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  1. W00t think we'll be heading to this... i'm in such an awesome mood following Soulclipse so it would be silly not too :-D I somehow managed to miss FREq's set in the morning, i was cosying up to our nice bonfire with some new friends and just didn't have enough energy... So this friday is a perfect opportunity to make up for it! Think we'll spend saturday chilling in the sun in Kew Gardens, and then maybe a folktronica gig late afternoon / evening. You have a great time at soulclipse heva? Woooow it was beathtakingly beautiful... so many awesome people, such good vibes, and mostly wonderful music! Can't wait for the next festy!
  2. First half is a bit too fluffy handbag trance for my liking, though the georgio armani track is fun. If i had drunk a couple bottles of wine or if this set was on at the beginning of the night i'm sure i could get down. The last 25mins of psilopsyben's set rock! Extremely psychedelic, very driving and awesome track selection. Spot on mixing too! Keep bringing darkness to this world psilopsyben, I very much hope to catch you at a festival / party one day!! I thought the last track felt a bit hard for the sake of being hard (i don't really like noisy and scratchy), but it does go pretty psychedelic in a really awesome subtle way 3/4 of the way thru, then back into scratch territory (hmf). I enjoyed the trip!
  3. Thanks, i shall have a listen Nice artwork btw & an interesting looking tracklisting!!
  4. Woo I got my plane & festival ticket last night! The plane worked out at £201 through [ http://www.thomascook.com/ ], but at least I get to arrive & depart directly at Antalya. My friends have been lazy about booking their flights, so i may be making the flight on my own. I'll be getting the 7am flight from london gatwick on saturday, to arrive at Antalya at 1pm. And will be staying til Monday 3rd 4:25pm, when i'll arrive back at 6:55pm. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!! Hey psychedelics365, my friends just got back from goa last saturday, they had such a good time that they're planning on going back in a few weeks! Have a look at the Soulclipse website at [ http://www.soulclipse.com/ ] - this festival is not to be missed!!! My mates are coming back from goa for it!
  5. £200 (292 EUR) is the cheapest i've found so far. If it's a lot easier than getting lots of busses etc. i'll just do this, as the festival looks worth it :-) Especially now that we've got 2 dancefloors & some phat artists. I can't wait to see penta again, and yes heva i'm sure freq will rock!!
  6. Ok I've seen flights from london to athens for £100 return (not including tax i think), and then to Rhodes by plane it would cost just over £156 (227euro). Then the ferry to Marmais and bus, so it looks like it will cost about £200... doh! So I think flying to Istanbul + bus works out cheaper. Thanks a lot for helping tho :-) I would have loved to come via greece, it's a beautiful country!
  7. Thankyou elena!! Do you know how much it costs (and time it takes) to get from Athens -> Rhodes via ferry? You're a star!!!!
  8. Hey, just had a phat lunch at my local turkish restaurant & got some good news :-) The workers & some customers the weather in Antalya will be like british summer "summer comes too early in Antalya", so we don't have to worry on that front. They also said it was really beautiful & sounded very enthusiastic speaking about it (the guy who worked there especially as he'd only been there once). They think it should take between 8-10hrs to travel on a bus from Istanbul, and should cost a maximum of £20. So I think getting the flight to Istanbul may be a good idea!
  9. Aha thought so, didn't see much of you for the rest of the festy tho! I found flights to istanbul for £135, though i got a bit worried when i saw that antalya was over 200miles to istanbul. I tried looking for details of busses / trains (from what i read it's quicker to get the bus), but didn't get very far. If you find any information it would be much appreciated :-) I have a bunch of mates who are going the week before, and have booked flights to athens with easyjet (100euros inc. tax for return tickets). They are planning to go to Rhodes & get the ferry. I briefly looked into that and found that that would only get you to Bodrum / west turkey. So it's probabbly a good route if you'd like to save some money, (and greek ferry's are more comfortable than busses!) thou i'm not sure how much cheaper it'll be once the busses & ferries have been paid for. probabbly still cheaper, but it'll take a couple days or so extra travelling. I think i'll only go for the week + 2 or 3 days. Have you confirmed your tix yet? It would be good to have a travelling partner. I think kitkat from the psy-forum may be joining me thou! I shall try persuade erin but she's off to goa next week, so may be a bit skint. Woo it's a plan. I shall most likely be at Voov & Boom :-D
  10. Woo this sounds really phat! Just saw the lineup & photographs (the photographs alone do it for me),, line up is a bit pricey but think i can blag slightly cheaper presale tickets with my south african passport I think i may try fly from the UK to greece, then ferry it to the festival. WOooooot can't wait! Gwaaaan moni! It will be fun to catch up with ya :-) I'll bring you some phat british tea or something Also wicked that you're coming heva, i briefly met you at voov didn't i? (I was down with erin & heather) My that was an awesome festy!! Come on people it's gonna be wiiiiiiiiild! Edit: second thoughts it is working out a bit expensive... £196 (including tax) for flights from london -> antalya. Then £90 for the bus to the festival & entry (£72 for me if i use my south african passport). Hmm, I will have to really think about it in the next couple days.
