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  1. Couldn't agree more... but you already knew that
  2. What, you didn´t bet all your savings on it??? you should F.C.PORTO won the Europa League and... sorry, got to go and buy a new car Champions is next
  3. I don´t know about the champions league but let me tell you who is going to win the Europa League: F.C. PORTO Hulk rules... :rolleyes:
  4. nice review as always!! this is back to the good times of the first compilation... Track 01(!!) and 06(!) are my favourite. and i agree with you on the remark about the Tryon album "the twilight solution", it's quite underrated.
  5. check all the catalogue from ultimae (but you probably already did). you must try SOLAR FIELDS
  6. spifer jo

    Osaka Mafia

    I have to say this: we should be paying you for your reviews (trance2moveU). Really, really good stuff and a very distinct funny style. I love it. About the VA, I have to agree with you. The last tracks are bad (imho). Cheers
  7. Wow... amazing review. thank's for sharing. Now I don't need to have the same experience and just skip this one I hope it doesn't set the tune for your 2011 (just go and listen to midnight storm 4 once again and be cured )
  8. I have it already... but now I have no furniture left highly recommendable (I have been playing at home with (almost exclusively) my nexus, timecode, mmd and disasterpeace music and... I'm so happy!!! Ohh and I saw Shift live @ hard-club in Porto @ NYE. A 90 minutes live act (but I have to say that only the second half was that powerfull)
  9. That's good news I really like his work. Blumenkraft is a masterpiece and Skylon is also very good ( first 2 tracks are amazing) lets wait.
  10. Ok, that's me with jean michel on the day after his gig in Porto, back in April 2008. One of my jobs is tourist guide in the Sandeman Oporto wine cellars he is really a very nice guy.
  11. fuck me... sure your soundsystem is working well? ehehehe... just kidding
  12. I agree with you... it has become way too cheesy... well, each one his path. (avoid this one)
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