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  1. IllumiNaughty pres: The Masquerade We have a huge lineup for you across 3 areas! Area 1 | Psytrance | Terrace Fabio Fusco Morten Granau Pixel Ranji Supporting Acts Neutrino Nikki S Thallom Area 2 | Techno | The Loft (hosted by Mind Boggling Tunes) David Phoenix Massive Sneaky Sam Strutt Vakvys Area 3 Chai Shop | Garden | Interactive Experience | Stalls * There are a limited number of VIP tickets, allowing access to a VIP balcony area with dedicated bar and smoking area* NEW venue 3rd December | Studio 338, London Early Bird Tickets on sale now, get them here: https://illuminaughty.co.uk/event/illuminaughty-pres-the-masquerade/
  2. The throttle has been released headfirst into the unknown with Vini Vici, Ghost Rider, Omiki, JourneyOM, Multiverse, Donny Mac, Alex Carroll and Section 303. The sonic storm is getting closer and cannot be stopped… IllumiNaughty pres: Paradise Lost Oct 1st, Troxy | London Get Tickets Here: https://bit.ly/ParadiseEventbrite https://bit.ly/ParadiseDice https://bit.ly/ParadiseCMTickets
  3. Two Weeks To IllumiNaughty pres: Paradise Lost!

    The countdown has begun to the arrival of Vini Vici, Ghostrider, Omiki, JourneyOM, Multiverse, Donny Mac, Alex Carroll and Section 303 into a world on the edge of a lost paradise...


    Get Tickets Here:





