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  1. If it comes down to me having to change my username im cool with that
  2. My profile/User CP just won't load. It will just try to load forever, but will always be a white screen.
  3. It's because they were plastered on Frostwire and Limewire when those were big p2p apps for downloading music. Infected Mushroom was the most abundant and first to be seen when people were looking in that direction. I've noticed their popularity spike too and it seems to have a nice corrolation with people getting high for the first time and looking for trippy new music mid 2000s. Shpongle and IM seem to be in every head's repertoire even if they don't know any other artists in psytrance, psy styles of ambient, dub and whatever. Its always Shpongle and Infected Mushroom for some reason, and the reason has a great deal to do with the internet, not touring. Whats easiest to come across on the internet is what is popular I guess?
  4. I'm having trouble accessing my profile and User CP is it because of the characters in my name?
  5. Eloquence or not, thanks for posting this. I really like what Koan has been doing.
  6. I agree. It's very simple for me. Use whatever makes the track more complex and unique. Sometimes "organic" instruments do the job. Sort of like how some of the best melodys are the most simple ones you never thought to think of.
  7. Yeah, they are the best :)

  8. Your name is Awesome :)

  9. Being fairly new to Psytrance (It is a very extensive style of music) Most everything is rare and exciting to me. But I very interested in Old school sounds. Thanks guys this means a lot to me.
  10. Hey Psynews members. I'm not sure im allowed or not to ask but does anyone know any good sites dedicate to the sale of psytrance and goa albums?
  11. Gave it a listen for the first time the other day. This compilation is magnificent.
  12. That's a shame I would have definitely went to this before the hiatus.
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