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  1. Pakawala Music,Culture & Art Festival 28 June - 4 July 2011 Pakawala is a joyful celebration of the many colors and sounds of our tribes united under the generous Mediterranean sun. A unique occasion for all light beings to share our similarities, differences and gifts in spirit of love and freedom. Shanti Tribe collaborates with Fullom to bring a spirited festival for the happy people. An eco-friendly gathering, a stomping ground of true psychedelic trance, alternative stage for live bands and heart melting psybient tunes, healing area to nurture our body and soul. We will come together once again to revitalize our spirit and join forces for a special summer to remember. Location: Girdev Lake MAIN STAGE -----LIVE ACT----------- Arjuna (Parvati rec.) Italy Atomic pulse(zoo music) lsrail Aghori Tantrik (Sonic Tantra Records)India Beat Chop (2 to 6 record)Iran Bombax (Catawampus records)Germany Blisargon Demogorgon (Bhooteshewara Records) Macedonia Brain Strecth (Rockdenashi Productions Quest4goa)Portugal Claw (Discovalley Records)Greece Critical Selection(Apuruami Records)Russia Dark Elf (Discovalley Records)Greece Digital samsara israel (Live band) Dissociactive (Sun Station Records)Russia Khaos Sektor(Rockdenashi Productions Quest4goa)portugal Loose Connection(Catawampus records)England Liquid Noize (Namaha Record)India-İsrail Mubali (Parvati Records) Usa Nyama (Catawampus records)Germany Psymmetrix (Bom Shanka Music) UK Samadhi (Shanti Sound System)Russia Transalento(live band) İtaly Trippy Trail (Shanti sound sistem)scothland-goa Tryambaka(1FT Groove Recors)Portugal Therange Freak(Liquid Tune Records)Macedonia ---------------DJ'S------------------- Ant (Mind Expansion Records)Germany Ardacadabra (Kohlea Records) Turkey Aslandj(majimag) Turkey Boyan (Nine Bar)Goa-Slovenia Claw (Discovalley Records)Greece Cromaniac (Bionic instinct rec.)Morrocco Dsompa (Peak Records)Germany Dejan (Shanti Tribe)Serbia Djane Miazu (Exogenic records & MMD records)Finland Hiroshi (Discovalley Records-Psydesuka Rec)Japan Hazime (Discovalley Records)Japan Hypnotic(Shanti Tribe)Turkey Goandy (Shanti tribe)Austria Gandalf(magic beat project) Germany Kia (Zoo Music)Iran-Goa Kulu (Lycantrop Records)Greece Merry (Mindfunk Rec)Germany Midi junkies Turkey Moksha (Active meditation rec.)Macedonia M.U.T.E (Hebehebe tribe)Turkey Murat (Star Labs)Turkey Orestis (Tantrum rec-Lycantrop rec-Mighty Quinrec)Greece Psymo Morocco Pixie (Bhooteshwara Records) Costa Rica Saki (Full-Omm)Turkey Snap Jaxx(Full-Omm) Turkey sG4rY(Mind Funk Records)Germany Shawnodese(Mind Funk Records)Germany Super Sam (Goa Freak Family)Iran Suzi (Pukkawalla Rec)Japan Trashlords(Stones age rec.)Sweden Teo (Discovalley record)Goa-greece Tweek (Wonderland Project) Turkey Twisted Kala (Discovalley-Lycantrop Rec.)France The Seyh Turkey Voodoo Mantra(Liquid Tune Records)Turkey Woodpecker (Shanti tribe) Turkey ------------ALTERNATIVE STAGE-------------- Aslandj(majimag) Turkey Deli kopek .Turkey Digital samsara israel (Live band) Entheogenic(Universal symbols rec.)England jamshead sharrafi (shanti tribe) Turkey M.U.T.E (Hebehebe tribe)Turkey Roztal Jiva(Mind Manifest)Turkey Slackbaba (Liquid Records)England (live act) Tree of Pain (Rockdenashi Productions Quest4goa)Portugal live act Fletcher (effecttribe) turkey Oriah(Turkey) Taarus Babas (hebehebe tribe) live act Turkey Jah luck a (dub slecta) Whacky Whack – Technoshamans (Turkey) SSBundergraund-(turkey) tba.................. --WORK SHOPS --FLEA MARKET &INTERNATIONAL FOODS --HEALING AREA --VISUAL PERFORMS --EXHIBITION CENTER --PSY CİNEMA --SEMINARY ----TICKET--------- preesale ticket february:30 euro march :40 euro april :50 euro may :60 euro june :70 euro gate :75 euro Organizer :Full-Omm & Shanti tribe Email: full_om@hotmail.com shantitribe@hotmail.com http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=183312258360094
  2. setting off tomorrow morning!!! first to bratislava then vienna and budapest for 2 days each and then to the paradise! hey those who have been there and know the site: choose a meeting point! shine on!!!
