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  1. yes m8 i checked ur deviant and its good.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/systemafudidu/baguei-kakanu
  3. I never fuckin' did drugs , curse that shit plus I have friends working along with me in and out at the Police Station/ no messing around here. If you don't believe me i dare you , we'll be all in blue and green waiting at your door step. check my soundcloud shit and have phun , free downloads n shit , imma creating a new album , theres lots to dou.
  4. liar , only fan i lost was one in the fucking toilet
  5. It's good for starters but professionally LMMS is a copy of FL STUDIO but couldn't care less of dat shit //Liberated by System44
  6. screw the old stuff mate i'm talking about what's coming lol CD-R? I did some back in the days ... can't tell really , that will depend if there's a proper label out there ready to take on me and they have to be really big and powerful else they can't keep up with my shit, if such label doesn't exist then I'll go Solo and I'll make it available to the public in an Indie way. One way or another there will be new album. PS - It's not going to be 'goa'.
  7. no chance mate Juno106 forever. Alpha Juno only does Hoover lol it sucks literally lol , but i did create some original sounds with it of course , it's always possible on a synth and any synth.
  8. sorry I missed it , what was the track again? I do have unreleased material you know? 8) lol don't forget i have two eyes in my name (fIlIpe) please i'm not a pirate so cut it out if you want any of my shit.
  9. yes it is mate , phase changes whenever you move from one place to another and so on , as the same with the sounds in the track/song. What you need is a Phase Scope. http://drco.pairserver.com/drco/TEKTRONIX-764-DIGITAL-AUDIO-PHASE-SCOPE-B13-N3.jpg
  10. In Techno as long as it has strong bass anything goes. Jeff Mills is spot on mate .
  11. Sorry , none so far , maybe i can recommend you my new album if completed this or next year.
  12. more shit coming right up , just keep checking my soundcloud for more fresh shit , updates , free downloads , over the topnotch shit 'It's the album mate , it's the album!'
  13. Monolith || Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  14. Monolith / Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  15. Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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