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  1. Huge work Draeke, really, I like the samples, I like the cover, the wait has been worth!!! :posford:
  2. Great cover, in pure alien style, I agree, green as the main colour rules!
  3. One of the rare Anoebis mixes available for downloading. Great one as always!
  4. Just donwloaded from juno records on wav format, great tracks! I adore this style, keep going this way friend! And concerning Ultiva, please give us more goa, thanks!!!
  5. Yes we really need'em! And thanks very much Kasper for the better quality version!
  6. Yes I think these tracks really deserve a better sound quality, I will download a 192kbps version for sure! And please follow Anoebis suggestion and give us some more tracks in high quality!
  7. Great news really, E-mantra is one of my favourite acts nowadays, I really hope after this great release he'll produce more and more tracks. Judging from the samples it really seems again my cup of tea!
  8. That's what I'd prefer gold cd regular jewel case laminated metallic covers numbered
  9. Really good track! Good acid, good melodies, aggressive old style goa!
  10. Thanks very much, I'm really looking forward for all this stuff, hoping that "These Talking Machines" will be released this year!
  11. Really great stuff, both the KoB style and the new Filteria,huge stuff. I just have a question? Will KoB's Those Talking Machines e These Talking Walls will ever see the light? The first one (that is a great atmospheric track) was supposed to be released in a Stone Age compilation last year, but I knew nothing about it after it was announced. What about the other one, will it ever be released?
  12. I've ordered it, I really hope to have it soon, samples rule!!! :posford:
  13. Wow, I really liked this fast goa trance mix, definetly my cup of tea!
  14. Listened to it, great music, fantastic compilation, I really liked it! Thanks very much for providing this stuff! I've always liked goa trance with heavy basslines and melodies, acidic and melodic, thanks!!!
  15. Huge staff, best cd 1 tracks : 1,2,3,4,6 Filteria's new stuff is great!
  16. I really hope we'll have at least 20 goa trance releases this year! I really can't listen to anything else inside the psytrance genre.
  17. Great news! A huge goa campilation in wav format!!! After the great Opus Iridium release this can really be the year of goa rebirth!
  18. Can you please upload this one again?
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