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  1. Hi guys, heres my latest track, hope you like it, would be cool to get some feedback from you!
  2. Heres my latest track, i hope you like and enjoy it. Some feedback would be great! Have a nice time!
  3. Hi i want to share my latest track with you, its kind of a remix of an old track of me, but actually in the end i only kept the voice sample and a synth patch i saved from the original. So in the end its more a new track. finally i bought phoscyon so there is some acid towards the end. Enjoy and leave some feedback if you want, i would be glad about it.
  4. Hi Guys, heres my latest track. HAve fun with it. Some feedback would be cool- HAve a nice weekend. Boom!
  5. He Guys, this is my latest track. I hope you like it. Please leave some feedback, it helps always a lot ! Boom!
  6. thanks recursion loop! most of the time im using trillian for bass, but this time i tried serum which becomes more and more my no 1 synth.
  7. Hi folks, heres my latest track, please listen and feel free comment. Some feedback would be cool, wehter you like it or not! Enjoy and hve a good time!
  8. Heres my new track. Enjoy. Feedbak is much appreciated. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/simon78-2/language-of-the-universe
  9. thank you very much for your feedback, i know the attitude towards chants and triplets... but as you say they fitted and i couldnt resist, so i tried to make some cliche psytrance sound, but in my own style hehe
  10. Hi, this is my new track. Please leave some comments. im appreciate every feedback ! Boom
  11. Hi Guys, enjoy my latest track and feel free to comment, every feedback is welcome!
  12. Enjoy and feel free to comment! I was thinking about this as intro track to my live set. Waht do you think about that?
  13. Nice track. Love the juicy acid lines. Towards the end indeed a little too cheesy for my taste. but, yeah a matter of taste. Why only private link?
  14. He Guys, heres my latest track. Hope you enjoy. some feedback would be nice! https://soundcloud.com/simon78-2/the-process
  15. funny, that not one artist is named more than once! so even the more technical side of the game is subjective. for me the best produced psy is loud - if you consider it psytrance.
  16. HE thanks for your feedback, cool that you mention the drop, cause i was uncertain if there is a too drastic change in the mood..
  17. Hi multiverse, if i read my post again, it sounds a bit rude: im glad you dont take it personal!
  18. uhh sorry, thats something i dont want to hear on a dancefloor! But thats a matter of taste... production is nice anyway
  19. Will soon post my new studio, as im moving to my own house! Looking forward to this!
  20. if thats true it would be even more crazy than the real story....
  21. sorry to say that, but maybe it would be the best for you to take a break and calm down a bit. i mean do you really think that some random guys from an internetforum that you dont know can help you? MAybe it would would be better to look for help in your sourroundning?
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