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  1. @radi I think it is the opposite of hypnotic. Hypnotic for me is something totally different. Astral - techno drome is hypnotic for me. Or X-dream - Zebra... Stuff like that. Another track I don't like is talking souls - karma 209. I liked it when I was younger and hadn't heard alot.. But now I think it's pretty boring.
  2. I never liked Power Source that much could never understand the hype. Yes Deedrah Lepton Head has always been on my top 15 ever.
  3. Hehe strange how taste can differ. For me that is both deedrahs and shaktas best track BY FAR. although I agree it doesn't really sound like Deedrah stuff so if u like Deedrah I understand. It should be titled Transwave remix instead imo cus it sounds a hellofalot more like Transwave than Deedrah
  4. ^ I've also heard psychomachine played live by them:) 10 years ago... Amazing track live no doubt.
  5. http://mash.network.coull.com/activatevideo?video_provider_id=2&pid=8165&website_id=69335&width=590&height=362&embed_type=IFRAME&video_provider_url=http%3A//www.youtube.com/embed/gjqZ08faksA%3Fversion%3D3%26rel%3D1%26fs%3D1%26showsearch%3D0%26showinfo%3D1%26iv_load_policy%3D1%26wmode%3Dtransparent&mobile=true&referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fikeepsit100.com%2F2011%2F03%2F08%2Fjerky-boys-vcr-repair%2F I aint muthafuckin swearing one muthafuckin time
  6. well said man. Lol yeah i laughed at that too and i kinda agree lol
  7. I love the weather, any weather
  8. No. Radis response sounded alot more mature than technosomys attacks. Imo. Besides I call stuff gay all the time don't really think that's a reason to get all up in it like that.
  9. No but that's not really the same thing.. But whatever I think this is all kind of silly to split hairs like that.. What i meant was i think Simons favorite Simon track is... But that sounded wierd and I expected you guys to not mark words but instead know what I meant. Sigh.
  10. still dont really get it.. I just said I thought that was his favorite track. Cus thats what i remembered. and i wrote that in reply to someone saying shamanix was his favorite track. have no idea why technossomy thought he should make some kinda fuss about it ? :/
  11. seriously I think radi is acting very mature, and it is you who is acting immature here. Just saying, thats what it looks like from an outside perspective.
  12. What? I really don't get it. So what if you were talking about a hallucinogen track? I was talking about a Simon posford track. I really don't know why we are having this discussion or what the point is why you keep going on about it. could someone explain what technossomy is going on about? :/
  13. On that subject My boxers keep creeping upward my scrotum area leaving my thighs shaving against eachother. Totally bogus man.
  14. What do you mean? Simon is infernal Machine. I didn't question anything.
  15. I wonder how he tastes. Probably delicious from all that healthy jungle foods. Someone should cook him up on youtube.
  16. Oh okay then. But, I wanna ask you, Ska vi brassa på varandras kroppar med olivolja och rulla runt med vrålstånd i gräset?
  17. Close but those os are danish not Swedish.. And the moose thing is Canadian. At least you tried right
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