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    psychedelic music, space and our place in the universe, physics, maths and natural sciences, spacecraft engineering & remote sensing, world travel, world cuisine (especially vegetarian), world cinema, science fiction (I'm talking about P.K.Dick, Asimov, A.C.Clark, Sagan, Heinlein etc. NOT Babylon 5, Stargate and all that nonsense), rowing, running, cycling, mountains, forests, cheese. And most of all... interesting people!
  1. I'll be there... Wow.. I even found time to post on psynews... the planets must be aligning!
  2. can't wait... bomble is coming out to play...
  3. Ok, I have been absent... a long time... and most likely there aren't many around who remember my somewhat unhealthy addiction to the off topic forum... but seeing this news of the demise of Chaosunlimited has drawn me out of hiding. No... not to put on a false beard with head scarf and wander around the mountains saying how much I hate the Cornish for their blatant neocon supremacist attitude and pasty-politics. But rather to say my little piece, turn teary eyed and sentimental for what has been a really important part of my life, though sadly not in recent years due to my living in France and being such a nomad (mail order isn't so great if you are living out of hotels!) Ok... rambling finished... why do I feel so sad? Well I had my first Chaosunlimited mixtape of Mark Allen in 1995 or 1996. My first cd order with them was numbered in triple digits - I saw them grow to provide the most wonderful selection of discs; I danced with Loli at Tyssen street; chatted with her, Mick, Ali & George about what was worth ordering before spending almost all of my student budget on expanding my collection; grabbed some fantastic bargains at sale time and basically relied on them for tunes for six or seven years. I know my orders wouldn't have kept them afloat, but I regret that I didn't take more opportunity to benefit from them in the last two years. I am really sorry to hear that it has come to an end... and wish them all great futures... the universe should reward them for bringing me such happiness... bomble says bye
  4. Near Huntingdon, in the UK. He's the Boothroyd of Boothroyd-Stuart bomble
  5. When I get my hands on this, I am going to head over to my uncle's factory to listen to it on a pair of these.... Meridian DSP8000 ... the finest speaker system I have ever had the pleasure to hear, but at $50000 a pair, I am not sure I can afford them yet!!! I hope to then experience everything the dynamic duo manage to squeeze into their music... bomble
  6. Some artists to try out... Steve Roach, Tetsuo Inoue, Global Communications (especially 7614), Ashera, Shuttle 358, Jeff Pierce, Steve Reich (for "classical" ambient... especially Music for 18 Musicians & Drumming), Toru Takemitsu (e.g. raintree), Aphex Twin selected ambient works vol.2, Moby (on his ambient cd in Everything is Wrong ltd. edition, and maybe Moby Ambient though I haven't heard it). Lots of artists on Em:t records old stuff also do this kind of music ( e.g. Gas, Miasma, Woob...) really the list is endless, but there are some starting points... (thanks to Epic Automata for several introductions...) bomble
  7. I have listened to psychedelic music and trance since 1993, and my vote goes for 1997 - the mighty Matsuri records was at its peak, Transient, TIP, Spiritzone, Blueroom, Flying Rhino, Koyote & Dragonfly were turning out blistering compilations and albums. I suppose that it was the best year for the UK scene as far as I remember (and I was at the right age to be appreciating it!) Some other examples of why 1997 was spot-on (totally subjective opinion of course): Hallucinogen's Lone Deranger Astral Projection's Dancing Galaxy Juno's Bible of Dreams Colorbox's Train to Chroma City Prana's Geomantik Green Nun's Rock Bitch Mafia OOOD's Alive Pleidians' IFO TIP 3D Transients' Dance Trance & Magic Plants Plus the UK party scene was fiery... Enlightenment, Pendragon, Omnipresence etc Parties at Tyssen Street. and the New Year's eve party at the Paradiso, Anjuna was the most powerful party I have ever been to (once it finally got going that is...) Happy memories... but I don't live in the past... there's been plenty more highlights since, and I hope there'll be plenty more to come... bomble
  8. My wife... who happens to be called Melodie! bomble
  9. this is a superb, broad-minded and horizon expanding album that should sit in everyone's down-tempo rack. Lots and lots of playtime ahead, I am sure... bomble
  10. Point me to the topic and I'll get the grey-cells fired up... bomble
  11. Tokyo 24/7 is a lot of fun... gives the dancing shoes a good workout... I haven't bought many compils this year though, so I have probably missed some good stuff... bomble
  12. bomble


    Chroma City is spectacular - segmented into parts that carry a common theme. I would say that they have a similar power to Shakta's silicon trip or others of that genre. I have one or two other tracks on compilations but didn't know there were other albums... I shall hunt them down... bomble
  13. this album restored my faith in my total love of psytrance... for a while there I was wondering if anything was going to give me that same 'wow the universe is a special place' feeling that had kept me listening, buying, dancing and hunting for years.... top top top stuff... bomble
  14. get's my vote as the best FSOL album... and my kingdom gets my vote as their best single. bomble
  15. Huxflux - Cryptic Crunch remains one of my favourites, though I don't have a real 'favourite'. Interesting to see nobody mention IM yet.... bomble
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