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  1. The Audiognomes are hosting an album for a good friend of ours. In the words of the artist "I want to remain anonymous, but I want as many people as possible to get this for free, which is quite challenging". Which is true, because it is a great album and I'm sure many people will want to know who did it, but you must remain in the dark. With that said, right click, save as, enjoy the hell out of this album. MP3: http://www.asmatronica.com/mixes/audiognomes/dear%20psytrance%20you%20arent%20not%20unsafe.rar WAV: http://www.asmatronica.com/mixes/audiognomes/Dear%20PsyTrance,%20You%20Are%20Not%20Safe%20wav.rar Also, spread this around as much as possible to as many people as you think would like it. That's what the artist wants you to do. We will have wav files available soon for those who want them.
  2. I've really been getting into the Lennar Digital Sylenth1. It's hard to put into words, but I LOVE this synth.
  3. My latest mix, made on friday the 13th. PsiloPsyBen - "Sanitarium" Download at Audiognomes.com Tracklist: 1. Alien Mental "Take A Break" ['Light From The Depths Of Chaos' - Manic Dragon] 2. Psyside "Little Bitch From Hell" ['Anomaly In Your Brain' - Morphonic] 3. Samadhi "Kill Bill" ['Kill Fuckin Bill' - Deja Vu] 4. Savage Scream "Rotting Side" ['Crazy Goblins and Wicked Pixies' - Trishula] 5. Somarobotics "Poema Negro" ['Triplagitus' - Triplag.com] 6. Sungirl "Future" ['Inner Panic' - Manic Dragon] 7. Random "Point R" ['Demons Night' - unreleased] 8. Matutero "Liquid Dream" ['Army Of Satan' - Unreleased] 9. Hyldhegan "Satanic Byble" ['Primal Scream' - Triplag.com] 10. Baphomet Engine "In The Name Of Satan" ['Noise Killers' - Brain Forest] 11. Horror Place "Killer Clowns" ['Hobya' - Insomnia] 12. Blisargon Demogogon "Save The TV Junkie" ['Dark Strike Express' - Kagdila] 13. Baba Jelly "Zoe La Folesse" ['Mechanophobia' - Trishula] 14. Phobos Azazel "Zlo" ['Grimorium Verum' - Ektoplazm] Let the darkness consume you.........
  4. This is a partial recreation of my Earthdance set, with some other ones thrown in there. I got inspired while playing the set and this is the result. PsiloPsyBen - "Totured Soul" Download at gnometones 1. Electypnose "Murmure Des Ombres" ['Lost In The Forests' - unreleased] 2. Vegetal "Molitov Polotics" ['Digital Shaman' - Psyber Tribe] 3. Damage "Go Get Stupid" ['Psycho Acoustics' - Reckless Rythmc] 4. Blisargon Demogorgon "Wake Up David" ['Comming' - Brainforest] 5. Mubali "Delayed Agression" ['Coming' - Brainforest] 6. Kalilaskov AS "Crying Girl" ['Redrum' - Hypnotica] 7. Psychoz "Into The Darkness" ['Triplagitus' - Triplag] 8. Baphomet Engine "Mandatory Suicide" ['Freemason Conspiracy' - Illuminati] 9. Silent Horror "Evil Soul" (Final Edit) ['Shotgun Wedding' - Under The Ground Pharmaceutics] 10. Abnormal Project "Crazyness" ['Rules of Ohm' - Vertigo] 11. Tempus Fugit "Alien Nightmare" ['Alien Nightmare' - unreleased] 12. Kiriyama "Feuerschutz" ['Durdom' - Devils Mind] 13. Audiopathic "Eye Of The Beast" ['Ah Puch - Lord of the ninth Demension' - Shaman Films Media] 14. Kindzadza "Night Flower" ['Absolute Adult Horror vol. 1' - Western Forest Alliance Record] Enjoy
  5. I'm glad you guys like it. More is always on the way. I've just been too busy with playin all the summer shows lately to put out a bunch of mixes like I ususally do. Midwest America is finally starting to love dark psy.
  6. PsiloPsyBen - Kick to the Kunt Download here. Tracklist: 1. Guinea Pigs "How To Get By In The US" ['Civilysed Chaos' - Geo-Israel] 2. Highko "Brain Vs CPU" ['Twisted Vision' - Hadra] 3. Kindzadza "Kamikazi" ['Karmageddon - Mixed by Goa Gil' - Avatar] 4. Candy Power "Witches Sabbath" ['The Dark Side Of Goa' - Discovalley] 5. Vegetal "Pledge Of Defiance" ['Free Thinkers Are Dangerous' - Wirikuta] 6. Psykovsky Da Furious "Hydro Phone" ['Peace For The Wicked' - Osum-Tantrumm] 7. Alpman "Scary Man" ['Terror From The Depths' - Twins Of Evil Rec] 8. Enichkin Project "Saw" (Remastered) [unreleased] 9. Terminator "Psychedelic High" ['Soviet Vision' - The Vision] 10. Spiral 9 "Freakontonic" ['06.06.06' - Nocturnal Wizardz] 11. Noise Gust "Access To Mars" ['Run Motherfucker Run' - Nabi Records] 12. Hishhiryo "S.A.N." ['Freshly Squeezed' - Tantrumm] 13. Peacedata "A Kick In The Cunt" ['X-Television' - Dirty Music Records] I love women. I do. Really. Enjoy this hell-stomper.
