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  1. I have heard a TON of good psytrance this year. Switch - I Want More for
  2. Any of Zero One's albums. Quality quality dub right there...I also have the compilation Waveform Transmissions which absolutely great as well.
  3. Thanks alot. I highly recommend listening to some wave form releases!
  4. anything chill out really!
  5. Hi there I have picked up a few unbelievable WaveForm releases, and this music is just mind melting! Anyone know of any other labels, artists, albums of psychedelic dub music?
  6. Oh I can't wait for this album! I'm so excited to hear a new sound from Cosmosis with all the great new stuff coming out these days, hopefully it lives up to the name of the album! I love funk!
  7. I love this album! thanks for posting it, almost totally forgot about, recently deleted my whole downloaded collection of which this album was in and replaced it with just music I have purchased, this album is definitely on the next saikosounds order.
  8. I used to download, and I had a ton of psytrance downloaded, found out what was good and started buying over the years, I own a collection of 130 psyytrance cd's, 105 which I ordered a few weeks ago, it was a huge box, 76 from psyshop, 26 from saikosounds, and 5 from discogs. But I listen to alot of music, drum & bass, house, breaks, and of course psytrance! I get my music mostly from beatport, junodownlooad, trackitdown, but with psytrance I'll usually buy the album, I love the cover art on most psytrance albums!
  9. I want to hear more of this suomi sound, I really liked Texas Faggot - Back To Mad!
  10. I think I will be going to Ozora this year! I know Freedom Festival for me is confirmed but I still need to talk to a friend to see if we should fit it in our not! We are from Canada and I think it would be a crazy adventure!!
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