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  1. Anne Clark - Our Darkness '97 (Total Eclipse Remix) i love her voice on this track! btw .. anyone seen Apocalypto ?
  2. i have no idea but if you know the psy project Moksha. it's a fact that one member got a depression and died. so i think everyone has troubles somehow.
  3. or am i wrong ... i wonder if his italian writings are uber correct ... please check it at italian version on http://www.plutocracycaust.com (i know i have to change the iso charset for correct displaying ... will do that sunenough)
  4. oook. so basically only the hope is left that you (psynews.org) is taking care and preserves a copy of our offtopic outputs. for now that's really easy peacy for me .... i'm open for input .... preferred in german or english language (?literally?) http://www.plutocracycaust.com .. there is a contact form. and don't forget: be aware of the unconscious consciousness :posford: [respect the young and enjoy the old] AND FOR ALL THE REST, here's a good read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship
  5. hello old fellow beer-man .... ONE SINGLE QUESTION: Is there the slightest possibility that a different site than psynews.org can optain a copy of the OFFTOPIC and host it on its own? i desperatly need an answer on this question! i'd like to host it ... and i'm sure others as well.
  6. dont't know ... but this album is for sure the most beautiful and vivid. can't compare it. it is way more resolute than any other ambient/chillout i know. it doesnt draws an other strange world or a dreamy film like many other ambient. it is native powerful and still very dreamy! 10/10
  7. Tarsis - Atomic Children Remix i'm sure it was posted here before. there aren't many tunes like this which instantly lead to a spontanous dance when walking around in my flat.
  8. are you pervert? shame on you and your ideas!
  9. if there are unrlsd tracks by: Doof The Antidote Blue Planet Corporation Orichalcum Eco (maybe there is stuff like 'Toxic Recall') edit: Tarsis Sandman UX Biot Turban Bloc .... or any good stuff by all the old mad ones! edit: how about this Jaia album 'Insomnie' http://www.discogs.com/release/454171 or any unrlsd jaia
  10. yes this one http://www.einklang.net/data/demos/theBeauty.zip a program to start .. and it renders in realtime you can download many demos here: http://www.pouet.net
  11. a real beauty ... i could watch the last scene a million times http://www.einklang.net/einklang_thebeauty_e.php get the realtime version for pc!
  12. simple answer: everybody who knows the old tracks seems to know that these goods are well known. so nobody talks much about them anymore. and nowadays we simply got a greater quantity of "psytrance" than in the old days. and maybe people are not self-confident enough to show their love for vintage music
  13. miraculix.

    In the comic world, Obelix gained his legendary super human Roman-bashing powers from falling into the cauldron of magic potion.

    I was just wondering if Psykovsky gained his super-human Psychedelic madness inducing powers by falling into a cauldron of "magic potion" in a similar manner......

    Any info or speculation on this?

  14. i only know Savage Freedom (UX Remix) are there more compilation tracks???
  15. mayeb this: Moksha - Activate Your Merkabah - Caleido "We aren’t gonna march with any weapons … we aren’t gonna march with bricks or bottles. We’re gonna march with something more powerful than all of that. We’re gonna march with the force of our souls."
  16. daybrain

    hux flux?

    simple .. it's one of his best and also his first vinyl http://www.discogs.com/release/74357 ! S.T.P. Something !
  17. george clinton and parliament funkadelic live (1976)
  18. Beautiful People is nice! with Slinky Wizard - Lunar Juice (Hallucinogen Moon Strudel Mix) i'd buy it. but this track sounds better on vinyl anyway
  19. Ohh damn .. i paid a bit more :] but antidotcom by antidote isnt at amazon.
  20. Morbid 2 - Generation E "hallucination generation!"
  21. both The Antidote albums & Eat Static - Abuction ... don't ask how much i paid
  22. and that makes you special or what? it's the only way w/o becoming mad
  23. perfect ambient trip. excellent on your stereo (not as well on headphones). how many times this cd got me into dreams! i felt away in this rich ambient excess. soberly or stoned this music fits! it's a concept album ...listen it from beginning to end. you should order it directly from http://www.banco.co.uk/
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