  7. well then, if you're not going to sell your improperly used fear and use the money for a hobby that you are good at, then, like draeke said, call your music what it is. And it's not psy. I would suggest classifying it as "shit", but the suggestions draeke made would be acceptable as well.
  8. I'm just sayin.....From the sounds of it, that money could be better spent elsewhere......
  9. You know, I've avoided listening to anything made by you for a long long time now. I finally braoke down today and listened to a whole bunch of your "music". And I use the word music loosely. It sounds almost exactly like my grandma takin a shit. Do you even listen to real psy trance? because this is not it. I would classify it as high energy trance that no one should ever listen to or risk losing their hearing or lunch. All of that shit sounds the same. Sell your gear and find a new hobby.
  10. all right!!! It's finally today!!!! The triplag crew is currently rockin it!!!!
  11. bumpin it up. 2 days away!! if you would like to chat with us gnomes in the us during the show, pm me and I'll give you my messenger info.
  12. So I talked to a bunch of people at the last festival, who for some reason were dissapointed that they missed my set. (I opened the party) So I decided to recreate it. A little more sober ths time. I hope you enjoy. Misplaced Memories http://www.audiognomes.com/gnometones.htm Tracklist (artist/name/album/label) : 1. X-Dream "Intercorporal Stimulator" (The Delta 2005 Remix) ['Imagi:Nations Part 1: Night' - TIP.World] 2. Three Point Turn "Mallormak" ['By Any Means Necessary' - Hadshot Haheizar] 3. Three Point Turn "The Dobberman" ['By Any Means Necessary' - Hadshot Haheizar] 4. Minimianiml "Close The Line" ['American Rotation' - Spectral Concepts] 5. Wormfood "Ug" ['American Rotation' - Spectral Concepts] 6. Penta "Zeynep" ['American Rotation' - Spectral Concepts] 7. Xerox & Illumination "7 Days" (Etnica Remix) ['XI 2005' - Hom-Mega] 8. Fusi and N.O.X. "Please Forgive Me" ['Indian Spirit Vol 2' - Yellow Sunshine Explosion] 9. The Commercial Hippies "Dr. Freakenstien" ['If You Can't Stand The Heat' - Nano] 10. Squaremeat "Go Away" ['Astronomical Coffee Break' - Exogenic] 11. Squaremeat "Liukutaklaus" ['Astonomical Coffee Break' - Exogenic] 12. Teen Sluts "Broasting Tike" ['Aztec Vibes' - Sound of Sanity] 13. Ananda Shake "Peace Virus" ['Silence Bunker' - Online Compilation] 14. Infected Mushroom "Smahuta" ['Full On Vol. 6 : Trance Waves" - Hom-Mega] 15. Hux Flux "Skirk" ['Division By Zero' - Spiral Trax] 16. The Commercial Hippies "3 Star Hotel" ['If You Can't Stand The Heat' - Nano] 17. Shift "Real Men Don't Dance" ['Byte Me' - Crystal Matrix] 18. Hydraglyph "Condition Black" ['Source' - Nexus Media] 19. Silica "Meet The Papachango" ['Dark Noizes' - Sonic Tantra] 20. Dr. Timothy Leary "Freak Out" ['Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out : The original motion picture soundtrack' - Performance Records] Remember I said a LITTLE more sober.
  13. Audiognomes on Triplag.com LIVE www.triplag.com Live show starts 19:00 GMT (Dublin, Lisbon London) From TRIPLAG ~ Sandy Klaus ~ [Noisy Pipes project] (FRA) ~ FungusOK ~ (RUS) ~ Janis ~ (UKR) From Audiognomes (Madison, USA) www.audiognomes.com Psy trance & downtempo mixed live by ~ PsiloPsyBen ~ Underfoot ~ Geal ~ Robyo Saturday, June 17th, 19:00 GMT till late Razz
  14. I would really love a track list for this mix. I love it man, it's goin in my car tonight.
  15. what the hell is this? I tried to participate, but everytime I click on submit, it tells me to please select an option from the poll, which I already did. wierd. *edit* oh, maybe it ended?
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