  3. well I and my friends will surely be there, at 10th of August. almost everything's ready, just the visa thing remains. if a meeting point gets assigned, count me in
  4. we've got the plane tickets! yay! =) shine on!
  5. maybe this might help: "If you are traveling from any western European country to Hungary the easiest way is to pass through Vienna, Austria and pass the border at Hegyeshalom! If travelling from the North crossing through the CzechRepublic the only difference is that you must bypass Slovakia and come though Bratislava and so towards Hungary. Then just repeat the following steps which will first guide you through Gyor and so on. 1. After crossing the border at HEGYESHALOM take M1/E60 for 52 km and Exit Gyor, Zirc. 2. At Veszprem take road 82 for 65 km and when you get to road 8/E66 turn left and go for 5 km. 3. Close to Balatonalmádi turn right onto road 72 and go for about 7 kms then continue to road 71 for another 21 kms. 4. Close to Enying turn left onto road 64. You will see a little town called Simonytornya at which turn right and travel another 11 kms and you're there! Travelling to the festival by plane: Destination: Budapest, Ferihegy Airport From the Airport you should go to Budapest, Déli Pályaudvar (South trainstation) and get a train to Simontornya. A party shuttle bus will be waiting for you at Simontornya station." www.ozorafest.hu shine on
  6. I would like to go to this beautiful thing straight after OZORA, I would consider then depending on if we had enough monies left. but due to the visa thing I have to plan everything beforehands, so, sadly, we won't make it. it sounds and looks magical though, especially the spritual/cultural side of the festival! have fun, lovesundance
  7. Main Stage Live acts: Atmos (Digital Structures) – SWE Allaby (Nano Records) – UK Andromeda (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) – SWE Blue Planet Corporation (Flying Rhino Rec.) – FR Derango (Parvati Records) – SWE Echotek (B.N.E. Entertainment ) – ISR Electric Universe (Electric Universe Rec.) – GER Etnica (EtnicaNet) - IT Furious (Insomnia Records) – RUS Hallucinogen (Twisted Records) – UK Hyper Frequencies (Syncronize Records) – FR Irgumburgum (Psybaba Records) – HUN Jaia (Digital Structures) - FR Juno Reactor (Metropolis Records) – UK Kashyyk (Insomnia Records) – MEX Liquid Soul ( Iboga Records) – CH Logic Bomb (Solstice Music) – SWE Man With No Name ( Dragonfly/TIP Records) – UK Neuromotor (Mechanik Rec./Medusa Rec) – FR Ocelot (Dropout Productions) – USA Pleiadians (Harmonia Records) – IT Prometheus (Twisted Records) – UK Protoculture (Nano Records) - ZA Shpongle LIVE IN CONCERT (Twisted Records) – UK Son Kite (Digital Structures) – SWE Silicon Sound (Neurobiotic Records) – FR Talamasca (Mind Control Records) – FR Total Eclipse (Mandala Records) – FR Transwave (3D Vision Records ) – FR Tristan (Nano Records/Twisted) – UK TrippyHippies (Psybaba Records) – HUN Vibrasphere (Digital Structures/Tribal Vision) – SWE Main Stage Dj sets: Alpha (Interzone.pa) – GER Ans (Nano Records) – UK Cosmo (Noise Poison Records) – SK Christof ( 3D Vision) - FR Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records) – IT Driss (Hadra Network) – FR Dj Marios (Samothraki Festival) – GRE Doc (Candyflip Records) – GRE Guiseppe (Parvati Records) – IT Kristian (Transient Records) – UK L’Elf (Turbo Trance Records) – FR Lucas (T.I.P. Records) – UK Peter Didjital (Digital Structures) – SWE Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) – UK Oleg (Deepsmile/Human Touch) – HUN Era (Protoplazma) – HUN Gorgo (Human Touch) – HUN Jirzij (Psybaba Records) – HUN Kraak (SpiralExit) – HUN Tsubi (Human Touch) – HUN Chill Stage Live acts: Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) - FR Asura (Ultimae Records) – FR Entheogenic (Universal Symbiosis Rec.) – GER Carbon Based Lifeforms( Ultimae Records) - SWE Ott (Twisted Records) - UK Soul Surfer (Millennium Records) – SWE Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE Vibrasphere (Digital Structures/Tribal Vision) – SWE Digital Tooki (Stani Pani Collective) – SER Atati (Transcarpathiarts) – UA Cord (Chi Recordings) – HUN Kalumet in Dub (Halu beats) – HUN Winie-One (Winnie-One Records) - HUN Chill Stage Dj sets: Ott (Twisted Records)- UK Nanda (Chillosophy Music) –C/SWE Simon B (Twisted Records) – UK Gandolfi (Chillosophy Music) - UK Dave Arc-i (Inside us All ) – UK more tba ! I'm in and very much excited! not only by the beaaaauuutiful line-up but also the magical atmosphere of ozora that I've heard over and over in the last few years =) love sun dance!
  8. yep, count me in with the lovers of your style I still listen to the first two albums, still not tired with them; still love them. well in fact I do hope you will not make THAT drastic a change with the 3rd album! love from turkey, still remember that Go4Goa vol.3 party as one of my (and many others') unforgettables! hope we shall meet again Jannis peace and love!!!
  9. Tommy Forster is dead. Tommy was going to be a Engineer. He was twentytwo, good looking, personable, athletic. He had an high IQ. The dean said he had the best potential of any man in his class. But Tommy is Dead. His problem was acid. D-lysergic acid-formela 25 known as LSD. A close friend told him that LSD was psychedelic. Mind expanding. Said it would give hime fantastics new sensations and thrill. So Tommy tried it, and his friend was right. At first the LSD made him sick in his stomach, but then Tommy began to hallucinate. The air began to be filled rainbows. A very actualization to be a moving current of multi color particles witch came streaming down around you. And when he listened to the stereo, he saw colored particles, floating up from the speakers. And when he looked at the wall, it seems to be mealting. The picture on the wall became liquified with colors running down like watherfall. It was sensational. Inside him self, Tommy felt sublimated. Short of subspended and space. He had an euphoric feeling of wounderfull well being. Then he looked at a mirror and something horroble happen. First it seemed that half his face was rotting away. Then he began to seeing himself as an grotesque misshaped monster. He looked around the room and all the people were becoming monsters. Evrybody knew what was happend to Tommy, because he began to screaming and describing what it was he was seeing. Tommy had the feeling wanted to smash his head against the wall, to bring him self out of this stuck. He did it. Blood spurted from his nose and a large cut bloodeing his face. But he felt no pain. Then he pounded his head on a doorpost. Somebody in the room tried to stop him. He feelt they were his enemy so he jerked away. He handed to the next room where an olden ladder lead to the roof above the streets. It was eighteen storey to the ground. Tommy thougt to himself that the roof across the streets was realy just a few inches away. He could jump to it, and there buy escape. He tried. Tommy is dead.
  10. it's hell-hot in here! come on, I need some cool news and beautiful music
  11. hmm I think there's confusion in here. it's just a preview to be downloaded not the full album, so the full album will be NOT an online mp3 release. I've listened to most of the tracks in the album for I live in Turkey and had the chance to experience wonderful party nights with Ali's transcendental music that can raise the dead-tired feet up to thin air! yet I'm impatient still, to hear the remastered tracks. waiting for the final good news dear metapsychic crew
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