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  1. I wonder what you guys may suggest for tracks/albums/artists that might be inspired by Pure Analog or have some similarities. Melodic full-on with smooth and deep, somehow mysterious sound? To me Hyperion's Drop Psychosis album has some quite obvious similarities
  2. It was also my favourite song when I was 4-5 y.o. I was singing all the time which annoyed the hell out of my grandma. Actually it was the first piece of music which I consiously defined as having some emotional impact on me. Maybe if we dig deeper it had some subliminal message which eventually brought all of us here?
  3. Ok, my fisrt exposure to electronic music was mid 90's (I'm that old!), it was some eurodance like 2unlimited and Russian synthpop (Technologia, Biokonstruktor), I discovered Prodigy a bit later and then EBM like Wumpscut and Front Line Assembly. There was only so much music I could find in Russian "music sores" (actually these stores were just kiosks with pirate tapes near metro stations, I was lucky if the tape had a proper tracklist) so I didn't even know goa trance existed. Unfrotunately I switched to heavy metal soon, all cool kids in my school were into metal and punk rock/alternative so I had no other choice, din't want to be called out "raver", "druggie" and such. The next decade I listened to metal, later I also had some interest in progressive rock, blues, fusion and stuff. Played guitar all this time but not really professionally. One day in 2005 I woke up and suddenly realized that I can't listen to any song with any guitar sound in there anymore. I went to a kiosk near the next metro station to buy some "other" music, they had some Paul van Dyk tape playing and I immediately relaized that this was what I needed right now (or it was Paul Oakenflod, i don't remember... some of these Pauls). I was an eager trance listener (van Dyk, van Buuren, Tiesto, Dj Feel and shit) for next few years until I realized that I can't listen to the same supersaw arpeggio in each new track anymore, so I started looking what else was there. I discovered liquid DnB, then psychill, then Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection. In 2010 I occasionally found VA-Orientation 5 released by Dacru (I was actually looking for something else and bought it by mistake). And now I'm here.
  4. One of my favourite newschool artists, he has very recognizable sound and actually good melodies. I think of his music as a logical evoultion of goa trance sound, rather than "let's try to rip off a 96 track but add 10 acid layers on top because we can". Whenever I feel like listening to some modern goa Mental Triplex-Presence is usually among my very first picks.
  5. Euphorya is nice but it seems that they try to sound like Digicult but don't quite manage to nail it. This is a Dream has a melody which sounds like a rip-off of another track Around 4:25. Anyway I agree that morning full-on with smooth sound and good melodies is now really hard to find. These tracks caught my attention recently as something that could be called an evoltion of classic SS/Protoculture sound of sorts (the second one the bpm is too slow though, perhaps more like old Liquid Soul stuff).
  6. Sure I know he also was making some more serious stuff but I never really cared about it.
  7. Psylent Buddhi? This is taken from Discogs: "1997 - 2003 is, as the album title suggests, a collection of tracks created between 1997 and 2003. ....Apart from Retrocede, Metalucid and Winter Tickle, the tracks were produced using an eclectic combination of Impulse Tracker, Rebirth, Dreamstation and Acid". https://www.discogs.com/ru/Psylent-Buddhi-1997-2003/release/1512212 For what I know, Rebirth and Dreamstation were some of the first software capable of making synth sounds, Acid was a mixing software and Impulse Tracker was, well ... a tracker. So apparently no external gear whatsoever.
  8. Well, that sounds horrible like most 80s synth-pop stuff, especially made in ex-USSR. But some of Alliance's later songs were actually great, my father had a vinyl, i think it was Sdelano v Belom (Made In White) which I liked a lot when I was about 11 y.o. Today it sounds very naive but it still has some hypnotic and mysterious qualities similar to what I'm looking for in psychill music
  9. Nexus 6 and Pure Reality are timeless. I think Pure Analog and Protoculture's Refractions basically defined the sound of morning/melodic fullon for the whole decade. My favourite take on remixing Nexus 6 and Pure Reality
  10. It was a great collab! Can happily recommend AP to anyone who is looking for good mastering:) Uptaded the link in the OP with better playback quality.
