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  1. sounds very interesting. will it be a free download or commercial release?
  2. I've emailed my mate your list. He recently got into decks and psy (nothing to do with me ) Think he's on this site as well from time to time. Where are these coming from? Whats the postage likely to be?
  3. are the rules the same for audio as for video? I have made a few short films that have recieved good reviews and been shown at a few film festivals etc... I automatically hold all rights to them. Provided I produced everything or recieved permission for audio or whatever. Made my own to avioid that. What benefits does one gain from registering them and what does this typically cost?
  4. are both as standard or do u have to apply for both. I mean as I understand it, you hold copyright as soon as you finish painting something, does this default copyright cover both of the above?
  5. all about the DVD/ AV thing. not checked it out yet thou.
  6. I was under the impression that if you played it yourself, rather than just ripping it it was legal as it was your interpretation of it. I could be wrong thou.
  7. I've got the X-Mix with Richie Hawtin and John Acquviva. I think Laurent Garnier does one of the other mixes. Wicked stuff.
  8. haha. no worries. why do think I'm floggin all my vidz
  9. no it does make sense I know what you mean. TBH I don't have any cd to trade. I tend to horde stuff. I am selling a load of VHS videos, I can send u the list and u can pick a load of that if u want. Let me know
  10. I fucking love richie hawtin. have gigs of his sets and all his plastikman on vinyl. I can't say that what I've heard is psychedilc (sp!) thou. Or maybe my idea is different to yours. Other than that you got it spot on. He is immensly talented. Have you seen his 2hr video lecture from 2002? You can get it on http://www.themixingbowl.org He explains where Plastikman and indeed Hawtin the DJ came from, the sound, the fxs, the DJing etc...
  11. check out VJCentral for reviews/demos etc... and VJForums for questions regarding setups and stuff. at mo I am pc based and render my clips offline from a Mac with final cut and motion and vj with resoulme. I am looking to use Salvation Basic soon as I've been speakin to the developer about it. Are you PC or Mac based?
  12. has anyone got any further on getting these as a complete package?
  13. how much would a UV backdrop and shipping be, to the UK?
  14. would you be interested in selling the analog pussy one?
  15. u lucky c**t. missed him when he played at TDK Cross Central during the Notting Hill carnival. Bad sex and Verbal are amazing as is Rosies.
  16. superb producer. superb DJ. uses final scratch and is from Brazil. not heard anything I didn't love that he's made. Done a really good solid steel mix. Try and find it out
  17. wicked album, but prefer the darker stuff. lol. sorry like radio but its not their best work.
  18. dvnt


    TIPPER!!! www.tippermusic.net you will not be disappointed. considered IDM, but that genre can cover pretty much anything tbh. all pigeonholing ain't it
  19. do like this album but listen to the first one an awful lot more. personally, loving techno, I like the techno feel of some of this. I loev midi miliz because it is that techno structure psy feel. well recommended thou
  20. wicked. I love your work from when I first heard it di.fm
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