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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: New Born Title: Nothing But A Title Label: Cronomi Records Date: September, 2015 Disc One 1. Circus Is Open 2. Omen 3. Universal Bus 4. A Sleeper's Guide 5. Playing Games 6. Something With Stuff 7. Sun Worshipper 8. Far From Home 9. Going Somewhere Else 10. Nothing But A Title Disc Two 1. For It's Own Sake 2. Ineffaceable Moments 3. Birds Of Imagination 4. Fish 5. Staring Into The Abyss 6. Touch Nothing 7. Healing Process (Last Of The Star Makers) 8. Gentle Perfection 9. The New World 10. These Yellow Eyes 11. Ancient Piano Melody "I'm gonna do the best I can do and that's gonna have to be good enough for all of you!" Girl you look stressed. I can relate. That's how I feel about reviewing 2 CD albums. On the one hand I'm excited like a kid on Christmas cause the possibility of aural gems doubles with another disc. But...the other hand is a slap in the face cause you gotta find time to digest two discs worth of material. People are depending on me out there, I can't half ass it. So I'm always slow on the double albums. Do you know I have yet....have yet to listen (not review) just listen to Mind Rewind 1 or 2? Can you believe that sh*t? Just sitting in a drawer. Pleaidians? Please, get in f*cking line. So Cronomi is a label that doesn't put out a lot of stuff, but the music they do release is usually pretty good. M-Run, Portamento, and the Erta Ale compilation are wonderful and that's the kind of stuff I expect from them now. No going back, when you set the bar high you don't try and run under it. So their latest is a 2-CD album from obscure producer New Born (Tom Rarin) who has made a few compilation appearances as well as a couple EP's. Not exactly a big footprint so this release is either ambitious or he had a lot of pent up music that needed to get out there. Either way I've spent the entire day listening to this. And I mean entire. Circus Is Open- Who doesn't love the circus? Peta. Peta doesn't love the circus, buncha vegan, tree huggin, humus nazis! Actually my four year old was kinda freaked out when we took him. Elephants and sh*t. This is a nice, bouncy opener in a kind of Principles of Flight does goa. Omen- This felt longer than it was. But not in a Tuesday at the office will lunch ever get here kinda way. Goa trance that was very exploratory in nature with frequent changes Not bad. Universal Bus- The first of a few blistering goa tracks. Eleven and a half minutes of pure power music. I'll get on this f*cking bus. A Sleeper's Guide- Psytrance with a nice guitar crunch until the last bit where it becomes a rollicking good goa track. Made me double take in a good way, like when you see hot teacher. Makes you smile. Playing Games- is most certainly not playing games and is the second scorcher on this album. This guy seems to know what he's doing. He's got a good command of the ebb and flow of a track. Something With Stuff- He keeps it old school with that screeching lead and it is a nimble little thing! It's a constant pumping sound that takes no breaks. Great stuff! Sun Worshipper- Yeah I'll be rocking this one for a while. A long while. Blistering track number three that just piles on. Far From Home- He goes darker with that rumbling bass line and a little less bombastic. I sense a shift. The extended break promises a brighter day. Going Somewhere Else- Yep we're a little happier now as he drew back the curtains and let some light into this dungeon you call an apartment. Geez, would it kill you to use a little Febreeze every now and then? Another track that resides just on the edge of f*ck you up. Nothing But A Title- Last track of this impressive fist disc is a slinky bit of nastiness. Mid tempo and very atmospheric. Pretty pleased with that. Now on to the 2nd disc... For It's Own Sake- Another intro that's nods slightly towards that POF sound. Ineffaceable Moments- I don't think that's a word. This track sounds like a continuation of the intro with its eerie standoffishness. Like wandering through an old, unfamiliar castle. Not goa per se, but more minimal. Birds of Imagination- Still eerie, but he returned to his goa ways. It's not as lush or powerful as the goodies from the first disc yet it's not bad. Fish- Why are they naked? And where the hell are their fingers and opposable thumb? I love fish. They're delicious! And this track is another good one that would seem more at home on the first disc. Staring Into The Abyss- Ambient Interlude. Very science fiction-y Touch Nothing- Annnnnnd we're back to the filler psytrance stuff. Healing Process (Last of the Star Makers)- Mild goa trance with some Space Tribe acid washes. Gentle Perfection- There ain't nothing gentle about this bruising monster! It's another that escaped from the first disc and rolls over you in waves. The New World- Pretty good goa. Wasn't crazy about the main lead though. These Yellow Eyes- Creeping me out dude. No, no, you just...ah, you just stay over there. I'm good. Another good goa track that has a gentle beginning before it starts erupting. Ancient Piano Melody- and the outro continues its creepiness. It sounds as if it should be a happy, ambient melody, but something about it...makes me feel as if it is a ruse. First off let me say that this is not a melodic, door busting, bomb where each track attempts to outdo the previous one. So get your expectations right. There are numerous tracks here that will rock you, and that soar with the best of them, but he takes goa trance in a lot of directions. The promo says to approach this with an open mind and that's good advice. In our world of instant gratification this may be difficult for some to swallow. Find the patience and give it the time it deserves and the rewards will be handsome. Second, the music is complex with melodies intertwining and new ideas springing forth within the tracks. The transitions are smooth and interesting and take the road less traveled when it comes to the current sound of today's goa trance. I like the first disc better, but that's just me. The second one seemed less...accessible let me say. It's softer almost a goa trance lite yet still with that sense of wariness. Notwithstanding this should be in your collection. Good job Tom and keep on doing what you do Cronomi. Cronomi Bandcamp
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