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  1. Don't be such a barbarian, I'd think it could be interesting On the other hand I wouldn't watch a dvd full of Oakey either
  2. Finally received something new, been a while. Ozric Tentacles - Pungent Effulgent (the version released on Snapper Music in 1998, SMMCD545) http://www.discogs.com/release/88894 Ozric Tentacles - Strangitude (the version released on Snapper Classics in 2004, SDPCD149) http://www.discogs.com/release/551740 Ozric Tentacles - Pyramidion (the version released on Snapper Classics in 2004, SDPCD152) couldn't find a discogs entry. Any connoisseurs know why OT albums have been released on Snapper multiple times? What's the difference? Apart from the fact that the 1998 ones are jewelcase releases and the 2004 ones are digipack? Anyhow not bad for €4.99 each.
  3. Whoa, I can see that would be absolutely amazing. Whether you'll be releasing your new album through Ultimae or not, I have good faith, for sure.
  4. shoppinglist shoppinglist! will be buying this for sure
  5. No matter if the 2nd album was better than the 1st one or not, I hope the new one will be even better anyway
  6. *bump* Thanks very much for this recommendation! I went to check some bits of the Arzachel album, and I'm quite excited about it! Probably going to buy the album, possibly the lp re-issue. I know practically nothing about old UK psychedelia if I may call it that, but this might be the start to discovering another subworld of music for me I liked all bits I heard, especially the B-side track which sounds great. Although that first track has something extremely catchy, love it
  7. Ultimae Records expanding to new territories... For the past seven years we have been exploring ambient and downtempo, even bordering trance. We just crossed over with the digital release of a track by Aes Dana [ Manifold ] which you can discover now by checking our e-release section. More will follow, we're planning the release of music by Chanal & Villuis with a first composition out next week, unreleased psychedelic morning trance by Solar Fields that some of you had the pleasure to discover live...Rest assured, ambient will always be the place we reach out from and carry on travelling through. Aes Dana - Manifold Tracklist: "Manifold" Morning Edit "Manifold" Ground Edit Release date : 20th February 2007 Discover two fresh tunes from Aes Dana, and get a feel of what to expect from his upcoming Ley Lines album. Manifold "morning edit" is the classic downtempo track you can expect from Vince whereas "ground edit" is a fully dancefloor oriented track featuring Noemie Hauduroy's amazing voice. http://ultimae.com/en/e-releases/218/index.html ____________________________________________________________ Chanal & Villuis - October Tracklist: "October" Original Edit "October" Radio Edit "October" Extended Edit Release date : 20th March 2007 When Laurent Chanal aka Dj Petit Ange meets Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana), it results in 3 powerful progressive tunes under code name [ October ]. Featuring Noemie Hauduroy's ethereal singing. http://ultimae.com/en/e-releases/220/index.html _____________________________________________________________ text © Ultimae Records/Ultimae.com Samples are to be heard on abovementioned links.
  8. I've heard lots but I can't come up with them names There's this one though.. watery feel.. Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe track 2 anyone agree? I remember playing it out (loud) when my mom walked by and she instantly called it 'water music'
  9. Vibrasphere - Archipelago Remixed label: Digital Structures cat.no: DIGCD019 release date: March 2007 tracklisting: 1. tierra azul (Omnimotion feat Krister Linder remix) 2. reservoir (Fiord remix) 3. sweet september (Perfect Stranger remix) 4. landmark (Allaby remix) 5. morning breeze (Atmos remix) 6. sudden comfort (Decoy remix) 7. baltic resonance (Solar Fields remix) 8. seven days to daylight (Unai remix) 9. late winter storms (Tobias Lilja remix) infosheet (pdf) here samples here _________________________ I swear this is the most exciting "trance" release I've heard in ages. Check out the samples it all sounds excellent. Can't wait to hear the tracks - but especially the Solar Fields remix - in full - awesome!
  10. Well for me personally, apart from the fact that I am aware of many worlds of excellent music ( ), you might just be right there - it might just be possible that if I would spend more time listening to their various music I'd appreciate them more. That's not always easy though, since when there's so many (kinds of) music you like, there simply isn't time to check out everything by every artist. Lucky b......!
  11. Early Ash Ra Temple has some Klaus Schulze involvement isn't it? Recently at groove.nl some re-release of Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4..something caught my eye. I'd been thinking of checking it out but I think I will do that. Thanks for the recommendations!
  12. Nope you're not the only one. I like some System 7 tracks but there's lots I find hard to relate too as well (what's goopy? - lol). Anyhow, I'm happy you mention the connection to the Orb/FSOL genre, which has never really meant that much to me. Well there's bound to be some brilliant FSOL and Orb pieces of music but generally I find their genre hard to relate to as well. Just like I never listen to Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin by the way, always wondered why they get so much attention when it comes to "downtempo" (pardon my French) music, same story..
  13. Haha sure sounds tempting.. I'll get the Interplanetary one for sure
  14. Cheers mate looks cool. They have a huge amount of artists there though! I don't know any of them, recommendations plz
  15. Cheers, I'll start with those.
  16. bugger bugger bugger going to need a new hdd if I want to listen to all of these Do you have a particular favourite among these sets Colin of which you would say that's the one I should pick first? Or perhaps just randomly picking one would work
  17. Blimey just missed the chill stuff, which I prefer If I'm around the computer tonight I'll be checking this topic again.
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