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    Good movie

    I like weekend at bernies it's funny
  2. That could translate the intro scene from white chicks for me. In between the singing Marlon says Spanish words. I know it's just jibberish but they are still words and would like someone to hear and translate what he says. The official translation in subtitles are blank there. Thanks
  3. i thought simons favorite hallucinogen track was The Loin Sleeps tonight. at least thats what i remembered from his interview.
  4. Not a spoil! its just awesome someone else also loved it as much as me
  5. I'm sorry buddy people are just not interested in eachother these days. People including myself although I'm trying to better myself - are just assholes and they just don't care. I dont think there is anything you can do about it.. This is one of the many reasons why I personally dislike humans in general. I prefer cats and dogs
  6. This could serve as a thread where other people listen to your mix and tell youwhat THEY hear. It is rare that you hear everything when mixing. So this can be helpful in your mixing process. For example too much bass to much delay what have you. OK. Here is mine. To me it sounds good but I don't have any good reference speakers or the like atm. http://www.aeap.se/eminence____4.mp3
  7. Nicely put ^ Also for example MFG is considered classic and I don't deny that. But most of their tracks are bad. We are the machines is incredible though. Top notch.
  8. This is more a chit chat friendly type thread and not a list thread. OK I really love x-dream - zebra. I think it is my favorite track from them and top ten overall. Why is it so good for me? Well it is extremely monotonic which if successfully done, can be amazing. This is it for me in that category. So hypnotic and extremely sexy acid. I've never come across someone else who loves this track as I do. Another one is the Amen album from AP but specifically electric blue. Also anything is possible, heavens gate, infinite justice, nexus, and techno drome. To me these tracks are pure genius and I never get tired of them. The production is some of the most skillful and talented to date. Only Simon can even come close imho, and when talking pure skill and talent I think Amen is the best album created. Sure it might sound cheesy at times but sometimes that is just what scratches your tickles. OK I would love to hear some of your stories because I see many of you as friends now so I'm interested. You know what the topic is so go ahead And please for the love of God don't just link a YouTube video...
  9. Hehe how could we have guessed that ^
  10. Rainbow spirit - prana is a given. Can't believe Noone mentioned it Sirius shuttle is not as good and it is also a collab so.. Definitely prana
  11. Synchro - babes on broomsticks If there is more good Synchro stuff lay it on me
  12. In that case I would say Filteria - wormhole And artifact303 - feelings. But feels funny mixing new and old school in a thread regarding quality since tech used is so different.. Don't sit right. Also the style is different it's basically another version of the genre. Not the same music.. As i said that's just my opinion and I will respectfully leave the thread since I'm not comfortable with the mix
  13. everything everything everything everything in a razor of love
  14. Yep his album wasn't really great. Sensitives will be kings was kinda nice but rest of album was not in my liking either..
  15. Satori - razor Der stern von afrika - lumbumbashi
  16. Oh lawd Jesus it's a fahr. This gonna be so damn good. Just that filteria and artifact samples made me cringe in awesomeness Looking forward the most to nova fractal he is my favorite new school young new talent
  17. my thoughts exactly. i still marvel in the magic of my most dearest tracks, and can still get very much lost in them, even though ive heard them thousand times before. One good example is Gamma Goblins II which I feel I hear something new in everytime. Its mixed in such a way that different details are audible at different moods/times you hear it Magical. The second thing you said i agree with completely. There are very many tracks I really disliked at first, but grew on me over time into something really special. One example is astrals Amen, which at first I disliked just because I excpected something else. But after a while it really grew on me to the extent I now feel its their best overall album. ps. The Messenger is one hellofatrack
  18. i havent heard much from them at all. they have been on my "must check out" list for about 15 years now ever since i heard hey boy hey girl, which i really loved alot. the video was amazing. fukin hell, the 90s pop-edm videos were pretty sweet
  19. prodigy was my first edm love aswell. also carry them very close in my heart. rarely listen to them nowadays though. but i can hear the songs any time in my head yes Smack my bitch up video is amazing also. I remember i recently got internet and found the video trying to download it (for ehm.. research purposes) on a 56k modem wasnt that easy but i got it it was a 50mbish mpeg and top of the line at the time
  20. dont think its fair comparing new tech with 15+ year old tech. think it should be old school goa only in this thread, thats just my 2 cents though.
  21. im pretty sure some of them are on the artists albums. At least I know for sure Chi-a.d purity is on his album Infinitism
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