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  1. I will admit to you, i did cry for about 20 minutes because you didn't like it. But of course i don't take a subjective matter like music tastes personally. Thanks for the clarification though!
  2. Appreciate you stopping by and taking the time out to have a listen! even though i failed to captivate you with my charms I understand it's definitely not for the minimal/prog crowd!
  3. Thanks for stopping in for a listen! Yeah its definitely got some cheesy gangsta thing going on there haha
  4. Hi All, Thanks for stopping by! Please put your brain on park for a bit and have a nice time listening to my newest production! Peace
  5. Hi Everyone, Thanks for stopping by! My 4th track from my upcoming album is complete, and ready for listening pleasure.. Hope you enjoy listening as much as i did making it!
  6. I agree with the comments also, Great track but it's been done to death before. I know that it is much harder to think outside the box and make something unique and (mostly) original, but you have the production skills to make something great - just need more creativity and more experimentation. I also know that this site endorses more neo goa music, but why does it need to be that to be good? Apply the same logic you would to what makes a song sound good to you, but like i said try to break our of your habits , that's all it really comes down to. Excuse the rant, it isn't really technical advice which you may be seeking, but i have to have inspired you and hopefully others to change things up a little. Peace out
  7. Haha thats actually very funny you say that about the singing, she has the worst nasal voice and her singing is mostly a semitone off. Tried to blend it as best i could, listening back to the original song still makes me cringe
  8. Hi All, This is my latest production, i really hope you enjoy it and leave a comment Peace
  9. Really tight groove man! Great production too!
  10. Hi, please have a listen and hope you enjoy.
  11. Hi, it does sound rather similar. Im kinda stumped though, as i have over 200 odd goa trance albums from 1995 to 2001 and have never heard this. Thanks.
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