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  1. Prao

    ZNA aftermath!

    Meeh, nevermind then. I'm always too tired to stay up till 3 or 4 am anyway. Thanks for the info!
  2. Prao

    ZNA aftermath!

    Hi ! Sorry for reopening an old thread, but I'd like to know more about ZNA. I'm interested in it as it's goa-focused, but would like to know what other psy-genres are played there. I quite like forest myself and I wonder if any of that is played at ZNA. I always dreamed of dancing to forest psy in a forest, at night. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  3. Prao

    Psydub / Zenonesque mix

    A psydub / zenonesque "bedroom mix" Quality is not great (recorded on Audacity and uploaded as such), and I'm just a bedroom DJ, but eh, if you like it, let me know! Tracklist: 1 - Earthogen – Tweaking Tiki 2 – Neon – Root Channel 3 – Earthogen – Pachamama Boogie 4 – Neon – What’s Next 5 – Milivolt – Cloudhead 6 – Neon – CPH Bizz 7 – Kalilaskov AS – Triple Kick 8 – Earthogen – Ubuntu 9 – Krumelur – Knee Deep 10 – Krumelur – Outdoor remix 2014 11 – Krumelur – No Decision 12 – Krumelur – Destroy all Monsters 13 – Krumelur – Transparency Man
  4. That makes me sad, sick and angry. I agree with the nukes. Plenty of them, bam, done, bye-bye.
  5. Prao

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Krumelur (Zenon records). This dude is a god.
  6. Prao

    Your Favourite Forest Tracks

    Quite like this one : And this little mix, one of the few forest mix I don't find boring after 10 minutes : Edit : Just noticed the mix includes some of the tracks previously mentioned. Must be a good one, then.
  7. F*cking hell! No wonder my friends take the piss out of me when I say I like psytrance! This should be illegal...
  8. Sven Vath - Ritual of Life Spicelab Remix, à 25:06. This track makes me jump to another dimension every single time.
  9. Prao

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Some shamanic atmosphere for my yoga session at home