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  1. that was after that guy said that he shouldnt bother because he wasnt interested. not beeing interested in hearing a track one not heard before, while that person likes other tracks of that artists .. well i agree, is not a goatrance fan. still doesnt give that person the reason to start swearing and telling him to shut up etc. totally uncalled for and from left field.
  2. where did he insult you before you starting acting like an asshole?
  3. back from hell has really great moments, i was extremely pleased when i first heard it, and thought "oh man their next album is gonna be great" damn you astral, ive been waiting since 2005! and I dont count Ten
  4. Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. I feel bad sometimes due to my mental problems. I have drug-related damage since over 10 years ago. Sometimes I just feel its too much and drink WAY to much and then have alot of suicidal thoughts. Most of the time I feel ok these days, but sometimes it just catches up with me and I drink alot, and become very destructive in that state. Yep ive been riding it out for a long time, and still doing it, so if I lasted 13 years almost, I think Ill last 13 more
  5. they are non-toxic yes. But they can leave deep damage to psyche, soul, and your mental capacity. You can gain alot, true, but you can destroy alot too. Just becaase they are non-toxic does NOT equal safe. They are extremely volatile and unpredictable. Heed my words. Heed them.
  6. this thread makes me sad and i cannot distinguish the trolls from the serious ones now
  7. gnotr - klunk is amazing and i also pretty much like MFG- new kind of world album at least most of the tracks on there especially When we dream
  8. I loved Bach to Bach. also loved some of his other fullon stuff. Of course, it pales in comparison to his old stuff, but still. This album hit me in the face with a shovel, then took a leak on me, then left me in the cold. Beautiful album cover though, Im sure many people saw it and thought "TALAMASCA! goa-trancey album cover!! Title is PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE?? omg he recovered from his psychosis I must buy this " then went home and ended up in fetal position
  9. Astral Projection - Kabalah. I adore astral most of the time but this track never got to me.
  10. Yes I will respond, dont worry just give me some time, til next time I have energy to read and write alot. im very hungover.
  11. psychomachine is terrific, especially live unfortunately when i saw them live the last time, in 2004 or something, that was the ONLY track they played from their past no other classics were played that night
  12. okey.. so do it? you dont sound extremely fucked up man
  13. i belive we are a genetic experiment radi; ill answer later dont have the energy right now. procyon, thanks.
  14. anoebis did you do alot of bad acid in the 2000s? cus ive read alot of your reviews from that time and its like, what the hell
  15. i didnt wanna say it but BPC is actually beyond Pleiadians, Astral and Simon. Just because BPC touches my heart in ways they dont. not sying music necessarily is better produced but it is different, different that it is more magical. I can listen to Alidade, over bloody flood or crystal, and get feelings i just wont get with the other gods.
  16. anoebis, i think im falling for you
  17. over bloody flood doesnt even sound like it belongs in the goatrance realm, tbh. it sounds like it belongs somewhere else. not sure where. but somewhere else. it is almost like it is above goatrance. sorry Rizzo but you know, if you are a god, then some other god must have made YOU. so .. yeah
  18. anoebis its not fair... its just not fair
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