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  1. Yeah, stuff like that is pretty rare. I recon you had to go through shitloads of releases to find the tracks for these your mixes. To me it takes the best parts from full-on (the melodies, though not overusing them) and from psytrance (the trippy sounds and psychedelic atmosphere). Actually I don't mind highly melodic euphoric full-on when it is really well made, which is also hard to find now. Indeed, it either sounds too cheesy or suffers from poor, amateurish production (or both). It seems that psytrance as a whole (at least the 140+ bpm kinds of it) is going into darker and noisier direction in last few years.
  2. Agree that the bass should be louder/fatter. Also the leads/stabs/farts/voice samples etc should be better balanced, some of them sound louder than they should be, some others are way too quiet. The synths and melodies are very nice. Also the track structure is fine to me, I don't think this track calls for buildups and peaks, it flows nicely and there are no boring or unnecessary parts. Good job, liked and followed )
  3. This thread goes into a recursion loop Actually I found these two your mixes on youtube the other week and liked them very much. After that I decided to learn more about "morning psytrance", in paricular I made this thread.
  4. If you are expecting pure goa then this album is not going to deliver. If you are expecting Dacru style full-on then it's decent though not great. I like the overall sound and atmosphere but dislike most of the the melodies. 3rd and 4th tracks are way too happy/sunny/whatever, they almost top Talamaska. Other tracks stick too much to generic eastern goaish melody formula, too predictable and boring. The last track has some nice craziness in it, almost like Infected Mushroom.Not sure if I actually like it but it sounds much less generic than the rest of the album. Btw, "dosvidanya" is "good bye" in Russian.
  5. I understand that "morning" may refer to what DJs play at morning and also to music having ligher, euphoric tones, which may be not the same thing. I'm more interested in the latter. Now I'm browsing various full-on compilations released around 2004-2006, it seems that it was the time when melodic/morning full-on was at its peak before it degraded into mindless clubby nonsence. I found many tracks I like, similar to early Protoculture and Mr. Peculiar though they sound a bit dated production-wise. I'd love to hear more recent take on this sound with modern clear big sound and multilayered production.
  6. It's unbelievable that you are making all this stuff on your phone and especially that you are doing it that fast (how much time do you spend on a track on the average?). Your style should be very appealing to people who love banging, highly energetic goa but on the other hand what I've heard from you sounds a bit too homohenous, I think you could try some new approaches in melodies and sounds to make your output more varied (I mean both variation between tracks and within tracks). Anyway, great production skills.
  7. Yeah, I know Circadians and Refractions, great stuff. What I've hear from Space Cat sounds more like Astrix, Electro Sun and similar, doesn't quite fit here. Anyway I'm actually interested in more recent stuff (2012 and so on).
  8. I listened to the tracks uploaded to discogs. Yes, they are very good, exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks a ton! Actually it may be that the last track doesn't quite fit the rest of them, it's more intense and more melodic. I agree that these tracks may be covered by "full-on" in broad sence, but to me they sound sufficiently different both from Astrix/Ananda Shake kind of full-on and the Nano stuff and more or less similar between each other in the overall feel.
  9. My understanding is that it is something similar to medodic full-on (Digicult/Epherdix style), with BPMs around 143-145, less emphasis on melodies (though not completely devoid of proper melodic content) and generally sounding more trippy though focused on lighter, atmospheric tones as opposed to night full-on and other harsher/darker kinds of psy. Is this definition of "morning psytrance" correct and what artists fitting the above description could you recommend? In other words, are these tracks "morning psytrance" or something else and where should I be looking for similar tracks?
  10. I thought that Astral Projection's take on Into The Heartland is going to be the worst U-Recken remix ever. But Spirit Architect take the cake. They completely fucked up the flow of the original track, raped the melodies and added nothing that would make sense. Oh wait, they made the bassline fatter! If you ask me, that's a real problem, people are totally obsessed with production quality (aka FAT BASSLINES!!!) and forget about what actually makes psytrance worthwhile and enjoyable experience.
  11. Hell, I was trying to figure out why Psynews looks wrong.
  12. I think it would make sence just to rename Psynews as Goa Olds. Most regular posters here seem to be not interested in anything but mid-90's goa anyway
  13. Two years later and I can say that Flying Objects and especially Little Universe (what a track, really!) are among my favourite E-Clip works. I've heard them on some compilations and immediately loved. Then I was quite surprized to learn that both these tracks are from "Into The Void" and I must have heard them before. I guess, they are just "dissolved" in the very homogenous flow of the album.
  14. IMO it is. The collabs with Mickey Noise and Zen Mechanics sort of save it - at least they make the album not a totally worthless experience, but they are of "good but not great" kind and the rest of the album is just a bunch of beats and sounds put together without any idea or inspiration. Maybe it's good for the dancefloor but does nothing for home listening. Shuma raised the bar very high but after Shuma the best tracks made by E-Clip were collabs. TBH, it seems that he had a blast when making Shuma but after that the inspiration was gone and now the dude has the gear and the skills but needs someone else to bring life and soul into the tracks.
  15. Thanks a ton! I've heard this sample in countless tracks but never know where it comes from.
  16. The first psytrance track I've ever heard. Still very good after all these years
  17. Well, two years later .... It seems that it was a bad idea to write such a long review because apparently noone actually read it (and my English leaves a lot to be desired). In short: the best psytrance album since Aquatic Serenade Go get it asap.
  18. Ok, I believe I'm drunk enough to post whatever garbage in whatever thread I feel like
  19. Oh, great. I think Psynews should know about this masterpiece. It's a remix for the most improtant Russian song about Gagarin, conquering of space and shit. I had this track not later than 2005 on a pirate tape, so it must be 2005 or earlier. "What we dream about at night? That's not the hum of the cosmodrome or this ice-cold deep blue. We dream about the grass near our homes. That green grass".
  20. recursion loop

    80's pop

    And well, anyone who posted in this thread is no more entitled to call fullon cheesy crap.
  21. recursion loop

    80's pop

    Padmapani, when i clicked your link i already knew what im going to see. But i clicked your link anyway for the fvck sake.
  22. A pan psychic это те же чуваки, которые ремикснули траву в иллюминаторе?
  23. Listened to the samples, though I pretty much could do without it. I know their music and it doesn't change. Kind of psytrance equivalent to Motorhead, "fvck it all and go dance". 100% music for dancefloors but not what I'd like to listen to at home. Anyway, very groovy and top notch production.
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