  11. Nice clip - it's awesome seeing just how far voov has come from then, but sorry i don't recognise it. Let us know if you find out tho, it sounded wicked!
  12. As a journey / whole-album it's a very chilling experience, i don't skip between tracks at all and so I think that's why i love it so. Perfect music for bedtime, relaxing, and sex :-) I'd say the album is a lot more ambient than most psy-chillout - most tracks don't have any beats. Support the label & buy it from the labels site if you can [ http://www.sendingorbs.com/content/artists/secede ] (it's more expensive than from Saiko Sounds but more money will reach the artist.)
  13. I can highly recommend secede's album, it's a very beautiful ambient music mix... without a doubt one of my fave ambient albums. it feel's like an atmospheric soundtrack to a movie. Get yourself a copy before it's out of print (i think only 2000 were made and i bought 3 heheh). I wouldn't call it IDM, there's no cut up beats or anything IDM like to it. Though the sending orbs record label does release more IDM'y stuff from kettel & funckarma. (If you're after something a bit more idm'y in the same vein i'd highly recommend the "Yasume - Where we're from the birds sing a pretty song" album) Track 3 is beautiful... reminds me of music by Tycho [ http://tychomusic.com/ ] or even the Bloodlock track on Sasha's Airdrawndagger album. Any similar recommendations to Secede's album are much appreciated!
  14. Sounds like a good plan auryn, tho I do know some poor psy-trance producers which I'm sure would happily accept self-determined donations. I came across a very interesting "self-determined pricing" policy yesterday, which I think would be perfect in this situation. Have a read of the "Open Letter From Jane Sibbery" at the link i've given above. Here's a quick summary if you're in a hurry:
  15. hey nice thread! My first exposure to electronic music was through trance music I downloaded from BBS (bulletin boards back in the day of the modem) in .mod / .xm tracker form. This was around 1993-95 before the internet was the big thing in south africa You used to be able to get some awesome psy-trance music for the tracker (i used fast tracker). A the time (i was 13) no-one i knew listened to music like that. It blew me away! I heard my first commercially released psy-trance cd in 1996 - a compilation called Suntrance Goa '96. With tracks by Doof, Green Nuns, Hallucinogen & Slinky Wizard no-wonder i kept listening it practically on repeat for the next 3 or 4 years. My first psy-trance club experience was in 2000 and I've been to Samothraki, Boom, Voov & The Glade festivals since. This year I plan on going to Boom, the psynews gathering (wooo!!!), the Glade Festival & maybe some other non-psy festivals if there's any good uns on! I've been getting bored of the scratchy un-psychedelic music mostly played at clubs / squat parties these days, it seems like the psychedelic music i grew up on has been replaced by hi-energy pill music. For me, to experience the true essence of psy-trance - you *need* to go in search of the festivals / outdoor free parties! Nothing beats being out in the sun & stars with thousands of people who've travelled the distance to be united by the music. I don't listen to much psy-trance music at home now (tho i'm out partying in london every weekend or two!), i'm enjoying the psychedelic moments of the berlinesque minimal techno scene too much
  16. Music copyright belongs to an artist. They may license a track to a label, which is allowed to distribute the music for a specified period (dependant on their contract). Once this period lapses, the label is no longer allowed to continue distribution of the music and the artist becomes the sole owner. So it's really only fair to ask for the artists permission, since it is their art. They may already be in discussions to secure a deal with a digital label, or may plan to do so. Most artists will still have the original digital copies of their audio, so we can presume they will be happy to share an encode of the original rather than a vinyl rip (for all you audiophiles ). I think the best solution would be to agree on a basic contract with each artist to license their music for digital distribution, either for free or a small per unit fee. Accounting, forming & discussing basic contracts, obtaining digital copies & the relevant metadata can take some time. And then you have to create & maintain a platform to share the music. The easiest option would be to only share music from artists who donate (that that may mean no GMS ;-) their music, tho a contract still really needs to be drawn up. Wouldn't want to step on any big labels feet, who may actually still own the copyright! I will speak to the guys at my company, since we specialise in digital music distribution to itunes / napster etc :-) I've also created / maintain a few online shops for digital downloads & physical sales for independent labels & artists (paper recordings, far out recordings, magic & accidental, coil's threshold house & a few in development)
  17. The message on tha meeting board sounds good to me heva!!!! Wooo the boom hour is nearly nigh, tomorrow this time we shall be camped out in the Boom tenting area. I've nearly finished chucking everything important into a bag and am getting ready for waking up at 3am tomorrow morning to catch a taxi to the train station! Boom festy here we come!!!!!!!!!!