  4. Our ETA to the frontier is one month and counting, and we are speeding up to reach this outpost before the bandits of Paradise Lost... Join us as we head into the unknown with Vini Vici, Ghostrider, Omiki & more in this special collaboration with Alteza Records Get Tickets Here: https://bit.ly/ParadiseEventbrite https://bit.ly/ParadiseDice https://bit.ly/ParadiseCMTickets
  5. Due to a surge in demand for tickets, we are running out of Phase 2 tickets for 'IllumiNaughty pres: Paradise Lost', and prices will increase to Phase 3 on Wednesday, 3rd August Our new immersive environment is being built to a new scale, and is about to make Troxy look bigger than ever... IllumiNaughty pres: Paradise Lost with Vini Vici & more 1st October 2022 Troxy | London Get Last Remaining Phase 2 Tickets Here: https://bit.ly/ParadiseEventbrite https://bit.ly/ParadiseDice https://bit.ly/ParadiseCMTickets
  6. IllumiNaughty pres: Paradise Lost Tickets on sale now! We are back on the 1st October, going beyond the borders into the remote outland of a new world. This distant region is inhabited by only the ones who have the rogue skill to survive. Join us as we go past the frontier into the next chapter of IllumiNaughty LINEUP TO BE ANNOUNCED 1st October 2022 Troxy | London Tickets available here: > https://bit.ly/ParadiseEventbrite > https://bit.ly/ParadiseDice > https://bit.ly/ParadiseSkiddle
  7. The Troxy Venue is Expanding! Our theatrical venue is under renovation! The dancefloor is extending and the stage is moving back, to give us more room to dance and be immersed into the Shamanic Tales With more space, we are opening up 250 extra tickets for IllumiNaughty Pres: Shamanic Tales for the 9th October! This new space will be transformed into the Shamanic theme, with the freedom to roam with Astrix, Juno Reactor and Out of Orbit through a dramatic neon jungle Tickets Available Here: http://bit.ly/ShamanicTalesEventbrite http://bit.ly/ShamanicTalesDICE
  8. IllumiNaughty: Sugar Rush | Early Birds End Monday Ticket prices for IllumiNaughty pres: Sugar Rush are going up Monday 5th July to Phase 1 ⏫ Tickets are selling fast so secure your tickets now to join in the rush of our biggest ever welcome-back party, as we transform the Electric Brixton into an irresistible escape into candyland... Last remaining Early Bird tickets available at: ▶️ http://bit.ly/SugarRushSkiddle
  9. Who ordered a fresh batch of Sugar Rush? Our headline act for IllumiNaughty pres: Sugar Rush is the master of irresistible beats and genre fusion himself… Neelix!! Over this week we’re releasing a new artist flavour every day, until our lineup is fully complete . Stay tuned for more artists who just can't wait to get out again! Early Bird tickets available now: http://bit.ly/SugarRushSkiddle
  10. Due to unprecedented demand, we have nearly sold out for our October event Shamanic Tales... so as a big welcome back, we are hosting another event BEFORE this in September! Illuminaughty pres: Sugar Rush is happening on 18th of September at the Electric Brixton! This September, as we finally emerge from the darkest of years, the rush is coming. The first events back will be a rush like no other, and IllumiNaughty's Sugar Rush is coming straight to London. We are creating our biggest ever welcome back party, as venues open back up and illumiNaughty is once again alive. Let us all wake up in a land of sugar and candy, and dive into a vivid landscape of aquamarine pastilles and amber caramel rivers. Let's escape the dark world of isolation that is left behind and get a rush like no other. We are creating a vibrant Candyland of full stage structures, lollipop trees, interactive installations, neon statues, colourful performers and a decadent adventure running throughout the night. LINEUP TO BE ANNOUNCED Get ready for an IllumiNaughty Sugar Rush This is an 18+ event Presented by IllumiNaughty Photo ID required for entry
  11. IllumiNaughty is back to London with a brand new theme: 'Shamanic Tales' Setting out across the horizon to find new spirits, domains and divination. The Shamans lie deep in the prismatic jungle, evoking ancient rituals and trance-like states to enter the supernatural world. The deep jungle will be set alive with dramatic, full-stage decor, interactive installations, daring performers and untamed characters, for a spectacular show running throughout the night. We WILL see you on the dancefloor again! Lineup coming soon! Early birds Tickets available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/illumi...ets-98028573101 Get ready for the next chapter of IllumiNaughty; Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 10 PM UTC+01 – 5 AM UTC+01
  12. IllumiNaughty pres: Alteza Show with Vini Vici and more Saturday 5th of October 2019 22:00 – 05:00 Troxy, London EVENT REBRAND and an exciting new twist to the tale. The incredible Alteza Records showcase will be taking over from Tokyo Rising but rest assured our Tokyo Rising chapter will be returning soon! The Alteza stage will capture those magnificent moments, enchanted with the elements of life: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Each of these elements represents a subgroup within the Alteza tribe. This event will take you on an immersive, interactive experience as you journey through each of the tribes’ elements. We want to transport you to our Alteza world and this huge event will do just that. This is a brand-new project, working with Alteza Records. We envisioned that our illumiNaughty show in London is THE best place to make it’s debut and we hope you are looking forward to this just as much as we are. See you on the 5th Oct! FULL LINE UP: VINI VICI PHANATIC REALITY TEST NIKKI S LIQUID ROOS b2b NEILL MOORE THE GOBLINS DJ COMPETITION WINNER 22:00-05:00 // Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, E1 0HX London // Last Entry midnight BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE: EventBrite: http://bit.ly/AltezaShowEventBrite Skiddle: http://bit.ly/IllumiNaughtyOctober19 Dice: http://bit.ly/AltezaDice RA: http://bit.ly/AltezaRA TicketArena: http://bit.ly/AltezaTA Fatsoma: http://bit.ly/AltezaFatsoma AAA: http://bit.ly/AltezaAAA
  13. After kicking off 2019 with an INCREDIBLE new theme, we return to Troxy on Saturday 5th October. Allow us to transport you to the neon, gleaming-lit city of Tokyo where life is fast paced, the aesthetic is vibrant and the architecture is jaw-dropping. Inspired by Tokyo’s most vibrant district Shinjuku, we will transform Troxy into a cityscape space with the always present hint of IllumiNaughty magic. A hybrid event fusing music and art… An immersive experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before. LINEUP REVEALED NEXT WEEK 22:00-05:00 // Troxy (Last Entry midnight) --------------------------------------------------------------- TICKETS ON SALE HERE: http://bit.ly/TokyoRisingDice ------------ GET INVOLVED WITH ILLUMINAUGHTY : • Play at illumiNaughty: http://bit.ly/2tJ2qX9 • Put your stall at IllumiNaughty: http://bit.ly/illuminaughtystalls • Performance: http://bit.ly/2to7cK3 • Street Team: http://bit.ly/streetTeam2017 • Photographers and Videographers: http://bit.ly/MediaIllumiNaughty2017 • Volunteers on the night: http://bit.ly/29HKRBT
  14. After a run of INCREDIBLE shows at Troxy in 2018, we are back on Friday 8th March as we present a brand new theme… Close your eyes, step into a world where your wildest dreams will become a reality, leave your troubles behind for one night only Immerse yourself and experience a world of futuristic creatures where free movement is welcome… Dance your way through a myriad of six-legged creatures, flying lizards and glowing organisms as we transport you into a vision of science-fiction. Involve yourself in the tribes rituals, search for the tribes spiritual leader and allow our Electric Dream to become yours. A fully immersive show, we will transform Troxy into a world like no other, complete with stage performers, decor, lasers, market stalls and more... Is all that we see or seem… But a dream within a dream? LINEUP: Neelix Blastoyz Nikki S C.K. Neutrino The Goblin DJ Competition Winner 22:00-05:00 // Troxy (Last Entry, 1am) --------------------------------------------------------------- TICKETS ON SALE HERE: • http://bit.ly/SkiddleElectricDreams • http://bit.ly/DiceElectricDreams • http://bit.ly/RAELetricDreams • http://bit.ly/AccessAllAreasEDreams • http://bit.ly/TicketArenaElectricDreams • http://bit.ly/FatsomaElectricDreams
  15. Halloween End of an Era Line up - THE CHURCH - [PSYTRANCE] • Astrix • Morten Granau • No Comment • Dark Soho - THE CASTLE - [DRUM & BASS] • Bad Company UK (Dj Set) • Ed Rush & Optical - 20 Years of Virus Recordings • Icicle • NEONLIGHT - THE UNIT - [BASS ROOM] • MJ COLE • Cause N Affect • Stanton Warriors • Saucy Music Takeover w/ Affiliate - Barely Royal - Pelikann - Licked! - THE ROADBLOCK - (METAL/PUNK/SKA/REGGAE/ & More) • Benji Webbe (SKINDRED DjSet) + many more to be announced! 4 Fully themed arenas / Bumper cars / Outdoor Funfair / Full Theatrical 3D Mapped stage Designs / Live art Exhibition / Thunderdome / Plethora of performers / Retro arcade / Laser Quest / Confetti Cannons / Fire & Pyrotechnics / Matrix Laser show / Market Area / Food Court / Fancy Dress Online Tickets selling quick: • Skiddle: http://bit.ly/EndofanEraSkiddle
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