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  1. Hello :-) We already had them as MP3 years ago... but MP3's doesn't fit for a quality release... last year i found WAV too... but not in the best possible quality... so please yes, check your CDr and compare the spectrum of the tracks with the one that i upload... if they are of higher resolution, then you are most welcome to send them to Federico for the release. Thank you!
  2. Nice to see Leo Bergman in the top of your list! The man is sooo much more psychedelic than all those cheesy and over-advertised producers (old and new) Tip: if you are looking for true psychedelic music, look no further!
  3. Most tracks came from our own DAT tapes archives (over 500 original tapes in total, from all members of Dat Records and Unreleased Goa Project), plus lot more from our collaborators (old collectors and DJ's) ...the rest are from the artists themselves :-) Lot more will be released in the future!
  4. This is my TOP 10 for 2019 GOA & PSYCHEDELIC 01 - K.U.R.O. & Charm - Japanese Vibrations (DAT Records) 02 - Battle Of The Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun (Suntrip Records) 03 - Psylent Buddhi - Secrets Of The Atom (Suntrip Records) 04 - V.A. - ZNA Retro Futuristic Compilation II (DAT Records & ZNA Gathering) 05 - V.A. - Analog Visions (DAT Records) 06 - Total Eclipse - Tokyo Live (Suntrip Records) 07 - Spindrift - Deep Nature (StereoHemia Records) 08 - Ree.K - Early Tracks (Hypnodisk) 09 - Pleiadians - Pyramid (EtnicaNet) 10 - Ultimate Xperience - Realm Of A New Dawn (Neogoa) DOWNTEMPO 01 - Avaris - The Forgotten Language (Axios Records) 02 - Eric Electric - Run Away Controls (Bass Star Records) Tips for the new producers: Sorry, nothing "ringed my bell", try harder! STOP using psy-trance machine gun bass everywhere, DON'T make everything sound "Full-on", lower down your damn BPM!, STOP over-compress your mastering!!!!!!!!!!!, BE more unique and for God shake, FORGET the typical Goa or Psy forms or use them minimal!, DON'T copy-paste ideas from others or from the past, Create your own sound! This is the ONLY way to be remembered in the future! One exception, Pete & Pan - Return of the Goddess, somehow this one touched me... very good album but not that good for the top-10
  5. Unfortunately, it seems that those tracks will never be released :-( The names of the members are known to us, however we have to respect their decision to stay anonymous. I do have at least 3 common friends with the guys, yet, neither me neither some other Greek friends managed to meet them, with one exception, a female friend, who spoke with one of the guys. He was very "cloudy", neither said "yes", neither "no", to any of the proposals, only said at same point that he might give us the tracks to do them what we want, after speaking with his partner. After that, he disappeared for a year or so, and the latest info i have (October 2019) is that he return to his family village, somewhere in Central Greece and become a farmer... anyway, maybe is a good thing, some things to remain secret, who knows... On our website you can find all the info we have about the band: https://goatrance.xyz/music/interstellar-overdrive/
  6. OK, please stop wasting my time with such arguments, it is obvious for any sensual being that: either you (in general) are prejudiced, either you have no idea about what are you talking about, either you do NOT read what i am writing (or reading with a very narrow perspective), either (some of you) are a kind of "nonsense arguing mafia" (as a matter of speech), either (somehow) you have a personal problem with me (?) or Dat records releases! I was talking about the FULL COMPLEXITY of a Pleiadians album remake, NOT about Maia's melody! This should be obvious for anyone who read carefully (and not epidermic). And, no i am not kidding at all! In fact, i challenge ANY of you with music knowledge to present us a Maia remix! Can you??? P.S. - In any way, the point is that every time i come in this forum to comment (full of good will) and give a different and more "inner" insight, i get disturbed and annoyed and i only meet denial. I am used to speak with more open minded, kind and civilized people, so i will not waste more time to answer to unknown people with closed profiles and no info at all about who they are and what is the true level of their knowledge. I will only deal with people who i feel they are honest.
  7. i was talking about the old sound in general, not about the Pleiadians case... anyway, i wish i had you here guys, to show you the difference in practice... live! Federico knows very well what i mean...
