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  1. You can listen us at Shankra and Samsara festivals this summer. See You at dancefloor, my friend. ; what do You mean "expensive"? I'm afraid Your friends so impatient and incompetent about this question.
  2. Koan - is Daniel Roeth & William Grey (both from Russia, Moscow). Not Jim Bastow & Will Weeks from UK (as signed Your personal site).
  3. "Argonautica" more different sound than "When the Silence is Speaking" album. There is more "deep cosmic" style. More trancey.
  4. Odt remix my favorite in this compilation. As Koan we did two remixes on "Strange Parallels" and Nick taken bestest version.
  5. End of a Government!!!
  6. Artist: Vacuum Stalkers Title: Non-Perspective Stuff Label: Synergetic Records Date: 01.04.2011 Vacuum Stalkers - Sci-fi veterans of the Russian "intelligent" psytrance scene have now accumulated enough energy for their next technological breakthrough. Reliable sources have uncovered that the members of Koan, also known as the Roeth & Grey duo, have been plotting in their studio, recording what experts believe to be a fresh and vibrant psychedelic sound-parody album, heavily influenced by classic science-fiction movies and animated features. "Non-Perspective Stuff" - Giving a sarcastic and unique point of view on otherwise serious scientific matters: Where are the living secret vacuum agents now? Who has been trapped in the arctic pits? Why is the global government still watching our every move? How many alien ships would be required in order to enslave the Earth and its inhabitants? Don't miss the Vacuum Stalkers' answers to find out! Tracklist: 01. Uncanny Abduction of Brainiacs 02. Vacuum Agent 03. Moon Grinder 04. Dustbusters 05. Acid Trap For Toxic Ghost 06. Lost Journal 07. Ironman (Stainless Steel uncut version) 08. Chaos Engine (Prozium Puddle version) https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/348490/Non-Perspective%20Stuff
  7. Congrats guys! You're released very strong and fresh album. Respect!
  8. Matching the cold, dark and rather silent indoor season in the northern hemisphere, Blue Tunes Records presents the perfect acoustic accessories for easy evenings at home, meditative hours or cosy togetherness in front of the fireplace. The Russian Chillout phenomenon called "Koan" was formed by top producers duo Roeth & Grey and has been exploring the possibilities of electronic sound creation for more than 16 years. As Koan Roeth & Grey developed an outstanding, non-typical and independent style. Founded on hovering bass lines and ethno flavoured percussions, their fourth album evolves complex, ever changing and highly harmonic arrangements in seemingly endless acoustic spaces of floating ecstasy. According to the Blue Tunes sound policy, the production quality really provokes a psychedelic effect just by its astonishing brilliance. Beside a series of entirely new tracks inspired by Greek mythology, "When The Silence Is Speaking" also features some "blue mixes" - fresh re-interpretations of tunes from Koan's first album "Talking Stones" which was dedicated to ancient Japanese culture, they illustrate the continuous gain of universal ethnic musical skills. Tracklist: 01. Back to the Silent Lagoon (Blue mix) 02. Selena’s Song (Blue mix) 03. After the Guiding Venus 04. The Island of Deceased Ships 05. Dance of Nereids 06. Odysseus Under the Old Tree 07. Underwater Moonlight (Blue mix) 08. When the Silence is Speaking 09. Dolphin and Eos [c] & [p] 2009 Blue Tunes Recordings
  9. Hey boys & girls! Today I have surprise for You: Russian animator Alexander Nemenkov made tribute "Katabasis" video on "Cyclops" track from mysterious "Motion Picture" album by Great Yello. "Katabasis" (from Greek κατα, "down" βαινω "go") is the epic convention of the hero's trip into the underworld. This animation is psychedelic, surreal, marvelous, ironic and of course - synchronized with music. Preview of this animation You can watch at Youtube: ...or download it in perfect quality from official site of Alexander Nemenkov: http://katabasis.ru/video/Katabasis_w[720,divx,mp3].avi Watch & enjoy! Technical info: 2D + 3D colour graphics recorded on Betacam-SP , 5 min., 2008 year. William.
