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  1. Not a big gain though, WAV would be 600-700 and plays even on your old 386. Winamp's bitrate display is pants. It shows the data flow from the disk but doesn't tell anything about quality. At 320 I don't hear a difference to CD, and I guess even with OGG-VBR~256 it's more the knowledge that it's lossy that makes me think I heard it. A few years ago a German computer mag did a double-blind test with quite a few audiophiles and top-notch audio equipment. Most couldn't tell the difference even at MP3/192. The biggest source of distortion is still cheap audio hardware. On-board sound cards, noisy power supplies, stuff like that. To test properly, you have to convert your stuff to MP3 and back to WAV, burn everything on CD and play it on a good stereo. No, but FLAC is still lossless. If a WAV compressed to FLAC and decompressed back to WAV equals the original to the bit, that's lossless. It can. There have been EXE-packers for ages---used for executable programs that react highly allergic if even one single bit is wrong. More here.
  2. Oopie has boobies, Reger has StarWars rodents and Tash has a pretty sepia girl. Everything's peachy.
  3. 6 or 7 days @Ozora Solipse festival
  4. Heh, sounds goood, sounds like party tomorrow! Munich? GSH, you reading this...? Psycoticum, Backstage!!!!elevenmilliononehundredandsoon!!!
  5. Funny, I just peeked into the General section to ask what people think of Artifakt They're on a party in Munich tomorrow, organized by full-on people who're usually too much for me, but I might go this time. Hydraglyph I haven't heard either, any opinions on this one?
  6. Beh, that doesn't count! One confession per post, minimum! Die Schmetterlinge: "Klein, aber geheim" (OK, I liked it for the text )
  7. I think you should be able to do that until you reach 3000 posts. After that, the username should automagically be changed to Mr. Waggoner. BTW, is the spelling of "Newcommer" still there for reasons of tradition? I'd say spell it with a u if the double m is really necessary. It would suit Psynews' new image as Home of the Hormones.
  8. √úbercute! Cheers, Nemo! Have a happy family with Cris & lil psyhead
  9. Hm, Aero...now that you mention it, I think I heard some of this one. So it's newer than Rewind? Cool /me fires up the mule
  10. I don't know either album yet, but if I had to decide which to get I'd go for Ticon. Last one I got was "Rewind" and I liked it a lot.
  11. Sounds like cool parents you have there Me, I don't have a fucking clue what kind of music my dad would have liked. I know he used to be into (big surprise!) Beatles before I was born, but I can't remember him listening to anything but news. My mum has always been "Beatles? Yeah, I've heard about them", owned only classical music discs and some fore sports lessons Well, we just had it in the OT section...I came from the techno/acid scene, and it wasn't for the drugs that I came to psy but the stuff I took before listening to the first goa tracks certainly opened my mind for it. One night it just clicked and I was hooked
  12. Uh...why not? On the original question: I think on shrooms I prefer the Thai alphabet. Very inspiring!
  13. The one that does not have the classic Blackadder sample? yeah, it is fluffy...
  14. Just listening: Zebra-n - Man on a Mission. Very nice MP-ish "BBC English" sample "Well, that went as well as could be expected, didn't it?" at the 3min break
  15. I love Scatterbrain's "Mexican Jesus", it sounds so, uh...cool (not in the "rulez" sense ), very detached. "No conspiracy" by Shakta hasn't been mentioned yet I think, also a nice one. Hallucinogen's have become classics throughout, but I tend to overdo it on them and athen I don't like them as much any more. "Speech Work" does the same by itself IMHO---cool (in the "rulez" sense!) idea, but ab bit too much of it. Anyway still a good track. My favorite is still Cosmosis' "Weird, sick&twisted".
  16. Makati most likely, the business district where most foreigners go to work I stayed in the province, Bacolod, capital of Negros Occidental.
  17. Originally from Germany, but I lived in the Philippines for some years
  18. Liquid Lunar - With Dragon's Hand Zodiac Youth - Fast Forward the Future Kopfuss Resonator - Whipbird That's about half of DJ Moonchild's "Psychedelic Activity Vol.1". Still a nice disk today though far from being my favorite, but I've cried like a baby through most of the tracks, tripping my head off on a good dose of shrooms after fasting... Good thing "San Pedro" and "Manzanilla" hadn't been recorded yet at the time, I would have died from dehydration.
  19. "Psychedelic at the Track" by any chance?
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