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  1. i was thought it was only 1 from the first place i have seen Dagan once he played live here and i have few pictures and videos and he play alone... Dagan playing on the keyboards so great, i can get it out of my mind his live is the best live i have seen simply the best talent musician in the psytrance. i have heard he is wring soundtracks also misted rocks!!! i love him
  2. this one totally psychedelic! very worth compilation twisted idea and sounds with good movement on the dancefloor
  3. The Misted Muppet - Spiritual Visions
  4. peace mate hope you will be able to do whatever you like soon! money is just resources to do what you really. if i was millioner i could help u without thinking twice enjoy the life . Big respect i will wait for ur next album. wish u the best.
  5. I agree too and i have to say the misted muppet - spiritual visions, make this compilation worth every penny by its own... best track i heard in my life !!! such a beautiful tune with complex melodies and live elements and ohhh the guitar and the etnic singing of the tribe... exciting trip! lots of feelings with this track
  6. just stop listen to those stupid gimmick!!!!!!! and they will stop make those silly remixes other wish they will stop make music... fukkk this shit
  7. no one can copy the misted muppet they are too crazy for the humans like us one things is sure there are tons of ideas to learn from them at last elite artist who give me inspiration to make music
  8. "Most dark music as well... it was fun when it was a novelty last year, but now Kindzadza, Para Halu, Seroxat/PsychoMicro/Azax and most other dark artists are sounding tired and uninspired." I will second that! can't listen to it
  9. The Misted Muppet Astrix the best "goa" sounds around there
  10. Misted Muppet,Infected mushroom, Space Cat !!!
  11. The Misted Muppet - From The Legend! Astrix - Underbeat!
  12. France guys can come to switzerland Time Gate 2005 !!! this gonna be big rave!!!!!
  13. QUOTE(seraph @ Dec 19 2004, 06:47 PM) Hey OM VIS, I think you got something wrong, there is no song by Juno Reactor called Bible Of Dream... ------------------------------------------------------------------ yes the track with the girl singing 6/8 (3/4) forgot the name anyway it's a killer track!!!
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