  18. http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/GMXX5399.html Unfortunately yahoo weather is being geigh, and i certainly won't be accepting rain as the weather forecast for one of the worlds best psy-festivals!! Oh well it can rain during astrix's set heeheee, I shall be hiding away during that I'll pm you my mobile number w0p and krelm and hopefully get the chance to meet up! You too heva (you the same heva from psy-forum?), wooooooooooooooooot. Don't know you other guys / girls yet, but hopefully we'll get the chance to meet for a boogie Come on DP, you may as well make it!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure there'll be plenty friendly faces about to help with any messiness ;-) PS If the music was anything like last weekend at the Glade Festival in England, it's gonna rock!!! PSS I'm really game for a chai w0p, i'll try bring some nice tea's down from england... i have some nice white tea, green tea chai and some other mixes heheehehe. been really getting into my tea's recenty
  19. Yup written six mins before mine Saw it afterwards.
  20. Most likely because some sad hacker kiddies have nothing better to do with their time. Top hacking groups try compete to get onto the 'hall of shame' at sites like this: http://www.zone-h.com/en/hallofshame Most hacking groups most likely read security info from secunia etc., and exploit software security flaws as soon as they are known. One hacker most likely writes a script to 'gain root', and then distributes it to all the kiddies in the group who go about defacing as many websites as possible. Discogs could be seen as a target as it may be seen as a high profile site. Most likely they didn't keep up to date with 3rd party security updates, but it's a bit worrying when high profile sites with a lot of user data get hacked. Looser hackers
  21. Sorry have only heard of the twisted sista breaks bus. A psy-bus would have been awesome though. You may want to talk to people on www.psy-forum.co.uk if you're stuck for transport. I think we're either hiring a minivan or getting the train down from london. Have an awesome festy!! PS There's also a glade specific forum at www.gladefestival.com/forum/
  22. It's a bit of a last minute decision but I think I'm gonna have to come to voov this year!! I've got a ryanair window up and am looking at flight details as we speak (yeh i have 4 hands like shiva!) Wooo. It's gonna be a helluva crazy month as it's Glade Festival in england the week before. Nevertheless I can't wait for some prog bliss! Will be awesome to try hook up krelm & w0p!! Long time no speak. Hey voov baby here i come! Edit: Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaa, got my plane ticket! Looks like it's gonna be for definate now! Will have to e-mail you w0p & dr krelm and make sure you're stil comin'. I'm bringing along some awesome uk psy-babes tiheeee
  23. Was that where there was an Audio Relief afterparty with the indigo children DJ's? I was gonna come check that out but felt a bit tired after that awesome party! So I had a small chillout gathering round mine instead. You planning on having parties there every weekend then? Or did overdose get it wrong This weekend I think i'm having a chilled one, but would be interested if it becomes a regular thing! All the best
  24. But worth it money wise, if that sort of thing rocks your boat... Actually this article explains what they are doing really well: http://www.eff.org/share/collective_lic_wp.php They provide people with internet. Included in the bill is "free music". Half the profit they make from the ISP business gets split with the artists, the other half they keep. All filesharing is tracked using special network cards which can identify the music being transferred 99% correctly (AFAIK). slyman604 - what if that artwork was infact done by a friend of the artist? I don't think it's that bad. Mind you - I would imagine that the music was as psychedelic as the cover was (not very )
  25. Here is a list I have started compiling of psy-trance record shops: http://www.sonicblend.com/links/online-music-shops.php I will make sure to add wirikatu to there next time I update it Best of luck!
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