  8. ...different people, different mentalities, different tastes, different opinions... that's the beauty of the human race
  9. when i mention old equipment this includes also (and mostly) the mastering tools... but not only, as (not in the Pleiadians case) many "smaller" artists used cheap analog mixing consoles with maximum frequency 18Khz. so in that case, the master engineer can not do many things
  10. You probably ignore some important facts here. 1- Those tracks made by EAR! no midi or audio files at all! As a musician i can assure you that very few musicians in the world can do this. You have to be a real musical genius (or an extremely good copier, which is more or less the same thing, is a matter of genius). So it is very ok to not sound 100% as the originals. After all, this is the purpose of a RE-MIX, right? 2- Mauri himself stated that "this is how our tracks would sounded if we have today's equipment back then". And to blow out the myth totally, the "old sound" sound as it sounds because of the lower quality equipment compare with today's standards. What we want (unless someone is totally ignorant) is to have back the FEELING of the 90's, The imagination in production. NOT the sound quality, which is horrible in most cases! I personally always remaster the old tracks, not only in order to play them, but even to listen at home! As a true audio lover i want the maximum possible quality. And i can tell you most of them are reaching a whole new dimension! Hidden layers and buried melodies and real hi-hats suddenly revealed in your acoustic spectrum, giving you an outstanding experience and make you love those old diamonds even more! After all, this is the REAL sound, as i hear it on Dat tapes and some studios during the 90's. So many released tracks which sounding interstellar on Dat tape, sounding like a crap on a vinyl or a CD. Simply, there is no compare. ...and the fact is that 99.9 of the old artists fully agree in all the above...
  11. We just passed the 100.000 visitors barrier! With 798 artists pages so far... Thanks everyone for the support!
  12. ...in fact, i will unfollow this post immediately so we are all happy! ...you, can write whatever you like, i will be not here to read it... ...and you can think whatever you like about me, i really don't give a penny, i know very well who i am, and thankfully, many many more people do also... ...and I, will not waste any more precious time trying to answer obvious things... ...and, hopefully all of us, will stop acting like grumpy old ladies drinking tea next to the fire, and judging everything and everyone around... Don't feed the (real) trolls people! - C Ya in a better post!
  13. Of course i don't judge! I only gave some general examples. Anti-Semitic? The joke about the Israeli who is "tight" with the money is antisemitic? be serious please! It is SO well known, even written in the Bible. Also, you make the common mistake here, which shows limited history knowledge. Semites are NOT the Israelis (which is a STATE, not an ethnicity). Semites are the Hebrews, but also the Arabs, Mandaeans, Syriacs-Arameans, Samaritans and Assyrians! And to finish with this silly story, know that i come from a family that gave refuge to many Hebrew people during the World War II! A family that gave her blood to the anti-Nazi resistance... so, i advise you all, to STOP this shit! It starts to be very annoying. yes i can see that.... though the correct word is patronize, not patronise ...so, as you see everyone can do mistakes, even the native speakers, so, do not judge me PS - For the rest of your comments, i give up... your conclusions are totally arbitrary, as i only gave some examples, nothing more... so i see a bad will here, with a dose of sarcasm and definitely i won't play that silly game,
  14. Seriously? silly? why? Do you know what is conservative people? Libertarians, republicans, right wing political parties and fanatic religious, mostly... But also we call conservative, everyone who has a "narrow" view of things, or stacked in the rules of the past in a negative way, or is too critical, or is very easily offended and has no humor or good will, or is afraid everything new etc etc etc.... thousands examples! As an extreme example, conservative people were the fanatics who burned witches, philosophers or scientists in the medieval times... Another example, is how the American society treat the hippies in the 60's... or how they treat today the poor refugees in many of the (supposed) "civilized" western countries. Conservatism is Ignorance! What i wanted to say in the post, is that people with similar attitude has NO place in the Goa trance scene, which is a scene for free minded people! My post had nothing to do with PRESERVING old things that we all love, (in Greek, conserve and preserve has a totally different meaning... conserve is the negative aspect, while preserve is the positive one). So i guess you misunderstood maybe because your knowledge about the language and how we use it, is somehow limited dears.... next time, before you criticize open a dictionary first! Have a nice day!
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