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  1. 8.5/10 thats a top rating compared to most other releases in the past year. I never expect too much so I am never dissapointed, this one has some unexpected tunes and some in the line of older Entheogenic stuff. There are probably 3-4 great tracks on the album, worth having it just for those, the rest is pretty cool. All in all it has to be in any chillers collection :clapping:
  2. Pretty good release. Never have my hopes to high up, so its a positive surprise. Definitely worth having, some unexpected tracks included, new is always welcomed. .
  3. Best psy-chill albums of all times: 1.) Entheogenic - Entheogenic 2.) Phuture Primitive 3.) Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination 4.) Shpongle - Are you Shpongled All of them Classics
  4. oh man its way better then dialoques of the speakers, a mile ahead imho .
  5. on second thought the chill area isnt that great
  6. They told me it will be re-released in a couple of days. .
  7. Great album, particulary like that Microcondian track, but most of it is awesome! .
  8. My thoughts too. Its like the silence before the big one. The anticipation befor the Bomb will hit. .
  9. In my opinion their most psychedelic release. A classic right nest to their first one. .
  10. Energetic and bombastic well descripes Juno Reaktor. They for sure deliver the emotional beat. This is maybe not their best album, but a good listen and worth having.
  11. Pretty good chill if you ask me. The mood is flowing well all through the album. 7.5/10
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