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  1. A profound new remaster and mix of the Uton Spark album Essential Void is out. The album that came out in 2009, now has come in a brand new edition, sounding like a tremendous upscale version and in 24 bit. Futhermore a confirmation from the label Durga Records is that a brand new trance EP is on its way from Uton Spark. Until that hits the floor we can injoy this great journey of music in a new version. CHECK OUT ON... BANDCAMP SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC AMAZON And other sites……
  2. Uton Spark - Essential Void - (DURCD001) A new niche of psy-trance? This project is a journey of organic psychedelic trance with a storytelling aspect. Containing real life samples – recorded excerpts of travelling adventures and experiences of the world. CHECK IT OUT AT - utonspark.bandcamp.com/releases PSYSHOP – (Germany ) www.psyshop.com GOASTORE – ( Switzerland ) www.goastore.ch SAIKO SOUNDS – ( Hong Kong ) www.saikosounds.com
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