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  1. best & rarest: Blue Planet Corporation - Human Genom Project
  2. how do you people handle your music collection on the pc? When you need to know all tracks by slinky wizard for example. Or when you want a certain song? Windows Search? or are there much better quick and easy tools?
  3. listening: Double Dragon - Dice i'd like to do it again
  4. may i have a reply by mods please.
  5. piracy, whats the solution ? a part of the solution would be to forget about the term piracy and call it Copyright Infringement. (for example).
  6. please delete permanently locked threads. i don't like censorship
  7. hehe .. i bought it 2 times at ebay ... in fact it's the first thing i bought on ebay. u could guess my ebay nick. it's bpc_fan
  8. it will please you! the first time i heard it i was working on my pc. after the first halft of the cd i tried to remember if i like the sound or not. i couldn't remember. the only thing i knew was; it must be very good because i don't turn it off. nothing aggressive. so it was still playing. this happens rarely with todays psytrance. today i was listening again and i can say: really good music ... ... was tristan ever better before?
  9. Sealed Records BackOnTrack Records Inheritance Records Psytopia Records
  10. Gus Till - Electric Oceans http://www.discogs.com/release/379535
  11. everyone explains misunderstandings ... everybody is nice ... quotes got posted to clear things up not to attack ... you can clearly see this can't be a a full on thread.
  12. http://www.blueplanetcorporation.com coming soon .... new album too i hope
  13. Hesius Dome - The Age of Steam Joe Creighton, Simon Polinski Psy-Harmonics 2CD Mixed Style: Experimental, Ambient This is an impressive ambient album. It's not made of simple harmonic strings and relaxing beats. The Age of Steam is a vital evolving and real world. It's always waiting for the next exploration. You won't think about samples or synths while listening. You'll think about an unknown age with its workpeople and fast expanding industrial landscapes. The coldness of the winter. The heat of the factories. The work and amusement of the people. Feel the decaying religious myths of the Age of Steam. An Age full of expectations. "The Fountain of Hesius can be found on the planet Gor, where John Norman's classic sci-fi series of books was set. This planet is a hidden counter earth on the other side of the sun, a primitive world in many respects but possessing certain technologies even more advanced than Earth. The Fountain of Hesius produces sound that emulates a complex web of emotions in accordance with the nature that surrounds it. Beautifully structured and thoughtfully played 'The Age of Steam' features guest cameos from some of australians finest musicians and recording artists, such as David Bridie, Kerry Simpson, Joe Creighton, Shane Andalou, Ollie Olsen & Gareth Skinner." http://www.psy-harmonics.com.au/wipv3_6/pa...1566&db=Entries In my opinion Age of Steam (cd1) is much superior to Farewell Waltz.
  14. synchro wrote: "Have a look at my new project Stikka, it's me and 2 girls and lots of crazy lyrics. This is the music I always wanted to make. Sometimes you have to let 11 years go by. No records yet but there will be of course." http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?sh...ndpost&p=592338
  15. the mystery is uncovered. i sent an email to synchro and got a reply: Zoe was some random clubbing girl I met first there was a track (Synchro: Vacant Vacation) where there is a small snippet of her voice & laughter, I thought she sounded a lot like Anne Clarke so we wrote "Next Stop Oblivion", there is a also a Z to A track called "Destination Devastation" with her voice, it's not as good though. It came out on a Phonokol trance compilation. Maybe you can find it on a filesharing program. Have a look at my new project Stikka, it's me and 2 girls and lots of crazy lyrics. This is the music I always wanted to make. Sometimes you have to let 11 years go by. No records yet but there will be of course. www.stikka.net www.myspace.com/stikkaisthenu Jeroen PS Next Stop might get remixed this year have alook at my website towards end of the year, maybe. ;-)
  16. born on the floor? no? then you're born to be noob anyway!
  17. yes. some people read diagonally. but i read holographically. Good Ideas! I have a dream: More parties for free where people contribute money if they want. More or less secret parties outside .. not big known events. Events with a couple hundred or less enthusiasts somewhere outside in nature. Alot small party organizing groups of people. Parties consisting of active people and their friends. Friends who may organise their own small events in future. They would only invite each other group of party organizers and friends. No flyering, no much spreading of infos, no name dropping; independence. More or less secret family parties. Parties offering low-priced drinks and food (and free mystical punch). Lot's of parties each weekend to choose from. Eveything will be a surprise. You would experience unexpected happenings, individual styles and pleasures. Imagine the change when such parties would gain reputation! Interests in mass "festivals" would drop quickly. Imagine if suddenly artists and known djs would join in such free and independent parties just for the fun. They might contribute with free performances to gain a (whole new) reputation. They may perform with unkown material which will never ever find a way to record labels. (of course it will work without famous names ... but imagine!!!)
  18. the society is particularly a scene, isnt it? tools to improve the society are politicians and cheap entertainment. if this wont work we still have the option: psychiatry. how would u try to improve the imaginary thing called "this scene"?
  19. for me? initially i don't ment FP is disorganized scizophrenic. i was talking about his so called EVOLUTION!
  20. "This form of schizophrenia is typically associated with early onset (often between the ages of 15 and 25 years) and is thought to have a poor prognosis because of the rapid development of 'negative' symptoms and decline in social functioning." no fun thing ... how old is FP?
  21. noooo ... they have a word for it. they call it free market nooooooo ... they have term for it. they call it Disorganized Schizophrenia edit: "The emotional responses of people diagnosed with this subtype can often seem strange or inappropriate to the situation. Inappropriate facial responses may be common and behavior is sometimes described as 'silly'. Complete lack of expressed emotion is sometimes seen, as is an apparent indifference, anhedonia (the lack of pleasure), and avolition (a lack of motivation). Some of these features are also present in other types of schizophrenia, but they are most prominent in Disorganized Schizophrenia." - wikipedia
  22. what a childish opinion. i doubt a scene can be a reel scene if it rejects profits! scenes are about money. life is about profits. scenes are about scenarios. scenarios are for profits. it's an infinite chain of shame. once upon a time there was good music and mood without profits. no bad scenarios nor scenes. maybe a proto scene. but no real scene. time to cut here, i should write an complete essay next time. so both, the onfulls and gotheads, will learn from eachother!
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