  10. Today I will be telling you about musical phenomenon of Synaesthesia and album Embody. But first a quick explanation: Synaesthesia is a psychological term. It means the appearance of sensory signals in certain areas of the brain as opposed to real perception. To clarify let me remind you about the states that are familiar to most people: under the influence of some sound waves of certain frequencies one can feel fragrances or see fragments of some other reality saturated with one's imagination. Synaesthesia is not co-sensation, it is more like "co-presentation", "co-feeling". It is associative in nature, or specifically intersensual connection. And like any connection it could be either passive, or active (creative), with different degrees of feeling (up to eidetic). Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber are musicians from Austro-Canadian duo Delerium, who after some serious study and analysis of this phenomenon decided to supplement it with sound collages made in "dark sound" aesthetics. Seriously though by '95 they had quite tense friction with recording label and they concealed their authorship of Synaesthesia tracks. It was attributed to certain R.Deckard (who was only a character in a Blade Runner movie). Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber were listed as producers and "sound manipulators". Experiences of work in crowded Front Line Assembly project and above mentioned Delirium helped Leeb and Fulber in releasing their "dark" inspiration in first two Synaesthesia albums: full length "Desideratum" double album and eclectic release "Embody", which is basis for the early chillout works by Boris Blenn and Gabriel Le Mar. Embody consists of gloomy and layers sequences over somewhat frightening low background drones. Careful listener can hear samples and beats from other famous acts: Kraftwerk, Androgynous, Future Sound of London, Tangerine Dream and others. Wide electronic palette of weeping synthesizers helped create a fabulous sound dynamism and deep low-pitched chords in this release. Tracklist: 01. Outland (9:49) 02. Alien Intruder (8:29) 03. New Horizons (10:35) 04. Door To The Other Side (11:17) 05. Hemisphere (10:14) 06. Submerged (7:12) 07. Floatation (8:38) 1. Outland - Clapping sticks boiling in a coffee maker! Native Northern American percussion skilfully combine with extensive backgrounds of breaking beats. And, behind the scenes, droning female vocals stylised after Arabian singing with frosty sequences crashing in waves around the listener. 2. Alien Intruder - northern crescendo beginning combines with sounds of native Australian instrument didgeridoo and again resolves into broken rhythms like in the first track. An Australian (?) shaman, listening to the shouts of some tropical bird giving birth and knocking his rattle on a ritual headdress trancey drones : "Let it us, let it us, let it us ... ..." They says that this track has impressed Boris Blenn so much that he started his own chillout-project Galaxy. Out of envy, of course. 3. New Horizons - melancholic minor key-ethnic composition spiced with signature Delerium ingredients: Indian drums, jingly wind howls and hollow bell chimes. Australian shaman got tired, and took some lighter rattler. The bird is giving birth with less intensity but more lament. 4. Door To The Other Side - dark atmosphere and cinematic beginning: creaking sounds walking on the sub cortex of listeners consciousness serve as a background to the blow, and some woman emits a slightly muffled scream of pain. Then there is a heavy muttering rhythm of a relentless hopelessness and a chain of the clanking synthesised sequences. Pictures of medieval inquisition with their severe torture immediately come to mind, gloomy and scary. At the very end of this track I heard rattling of wheels from "Trans Europe Express" by Kraftwerk. These sounds slowly and unwillingly wash away both inquisitors and atmosphere itself. 5. Hemisphere - is perhaps the most ominous track for me. Rising from the ashes carried by the wind and even gloomier crescendo. Shamanic rattles became more concentrated and menacing. Reversed beat, deep gurgle and cautious melodics, fleeing perception slide over rubbery croaking of a bass lines and yawning backgrounds. 6. Submerged - opens with semi-chaotic reversed beat interlaced with vocal fragments and sounds of the scared birds. An aggressive rhythmic pattern emerges based on the same Kraftwerks "Trans-European Express". The ubiquitous Australian shaman dexterously changing ritual attires and rattles alertly watches the birds and wales through the native synthesizer sequences. And the ringing wind keeps howling... 7. Floatation - final closing composition of the album. In this track we can accurately trace the themes of Germans Tangerine Dream: the solemnly-floating textures of the Arctic ice mixed with frosty winds of Hyperborei. The only really contemplative and meditative track of the album. Bottom line: I can tell the following: musicians from Front Line Assembly and Delerium managed to embody the gloomy intentions which are not appropriate conceptually for the former project and are too experimental for latter. Embody became rather sensible and marvellously monolithic. Sound manipulations of Synaesthesia duo win with their conceptualism and competency of the skilled jeweller expert in his business. Bravo! [c] & [p] 1995 Zoth Ommog
  11. Hey man. Special for You I will send one copy. Write to PM for details.
  12. New Koan's “Memoirs of a Geisha” double CD is the latest attempt to self-interpret both emotional and intuitive sides of beauty according to traditional Asian music. It includes compositions created between ’02 and ’08. Album consists of two parts. Skillful mix of oriental and occidental musical cultures, their traditional folklore allows this release to be regarded as a collection of a musical fairytales with a pan-Asian sound flavor. This release is a musical kaleidoscope with pieces carefully collected from both inspirations, ideas of the oriental cinema and the intertwining results of soul seeking experiences by the project participants. Each track is infused with the fragments of the sagas of ancient Japan, celestial winds of middle kingdom China, harsh and tragic legends of medieval Korea. Style of this release consists of solid instrumental electronics, where every sound element is closely linked to eastern melodics. Lush rhythmical pulsations usher the state of light trance, sending the listeners into the journey through the mysterious Orient. Album is expected in the first decade of November '08. P.S. Local russian release without world-wide distribution.
