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  1. OBvIoUSlY! Master Blasters, Dickster, Circuit Breakers, Logic Bomb, Loud, MWNN, AP, Lucas's solo project, etc
  2. For those of you who still enjoy quality psytrance, this varied compilation comes highly recommended. And it's cheap! And Revolve is a great magazine!
  3. You mean evaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! TBH, it's up there with the best ever, I mean
  4. Haven't listened to Crossing Mind's album for a while so after listening to his new track he posted, which I liked, I decided to give it another spin and stumbled upon this blissful track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re2XMH0yLhQ
  5. I wanted to give you the 4th track from Kiriyama's new album but it wasn't on youtube. Anyway, this is the first track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3t4hP9GYCA
  6. I haven't taken LSD for over 20 years man. I am not preaching at all, besides that, I could say the same about you. I am just pointing out things aren't black and white. But I respect your opinion. I love psychedelic trance/Goa. I love the music for what it is, just like music of other genres. I'm not gonna abandon this love because some people are irresponsible concerning drugs. I love the music too much to do that and I think a lot of people with me.
  7. You should know it isn't black or white, Elysium. Much like anything in life. The guy who wrote is a REPORTER. He REPORTS, both negative and positive. Maybe you should read it too, if you haven't already, and open a thread where we can discuss it, 6 pages long.
  8. Did you know LSD was a rather successful medicin, combined with therapy, to treat alcoholism in the 50's, before it became an infamous psychedelic drug? Anyway, I'm reading this book at the moment The LSD story by John Cashman. I advise you to read it Afgin, it's objective and tells you something about the history of psychedelic drugs, in particular LSD. I nearly finished it and liking it.
  9. I believe the topic was: Why do psy artists become less psy? Let's stay On Topic!
  10. For the record, as long as people are respectful in the use of their language, things should not get moderated imo. We are not in kindergarden. And we don't need you, Elysium, to tell us what to do. Opinions here are made by individuals and not by the Psynews community.
  11. Great stuff...I have the double CD version. Anyway,
  12. I disagree on Dickster. His production is still impeccible. He's one of my fav producers in psytrance. Very strong bubbling basslines, sprinkled with psychedelia, always very subtle in his approach and he manages to stay away from cheesy melodies. He's the man! AMD is a hit and a miss though imo.
  13. I was looking forward to this one...though The Fearsome Engine album was a bad sign. I decided to buy it anyway. What a let-down, so uninspiring. I know he can can do much better than this. Just sit back and have a listen to these 2 tracks: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=iupRsipKtFo http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTHt5ZaXnFI These tracks have depth, not just some silly bassline going nowhere. I was hoping for an album packed with gems like these. Jeremy, I'm dissapoint. And BTW: love the gifs
  14. Allright!! A metal thread. I like a lot of (crossover) "metal" bands/albums: Some of my favourits mostly from the late 80's and early/mid 90's: The best metal period imo with a few exceptions.
  15. I agree with Elysium. I listen to a lot of other genres. TBH, listening only to psy/goa would drive me up the wall. Open-mindedness is one of the reasons why I like(d) going to psy-parties. And if a party is good, there's nothing quite like it. I'll bet a lot of people enjoy listening to other genres AND psy/goa. Limiting the scene to the few people who visit psy-fora on the net wouldn't do it just.
  16. I've ordered Infinitism last week, it's waiting for me at the post office. I'd go for other, the track called 01.07.99 (not kidding). Mainly, but not only, because of nostalgic reasons, it appeared on one of my first Goa-compilation albums I've bought. I tried to find the clip on youtube but couldn't find it. Very nice atmospheric stormer, I love it!!! I've got some tracks of Chi-AD, listened to some...I'm far from an expert on this.
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