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    Hi. What happened to the third instalment of Mental Triplex... I thought it was due a couple of years ago. Was it scrapped, or is it still being perfected into what will be the best new goa release ever?!
  2. Hey, sorry to bust in on your topic, but I've been thinking about going here and am trying to get similar info. What I want to know is, are there music venues (i.e. trance parties) in regular venues that are within walking distance (or easy transport without a bike) of places to stay, like Vagator or Anjuna? Or, is it like it used to be when you had to make phone calls and drive all over the countryside to find the secret party that may or may not exist...
  3. I was browsing Ektoplazm yesterday and came across this release. I have to say it sounds amazing, in particular track 5 stood out - lots of great reviews there too. Also, as a fan of the 90s Flying Nun music scene, it's great someone from New Zealand in the Psytrance scene. Can't wait to get stuck into this.
  4. Hi again. I'm still getting my head around all these genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub genres, but I'm getting there! I came across this track recently, and can't get enough of it. First heard it at a party recently and it sent everyone crazy (love the bit that comes in just before 4mins!). I'm assuming this is pure Full On, right?
  5. Sounds great. I go to Thailand regularly but the trance scene is dwindling somewhat, with boring tech-house and commercial stuff taking over. It's there still, but nothing like 10+ years ago when that was all there was. So which beach location would you recommend to stay for a few weeks, which has the right mix of a) Quiet location (populated, but not with high class resorts), b ) easy walking access to decent eateries, c) easy walking access to beach trance parties. Am I asking for too much?!
  6. Yes but what about now? (Sorry if I've misread your post)
  7. Hi, I'm interested to hear more about this. Was in Calangute/Baga in 1996 but that was before I was really into dance music at all so we didn't really visit the parties. Are the parties in regular, organised venues, on the beach? Or are they secret remote locations which would always require transport to get to? How is the accommodation and food thesedays? In 96 we were on a tight budget and it was all a bit dodgy to say the least! Thanks for any info!
  8. Hey great stuff, well spotted, thanks! They played mostly Goa at the parties but there was a lot of acid stuff like this thrown in too. Can you think of some examples of Goa from this era which also had a similar style of acid synths going on?
  9. Hi all, I hope I've chosen the right forum for this. I've been looking at old footage on YouTube of full moon parties in Koh Phangan, Thailand. It's where I first discovered trance back in 99. But looking back, I always struggle to place the style, as I don't really hear stuff like it any more. The music was quite minimal, very acid driven. I'm not sure if it's strictly trance, or more techno, or what - all I remember is at the time it used to send me totally crazy! I still like the sound and want to try and identify the genre, if not any exact tracks. There's a great example in this documentary I found from 1988. (Watch the whole thing if you want, it's rather odd at times with some interesting characters (!) but you have to say it's great rare footage). The music I'm talking about is at the end, starting quietly in the background at 40mins, and peaking at 42mins.
  10. Hey thanks guys, especially Padmapani for all that detail! I think I was pretty much correct in what I was thinking, but the boundary between psytrance and full on needs some work so I'll get listening to your links
  11. I've taken an interest in this thread as I'm partial to some Wizzy Noise at times, plus I totally love the LSD (Lucy) album that was mentioned above, and also because I was at an awesome party last month which (having chatted to the DJ) was mostly Nano stuff. However to me it's all psychedelic trance! Please could someone perhaps try and define what is Goa, what is Psy, and what is Full On? What are the differences, boundaries between them? Plus, is this actually important, or are some people here just being too particular ;-)
  12. Still loving this six years on, great album! Has Tamlin done anything since this release?
  13. Hi guys. I kind of missed MFG first time around, been into trance 10 years or so, and now I want to find out what they were about. Does one of their albums stand out as being their masterpiece? Given the limited time I have to investigate, which album would you recommend I try first? Cheers!
  14. I'm confused as to why reviews of this are appearing on a psychedelic trance forum. To me it sounds like Coldplay with an electronic orchestra.
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