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  1. 8.5/10 thats a top rating compared to most other releases in the past year. I never expect too much so I am never dissapointed, this one has some unexpected tunes and some in the line of older Entheogenic stuff. There are probably 3-4 great tracks on the album, worth having it just for those, the rest is pretty cool. All in all it has to be in any chillers collection :clapping:
  2. Pretty good release. Never have my hopes to high up, so its a positive surprise. Definitely worth having, some unexpected tracks included, new is always welcomed. .
  3. Best psy-chill albums of all times: 1.) Entheogenic - Entheogenic 2.) Phuture Primitive 3.) Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination 4.) Shpongle - Are you Shpongled All of them Classics
  4. oh man its way better then dialoques of the speakers, a mile ahead imho .
  5. on second thought the chill area isnt that great
  6. They told me it will be re-released in a couple of days. .
  7. Great album, particulary like that Microcondian track, but most of it is awesome! .
  8. My thoughts too. Its like the silence before the big one. The anticipation befor the Bomb will hit. .
  9. In my opinion their most psychedelic release. A classic right nest to their first one. .
  10. Energetic and bombastic well descripes Juno Reaktor. They for sure deliver the emotional beat. This is maybe not their best album, but a good listen and worth having.
  11. Pretty good chill if you ask me. The mood is flowing well all through the album. 7.5/10
  12. I dont listen to any regular radio, sometimes I use LastFm. You ask for one artist then they give you all similar to listen, quite good. Other then that never use internet radio
  13. I got - Chiller Vol. 1 - compilation from Chillcode Love it!!! .
  14. the chill area is the most important place for me, there you gother good vibes and energies, make friends, relax, and listen to great music
  15. Does future classics mean, trance albums which are not yet classics, just released in 2006/7 but which I consider future classics?
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