then one in the middle. The set is at MP3 160kbps so this is no good to rip. Please care for the artists and label _/\_ This is for Mixcloud only! Or another Psara set. The released tracks are: [intro] Balance by OCO [1st track] Orang-U-Tangent by Planet BEN [3rd track] Maroon by Color Box [half way in] Postcards From Goa by Psysutra (very recent release!) ** All tracks are Cronomi except the intro and the 1st one. Link to Mixcloud here! inJoy _/\_ L&L
  10. Dragon Twins - The Acid Man This one is a more melodic, but still acidic track from me - released last year on Cronomi's "If I Wasn't Human, I'd Be A Trance Track". I basically used only 4 synths per lead/bass: the x0xb0x, MS-20, Polysix and SH-201, plus my drumsequencer X-Base 09. All the distortion is good ol' Mackie table distortion, or things running through the MS-20 filters. You can listen to the unmastered version on soundcloud, or listen to it full power and get it at http://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/various-artists-if-i-wasnt-human-id-be-a-trance-track. Cheers! https://soundcloud.com/djunasaurus/dragon-twins-the-acid-man
  11. Cronomi Records is very proud to present its next full length album: “PSYSUTRA- GAMMA PHOENICIS”. Who is better to describe the creative process than the artist himself? In his own words: “It has been a delight to work on this for 6 years. Listen, enjoy and… see you on the dance floor.” A short and powerful description, isn’t it? But you’ll hear what he means when you have obtained this gem. Psysutra will take you on a melodic and acidic journey filled with melancholic atmospheres. Never boring: The tracks are long and complex stories that are made for listening, trancing and dancing! http://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/psysutra-gamma-phoenicis https://shop.cronomi.com/?page_id=571
  12. VA - If I Wasn't Human, I'd Be A Trance Track" Finally: "Here it is guys!!!! Yes, yes!!!!!!!" The new Cronomi rec. compilation is pressed and sent to us. All info and samples (for pre-order) available - see below. "INFO" Didn't you never think: “What if I wasn’t human, what would I be?” Let us answer you that question! “A trance track” Life is, in what form it might appear, a flow of ever changing melodies & complexities. This new “Cronomi rec.” CD (compiled by “dj Inada”) guides you trough this melodic, psychedelic & complex journey: and it’s full of wonders! “Welcome to the psychedelic world of your inner self: We are trance!” "Samples" Samples & pre-order @ https://shop.cronomi.com/?page_id=535 Bandcamp (digital) @ https://cronomi.bandcamp.com 1. Intro Lyrics by Alan Watts 2. New Born – Unidentified Written and produced by Tom Rarin 3. Temporal – Flying In A Trance Written and produced by Anatoly Vasilchenko 4. Portamento – Flying & Falling Written and produced by Jesper Hahn 5. Psysutra – Free And Independend Written and produced by Lucasz Wiacek 6. Artha – Faith Written and produced by Michal Baczek 7. Dragon Twins – The Acid Man Written and produced by Mathias Pico 8. Vila Nova – Genesis Written and produced by Kobi Yakov Grabski 9. M-Run – Spirit Implosion Written and produced by Mario Matakovic
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