  13. Moscow duo Overlap was formed in 2001 by two independent musicians and sound engineers Michael Puchkov (Neogen) and Vyacheslav Bogachev (1/2 Neoris / Breakpoint / Shogo Buzz ). The artists have become acquainted with each other in the internet a year before and after meeting in one of the private parties decided to unite their skills and acquired experience into united band. The work was iniciated as a cooperation of Neoris and Neogen and as a result the name Overlap Project was invented. Later, fop the purpose of conciseness and easier memorizing the word Project was reduced. Overlap is an efficient way to evaluate the discrete convolution between a very long signal with a finite impulse response. According to the words of one of the participants, the name itself came spontaneously in a result of work with one of the algorithms of sequencer. The first tracks of Overlap brought with themselves ideas of night' and progressive techno sound. They were oriented to the actual psy-tech sound. A similar sound that time was developed by X-Dream / The Delta, who invented the term "digital techno". In Russia this style , for the first time ever, was promoted by Overlap and also some other artists (FUZZION, Weird Walker, Cybered). That is to say, they had become forming units of Moscow's dark psychedelic scene. Album Biosphere, released by German label Planet B.E.N. was recorded in the entirely different manner of the execution comparing to the first album and earlier works of Overlap. In distinction from 6th Sense (Z.M.A. Records) the new album is performed in European neofullon sound with the elements of time-proved old-school psychedelic trance. Harmonic union of tough kick and pumping rubber bass-lines, acid themes, melancholic solos of the primary synthesiser areas, and sampled unearthy phrases from famous horror films create an atmosphere of mainstream dance-thriller. Every track is infiltrated with the ideas of the XX century trance parties and music, which was popular in Goa and was promoted by many famous labels, such as TIP Records, 3D Vision, Spirit Zone Recordings and many others. Biosphere seems to be an embodiment of old ideas with the help of modern hard- and software equipment - liking or disliking of this concept is left to the listener. The main parts of Biosphere, according to the worlds of project participants, are tracks 3, 4 and 7. These works, if to listen it carefully, create proper impression and soundscape of their current music preferences. Dynamic links bass-kick, together with tense themes, interlace curiously with veins of western horror films (Silent Hill, Saw 3, Final Destination 3). As for my own opinion, I also found attractive tracks 1, 5, 8 and 9, where a dashing bass-line is combined efficiently with percussion and neatly elected sound effects. All the details of the album compositions are distinct and pearly throughout. The guys from Overlap are good sound engineers - the sound quality is crystal and highly professional. Biosphere is equally well listened in a small walkman and on a big dancefloors. The last track is worth mentioning in particular. Season of Winds is the only chilling track in the album, and it was written with the help of Shogo Buzz. Shogo Buzz is a band, where Vyacheslav takes part together with another Rissian musician, Denis Spiridonov. They determine their music as "experimental psychedelics". Season of winds is truly experimental and psychedelic: non-trivial break-beat, reasonably twisted themes of ductile melodies, submerging in a rich syrup of dub bass-line, and devices of 8-beat scene perfectly crown the album. In conclusion one could say that Biosphere is a rare work of Russian artists, especially for the western countries. Russian psy scene is still infirm in this concrete segment and this release is a big event for all lovers of European psychedelic trance music. Tracklist: 01. Power System 02. Dangerous Jungle 03. Silient Hill 04. Make Your Choice 05. Angry Person 06. Cube 07. Biosphere 08. Take Off 09. Air Brazil 10. Season of Winds (feat. Shogo Buzz) [c] & [p] 2007 Planet B.E.N. Records Original russian text.
  14. And now - Coastline EP at Deutsche Chillout Charts: Single Top 20: http://www.dcoc.de/download/2007/DCOC_12_07.pdf
  15. Amazing release! Better than 7even 7isters. :clapping:
  16. But where is Rezwalker (black thunder mix) and Quasar?
  17. Sorry! But this is not PLEIADIANS. This is NEO-ETNICA. When Andrea and Carlo left the band - PLEIADIANS splitted.
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