  11. Morning proggy stuff. Mastering by Kristian W (you may know him as Astralprojection here)
  12. I think it's German though "Freitag, Samstag fick' ich meinen Kopf Feier' ich 'nen Zopf, mach' mir keinen Kopf" At least I know what Kopf, Freitag, ficken and some other words mean in German
  13. Cool song, ugly girl (the other girl, the blonde one, is sort of sexy though... or is it the same girl?), have no idea what it has to do with psytrance. Did anyone patent triplets? Yes, the song is cool. Almost everything sung in German is cool If you ask for worse examples, proper cultural appropriation between pop and psytrance may sound like that or that
  14. That's some really good points, especially the quoted bit.
  15. Actually newschool goa (not all of it, but some part) sounds to me the least "produced" subgenre in the whole psy scene. Typical psytrance mixes (full-on, proggy, hi-tech, whatever) are very clean and polished, basslines are super-tight - otherwise no label will release it. Goa mixes often sound much less polished and often are quite raw. Loud kick and brutal compression on the master bus doesn't necessarily mean good production . TBH there are some goa artists, including some known and respected ones, whose stuff I just can't listen to because i can't stand their mixing and mastering style. It's a common misconception that production is cheap these days. Unless you have an acoustically treated studio room and expensive speakers, which not everyone can afford, you would have a hard time meeting the current psytrance production standards. Goa as a whole seems more underground, I know some goa producers are mixing their stuff in their living rooms, with little or no acoustic treatment, with cheap speakers or even just headphones, some even make music on their smartphones and such and release it. There are artists who deliver excellent mixing and mastering like Ra, latest Mindsphere, Artifact303, some others. On the other hand, old AP albums released in 95-97 sound extremely well produced even today, much better than some of the new releases actually.
  16. The tracks that define newschool goa for me I think they all have the same set of qualities - strong basslines, dense arrangements with lots of layers, many high-pitched sounds, quite melodic (in a good way). There is something to be said about "melodic". Goa, especially newschool, is often said to be melodic genre with which I don't quite agree because for me "containing many notes" doesn't equal "melodic", quite a big parts of new goa sounds way too chaotic or disharmonic to me to be actually called melodic. The above tracks have melodies that actually make some sense, at least to me. Btw, as far as Ethereal go, according to Discogs, their first release was in 1999. To me it actually has some of "newschool" traits, despite somehow softer sound That Radiator track is 2003. So, do we have the first newschool goa track/act here?
  17. I think some portion of it wasn't actually bad and some portion of that portion was even very good. I might be the only person on this planet who thinks so, though. At that time I had some cheap Yamaha keyboard with an auto-chord mode or whatever it was called, my friends envied me Finally I actually learned to play it, but of course it wasn't very suitable for making any kind of electronic music, it only had basic rompler sounds. I didn't care though, I was more into metal and such. There were some trance acts in Russia though, I remember PPK and later Sensorica, they weren't goa, more Van Dyk kind of trance, but their production was really good. Забей, нормально. У меня не лучше
  18. I wish it was I actually think that todays goa is sort of natural evolution of the 90's goa. There probably were two important factors: - Transition form hardware to software which meant more synths, more layers, more processing, more energy, more everything, but on the other hand - no hands-on control, painting notes and drawing automation lanes instead of twisting knobs and playing keys/programming sequencers. I wonder how many of the newschool producers can actually play keyboard or any other musical instrument. - More experimental/open-minded forms of goa evolved into psytrance and the core sound of the new goa wave was apparently shaped by the people who wanted to return strictly to "that AP/Etnica/Pleiadians sound of the 90's". This is only a speculation, but that's actually the feeling I'm getting from some of the reivews here - whenever a track deviates from a basic goa fromula (a 303, a booming kick, a fast-paced melody in Phrygian or Eastern scale) there always will be someone saying "it's not goa". That SynSun track is rad
  19. You mean something like this? Good one, but to me it sounds more like psytrance injected with some goa vibes, I rather mean it the other way round, something which is rooted in goa but with some psy sounds in there. Like this track, I love these delicious FM leads at 1:45
  20. We also have Proxeeus. For what I know he is using only or mainly classic hardware synths and effects (or their modern clones) Does his music sound oldschool to anyone? For me it does in terms of production but not so much in terms of composition and melodies (chaotic/agressive rather than hypnotic/entrancing) but I don't actually know much about 90's goa except for AP, MWNN some Blue Planet Corporation and such. Btw, I think it's time for someone to invent "post-neogoa", blendng all these cool psytrance sounds, FM, metallic noises, alien insect sounds and such with goa melodies and "cosmic" atmospheres.
  21. I think Skarma has some qualities that set his tracks apart from the rest of modern goa. First, his tracks sound soft and a bit muddy, the kicks are not really punchy and the instruments separation is not that good. On the other hand, there is some lovely warmth in there. I don't pretend I can actually tell hardware production from software but his tracks sound to me more like a small hardware setup than a modern DAW/VSTi-based studio. Second, he doesn't try to kill your ears with 10,000 notes per second, his melodies have some hypnotic and actually entrancing qualities which I don't often hear in modern goa and which rather remind me of classic AP and MWNN tracks. TBH I don't exactly remember what that Hypnoxock goa album sounds like, for we they always were one of the best fullon acts (Synthetic Resurrection!) but when I heard their goa attempts it sounded to me pretty much like "an average newschool album". Maybe i should give it another listen.
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