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  1. Getafix - Digital Druid EP Released: Jun 03 2011 Label: Spliff Music Format : Digital download Style: Morning Full-on Cat: [sP1CD058] Tracklist: 1. Digital Druid 2. Existence 3. Disco Junkie AVAILABLE AT BEATPORT: http://beatport.com/s/r1zCif Getafix on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Getafix/12165999563
  2. Great tips Colin, going to try out the Antares Tube. The Oxford Eq does go up to 400Hz so maybe you meant to say 400? Anyway the only thing that i have problems with is getting a good 'running' closed hi hat sound. I've tried out closed hi hats on every 16th & playing around with the velocity to make it seem more natural but it's still not there. So any tips there would be cool! Also what percussions do you guys recommend to make a track sound faster. I've often noticed some of my tracks sounded a little slow on big systems & i think this probably has to do with the percussion.
  3. It's not too bad, i prefer Nadia Ali's voice to be honest. The Above & Beyond track is much better!
  4. Thanks for listening! I used CronoX2 for the bass & most of the leads are from my Virus TI.
  5. Hmmmm lotsa views no reviews!!
  6. Hi guys, I just finished a new full-on track after quite a long break so i'm eager to get feedback on this tune. You can stream it here: http://beatbiz.net/player.php?tid=2458 Looking forward to your reviews! Thanks!
  7. Hey, They are 230v. Email me if you're interested get-a-fix(at)hotmail.com
  8. I know they're not cheap, i would've been more than happy to sell them to you Colin! I know i'm buying them again soon as i pay off my debts.
  9. Hey guys, I'm selling my Klein + Hummel 0300 monitors due to some financial problems. I love these monitors & am very sad to see them go. They've been used around 4 months & are in perfect working order. A new pair goes for $4'400 i will let these go for $3'600 that's $800 off for a couple of months of use.
  10. The eventide is really amazing, the reverbs are to die for & it can also do some insane fx. To really get the best out of it though you need to be using it in a surround 5.1 setup. So far i'm only using it in stereo & have barely scratched the surface with it, but it is indeed a beast! @ needle ninja Congrats on the monitor, i'm planning on getting another one once i can afford it!
  11. Hey, Well i'm selling it as i'm upgrading to a Lavry DA10 which has better converters, i will combine it with a RME HDSP 9632 Pci interface. The FF400 is great but i wasn't using some of its features such as the preamps. I will buy a high-end A/D converter & preamp later on when i need them. Anyway it doesn't weigh 12 kilos with the cables it shouldn't be more than 6 kilos.The cheapest way to send it to croatia would be via the local post office. Will cost around $35-$40. I've sent BM6A monitors to china & a novation remote SL to Italy using the same service & they both got there fine. It's not the fastest though & there won't be a tracking number. I'll have to find out how long it could take. I could also find out about other services if you would rather have a tracking number, they will cost more though. Will try to get you some pics soon too. Here's an old one:
  12. Hi guys, I want to sell my RME Fireface 400, excellent condition comes with all the accessories, packaging etc plus an extra breakout cable, 4pin to 6pin firewire cable & 4pin to 6pin firewire adaptor. I will ship worldwide as long as you pay shipping charges. I don't really know how much they go for used as they're hard to find. I'm asking for $850 or p.m me your best offer. I'll upload pics tomorrow when i get time.
  13. I'm very anal about keeping my equipment clean & dust free. I had a tailor sew together special dust covers that fit all my equipment perfectly, such as monitors, pc etc. Then i throw an additional blanket on top of everything when it's not in use.
  14. thanks 4 the tip man .

  15. ^^ Is that an Audio Technica AT3035? How is it, i've been meaning to buy an all purpose mic & have read good things about Audio Techinca mics.
  16. Don't say i didn't warn you! I've got a Fireface 400 & it is excellent but now i'm looking to add a Benchmark DAC-1 to it for D/A conversion as it's better than the FF400 converters. No matter what gear you have there is always something that's just slightly better which you ultimately want to get!
  17. Yes there is! RME Fireface 400, but it ain't cheap! As always you get what you pay for but still there are plenty of other manufacturers out there at the same price point that make MUCH better products than M-(suck)audio
  18. My experience with M-audio says otherwise, i would never recommend any M-audio product. The drivers are horrible & i've read of countless people having troubles with M-audio firewire cards. The pci one's are more reliable, so my suggestion would be to stay away & get something else in the same budget, e.g: Echo Audiofire, Presonus Firebox etc etc.
  19. I like to keep my setup simple & effective, i'd rather have less stuff cluttering my studio but the absolute best quality possible. The eventide is really amazing, i don't think anything can come near it in the software world. I just got it so i'm still learning but it has endless possibilities to mangle audio with. I did a lot of research on what the best nearfield monitors were & the K+H O300 were the one's that were most often recommended. They're pretty expensive ($4000) but they are really amazing and worth every penny. I used to have Dynaudio BM6A before this & these just blow the BM6A away.
  20. I just moved into a new room, still have to put in the bass traps. Gear: Klein + Hummel O300 RME Fireface 400 Eventide H8000FW Access Virus TI Polar
  21. ^^ I doubt most people would even know or care what the dj is using to mix his tracks, as long as the music is good. Though i agree, mixing with cdj's is much more fun!
  22. My girlfriend has a BCD 2000 & it works great with Virtual DJ. It's quite fun to use & the knobs, faders etc are quite sturdy. All the buttons come automapped with Virtual Dj, so using it is quite easy. If you can afford to push your budget then i would give the Vestax VCI 100 or M-audio Torq Exponent a try too.
  23. I used to own one, it's pretty good for the price. Does what it's supposed to do.
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