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  1. full_on

    VA - Aloz Nogrog

    Funny review! Keep it up!
  2. Hi everyone. I used the search and found nothing. Anyone knows the samples to Jaia - Mai Mai? It is a well known track, so maybe I can get lucky. @0:32 and @3:35 Or maybe in of one of its remixes it is cleaner to understand (Silicon Sound, Invisible Reality, Digicult vs U-Recken, you name it). It appears to be some oriental language. Thank you. Respect!
  3. Outstanding review mate! Nice release from Suntrip, I gotta admit that I prefer their "artist albums", but at least they tried to get these folks together. Thumbs up for that! I would write a review, but the music speaks for itself: Xenomorph - Dying Sun "Our star is dying. All our science. All our hopes, our... our dreams, are foolish! In the face of this, we are dust, nothing more. Unto this dust, we return." "I'm gonna rotate us so the damage is facing away from the sun." "Proximity warning! Hull temperature critical, gravity compensation failing." "A huge red sun, many times larger than the Moon as seen from Earth. Judging by its color, it was no hotter than a glowing coal. Here and there, set into the somber red, were rivers of bright yellow, incandescent Amazons, meandering for thousands of miles before they lost themselves in the deserts of this dying sun." % Shakta - Expedition to Earth "-Planet connection? -Earth. Expedition to Earth." "-How are you feeling? - Wait. What? -It's perfectly normal to feel confused. For the next four months, you'll enjoy space travel at its most luxurious." % Astral Projection - Dominion "-Dominion. -What? -We have only one thing to give up... our dominion. We don't own the world. We're not kings here, not gods. Can we give that up? Too precious, all that control? Too tempting, being a god?" % MFG - Global Light (Retro Edit) "Global light." "Some thoughts and a certain sound." % Oforia - Emotionally Charged Memories "Emotionally charged memories." Respect!
  4. This wanna be label sucks big time, in spite of having tons of releases (mostly crap). Unfortunately I made a mistake to buy a CD from them, just because of one track, and what happens? The CD didn't have the track, it was on the tracklist and it still is listed in psyshop and saikosounds, but the track inside the CD is not the right track. They fucked up so many artists that it is useless to count. Last time I checked mastering is some skipable procedure for them. Bah... Forget about it, not in the mood to keep writing about something worthless. Respect!
  5. Yeah, The Queen of all Everything is an exceptional track, listening to it almost daily these days. There are many others very good in this topic too. Check out Solar Fields - The Road to Nothingness... His last album (Movements) is good. Respect!
  6. Good to have it online again. Full support to the Mars & Psynews Team, and new directions Psynews is going to take. Respect!
  7. Damn i remember you!! You were the coffee drinking maniac whom were one of the first to welcome me to psynews! hahaha ;O still in love with that coffee machine behind you! ;D

  8. Congratulations, super fucking awesome release, as usual from Zenon. Respect!
  9. Probably my most played CD this year is the Loud debut: Some kind of creativity. Also listening a lot to the Shadow XF album, Perfect Stranger - Changed and now the Ace Ventura debut. Respect!
  10. The human brain is part of nature, so the nature inside of you is what makes psychedelics possible. But I guess he was referring to all the beauty in nature and all the naturally occurring psychedelic phenomena. Don't be trapped by old concepts... We adapt... We survive... Respect!
  11. If you can't deal with them, just avoid them... Distance is the best protection. Respect!
  12. I agree with you, many people around won't think twice before saying something like "this is crap", suggesting they know what is good. Forget about them and keep dancing. Respect!
  13. @rino: I prefer Filteria over Pleiadians (I mean the old Pleiadians material and the new album as well). One of the main reasons is sound quality (obviously), but there are others. Can wait to hear the new material from both KOB and Filteria in full quality, please release it fast. Also catch a Live Act won't do any harm. And a "Filteria Remixes" album would be an excellent surprise. Respect!
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