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  1. Sienis - Tales From The Trip from the Scrambled Heads compilation on Shpastic Elastic. This track worked well when I played it as the opening of my set at Infected Mushroom last April.
  2. We are broadcasting via the internet right now (3am Perth time) at www.base.fm Psychedelic and goa trance from Perth, Western Australia Akira and Jacob
  3. Hey all, I dj and throw psytrance parties over here in Perth Western Australia. We've built up a good little scene and now I am hosting a radio show too. Psytrance, goa and finishing with some dub, every Sunday morning, 3am - 7am Perth (West) time. Tune in online at www.base.fm If you are a producer and would like to submit your tracks to be played on air please msg me on this forum, or reply to this thread. If you would like to contribute to our show in any other way (interviews, dj mixes) then please get in touch also. Times for the show are listed below, Cheers, Akira Amsterdam - 9pm - 1am - Saturday Buenos Aires - 4pm - 8pm Saturday Cairo - 10pm - 2am Saturday Calcutta - 12am - 4am Sunday Chicago - 2pm - 6pm Saturday Dublin - 8pm - 12am Saturday Hong Kong - 3am - 7am Sunday Japan - 4am - 8am Sunday Jerusalem - 10pm - 2am - Saturday Johanesburg - 9pm - 1am Saturday London - 8pm - 12am Saturday Los Angeles - 12pm - 4pm - Saturday Mexico City - 2pm - 6pm Saturday Moscow - 11pm - 3am Saturday New York - 3pm - 7pm Saturday Paris - 9pm - 1am Saturday or convert to your timezone at http://www.timezoneconverter.com
  4. You know since you two pointed that out I can't believe I didn't think how similar some X-Dream and Wizzy Noise sound Im considering including Noma in this list since they were the first minimal act that I heard that I loved, or S-Range.
  5. Personally I would replace Astral Projection with Wizzy Noise in your original list Empty Space. Once a upon a time they were groundbreaking but not so much anymore and I feel there are other producers that are more indicitive of the sound. This maybe be to the sound becoming broader in recent times, and these question can't be limited to 5 groups.
  6. As it says, really http://www.teknoscape.com.au/?pg=11255 Cheers, Neil
  7. BUMP This will be one hell of a party, and only $5 Friday 10pm - late @ Heat Lasers, some weird & scary glowing decor Music from another dimension join us..
  8. To fathom hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic A Cautionary Tale Fryday April 8th Heat Nightclub (Stirling St, East Perth) $5 entry, 18+ Runs 10pm till late Djs Lysergic, Psyche, Molecule, Jogy, Druid of Psy & Akira Sound Ernest On Roids Lighting Perfect for psychedelics featuring unearthly uv and laser for all Please bring your own madness
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